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1820 Indiana Pension List

January 20, 1820

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The Indiana 1820 Pension List is a report of the names, rank and line of every person placed on the pension list in pursuance of the act of the 18th March, 1818.

Alexander, William private Pennsylvaina
Avit, Richard sergeant Pennsylvania
Alvy, Thomas Green private Maryland
Buckman, Benjamin seggeant Massachusetts
Boylis, David private Virginia
Bray, John private Virginia
Boyll, Charles private Virginia
Burns, John private Virginia
Cook, Charles private Virginia
Cloyer, Henry private Virginia
Carrol, Bartholomew private Virginia
Courtney, Michael private Virginia
Chambers, John private Virginia
Coleman, Jacob lieutentant Virginia
Connor, Terrence private Virginia
Cline, John private Virginia
Davia, David matrose Pennsylvania
Deasky, Leiman private New Jersey
Dedman, Samuel private Virginia
Dolph, Stephen private Connecticut
Edens, Elias private South Carolina
Field, John private Virginia
Flowers, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Findley, David private Pennsylvania
Flyn, Thomas private Delaware
Frisbee, Jonah private Massachusetts
Guess, George private Pennsylvania
Goben, William private Pennsylvania
Hamblen, Job private Virginia
Hood, William private North Carolina
Harris, Daniel private North Carolina
Haney, David private Pennsylvania
Hammond, Job private Virginia
Johnston, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Johnson, Arthur private Virginia
Judd, John private Pennsylvania
Kinney, Richard private Maryland
Kenny, Daniel private Pennsylvania
Keiphart, George private Maryland
Lucas, Francis private Virginia
Livingston, David private Pennsylvania
Landres, Kimbrow private Virginia
Long, John private Virginia
Lang, Francis private Maryland
McAfee, Matthew private Pennsylvania
Miller, Noah private New Jersey
Montgomery, Alexander private Maryland
Medak, Emanuel private New Jersey
May, John private North Carolina
Murphy, James Jeffery private Virginia
Mahoney, James private Virginia
McKenzey, Jesse private Maryland
Masters, John private Virginia
Myers, Jacob private North Carolina
Overlin, William private Virginia
Pritchett, John private North Carolina
Parks, Hugh private North Carolina
Phelps, Asahel private Connecticut
Pennetent, John private Virginia
Pendock, Samuel private Rhode Island
Putnam, Howard private Massachusetts
Pierce, Charles private Massachusetts
Plough, Jacob private New Jersey
Pike, Zebulon captain Pennsylvania
Porter, David private Virginia
Peak, Nathan sergeant Maryland
Richmond, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Ranstead, James private Massachusetts
Rodgers, Stephen private Virginia
Ross, Thomas private Virginia
Rose, William private Pennsylvania
Sparling, George private New Jersey
Sullivan, Daniel private Pennsylvania
Stepleton, Andrew private Virginia
Stone, Samuel private Massachusetts
Stevens, Isaac private New Jersey
Sample, Thomas private South Carolina
Smith, Thomas private Virginia
Stilwell, David private North Carolina
Shed, Daniel private New Hampshire
Taff, James private Virginia
Turner, Smith private Virginia
Trinkle, Christopher private Virginia
Vandeventer, Peter private Virginia
Whitacar, John private Virginia
Wilson, Michael private Virginia
Wyman, Reuben private Massachusetts
Walker, Obadiah private Connecticut
Whitteker, John private Virginia
Welch, Daniel private Connecticut
Wright, Robert private New York
Westfall, Cornelius ensign Virginia
Wood, Abraham private Pennsylvania
Wheeler, James private Virginia

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