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1820 Pension List: New York

January 20, 1820

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The New York 1820 Pension List is a report of the names of the Revolutionary Pensioners which have been placed on the roll of New York, under the law of the 18th of March, 1818, from the passage thereof to this day, inclusive, with the Rank they held, and the lines in which they served, viz.

Andrews, Ashbel private Not continental; stricken from the roll
Allcox, Asa private Connecticut
Anthony, Peter private New York
Allis, Aaron sergeant Massachusetts
Akley, Jacob private New York
Anderson, Richard private Massachusetts
Ames, Joshua private Massachusetts
Adkins, Isaiah corporal Connecticut
Andrew, Thomas private Connecticut
Atkins, David dragoon Connecticut
Allen, John private New York
Alexander, James private Connecticut
Allison, John private New York
Adams, David sergeant Connecticut
Atwood, Amos private Massachusetts
Allen, Jonathan private Hazen, Pennsylvania
Ames, John marine Ship Confederacy
Austin, Edward private Connecticut
Anderson, John, 1st private New York
Allan, John private New Jersey
Abbee, William private Connecticut
Ayres, Thomas private New York
Anderson, John private Massachsetts
Andrason, Ezekiel private New York
Adams, Henry private New York
Ambler, Squire private Artillery
Austin, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Applegate, Moses private New Jersey
Allison, Robert private New York
Armstrong, Archibald private New York
Anderson, Samuel private New York
Apple, Henry private New York
Adams, Emanuel private New York
Ayres, Jedediah fifer Virginia
Arnold, Edward private Rhode Island
Amsdell, Abner private Massachusetts
Austin, Holmes corporal New York
Adams, David corporal New Hampshire
Amsden, Noah private Massachusetts
Ackerman, William private New York
Alden, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Angel, Daniel private Massachusetts
Averill, Jonathan surgeon, navy Frigate Providence, U. N.
Allen, John private Massachusetts
Aspinwall, Aaron private Connecticut
Ackerman, Cornlius lieutenant New York
Allen, Samuel private Connecticut
Allen, Howard private Connecticut
Allen, Amos private Connecticut
Allen, Abel private Massachusetts
Andrews, Timothy private Connecticut
Ackler, John private New York
Akeley, John drummer New Hampshire
Allen, Wm. Cornelius private Connecticut
Adams, Samuel sergeant Massachusetts
Albro, Stephen private Rhode Island
Alderman, Ephraim private Connecticut
Allis, Moses private Massachusetts
Alcock, David sergeant Connecticut
Acly, Abraham private Massachusetts
Anderson, Alexander private New York
Allyn, John sergeant Massachusetts
Allen, Amasa private Connecticut
Armstrong, John private New York
Allen, Jacob private Massachusetts
Armstrong, Adam musician New York
Adams, Thomas private Massachusetts
Allen, Benjamin private Connecticut
Agard, Noah private New York
Adams, Gideon private Connecticut
Andrews, Joel private New Hampshire
Alexander, Nathaniel captain Massachusetts
Avery, Gardner private Massachusetts
Andrason, Elijah sergeant New Jersey
Amlin, Charles private (Hazen.) Pennsylvania
Alford, John private Connecticut
Alvord, Daniel private Massachusetts
Allen, David private Massachusetts
Allen, Phineas private Connecticut
Allen, Nathan private Massachusetts
Avary, Nathan private Connecticut
Austin, John private New York
Armsbury, Thomas private Massachusetts
Allen, Gideon private Connecticut
Annable, Edward ensign Massachusetts-notentitled, having
Acker, Jacob private Not entitled, served in the militia under Col. Hammon; Continued
Allen, Lathrop captain Connecticut
Albro, Andrew private Rhode Island
Avery, David private Connecticut
Austin, Phineas sergeant Connecticut
Adams, William private Massachusetts
Arnold, Jonathan private Connecticut
Allen, Abiel private Connecticut
Avery, Roger private Connecticut
Armstrong, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Benedict, Levi private Connecticut
Benjamin, Bennett private Connecticut
Ball, John lieutenant New York
Blake, James private Hazen, Pennsylvania
Beatley, Isaac private Massachusetts
Barney, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Badeau, Elias sergeant New Jersey
Blakesley, Jared sergeant Connecticut
Bennett, James lieutenant Connecticut
Barret, Bartolomew sergeant Connecticut
Elias, Balcom private Connecticut
Baker, James private Massachusetts
Billings, Leavett private Massachusetts
Balch, John private Connecticut
Banks, John military storekeeper died 17th July, 1818, per'letter from J. Laurence, esq. dated 31st Dec. 1818
Brown, Eli lieutenant Connecticut
Barnes, John private Not on continental establishment and struck from roll
Bailey, Ebenezer private New York
Brown, Joseph, 1st private New York-died 15th July, 1819
Brookins, Artemas private Massachusetts
Bartoe, Morris private New York
Bennett, Timothy sergeant New York
Bare, Edward private New York-died 28th April. 1819
Benedict, Ambrose private New York
Bosworth, John private Massachusetts
Baldwin, Elisha private Connecticut
Bardsley, William private Connecticut
Bennett, Henry private New York
Bates, Oliver private Massachusetts
Bartlett, Joshua private Massachusetts
Betts, James corporal New York
Baker, Timothy private Massachusetts
Bingham, Aaron sergeant Connecticut
Brown, Samuel, 1st private Massachusetts
Barnes, Heartwell private Connecticut
Bilson, William private Virginia
Bead, Joseph private Virginia
Beckwith, David private Massachusetts
Bixby, Elias sergeant Connecticut
Bailey, James private Massachusetts
Boyd, William private New York
Burnham, William private Connecticut
Brady, Lewis private New York
Beatman, William 1st lieutenant Massachusetts
Barton, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Brown, William, 2d musician Massachusetts
Bishop, James private New York
Bennett, Jeremiah private New Jersey
Brackett, Daniel private Massachusetts
Butler, John private Connecticut
Bicker, Walter captain Pennsylvania
Bleecker, Leonard major New York
Burnham, Asa sergeant Connecticut
Brainard, Othniel sergeant Connecticut
Brown, John private Connecticut
Bostwick, John private Massachusetts
Bennett, Ezekiel private Connecticut
Babbitt, Ira fifer Massachusetts
Blauvelt, Frederick private New Jersey
Bouker, Ithamar private Massachusetts
Bamper, Jacob lieutenant New York
Briggs, Henry lieutenant Stricken from roll, not continental
Blackman, David private Connecticut
Bird, Edmund private Massachusetts
Ballard, Benoni private New York
Brown, Josiah private Massachusetts
Bill, Jonathan private Connecticut
Bragg, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Blank, Cornelius sergeant New York
Burrit, Charles lieutenant Connecticut
Bishop, John private Not Continental, and stricken from roll
Byington, Isaac private Connecticut
Bayley, Daniel private New York
Burgis, John private New York
Burrows, Joseph private Connecticut
Brown, Peter private Capt. Van Heer's company
Bivins, Abner private Massachusetts
Beagle, John private New York
Bonny, John private Not continental; having served in Willett's Reg't-now struck from roll
Babbit, Joy private Massachusetts
Buchanan, William private New York
Baylis, Elias private New York
Bennett, Charles private New York
Blodgett, Artemas private Connecticut
Blood, Isaac private Not Continental, and struck from roll
Blunt, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Battle, James private Massachusetts
Bugbee, Josiah private New York
Brewer, Henry private New York
Belcher, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Baker, William, 1st private New York
Burns, Robert private New York
Burgess, Michael private New York
Burgess, James qr. master Serg't New Jersey
Buell, Isaac private Connecticut
Brooks, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Burnham, Isaac private Connecticut
Boom, Nicholas private New York
Brown, Ebenezer, 1st private Connecticut
Burdick, Elisha private New York
Burdick, Henry private New York
Burden, Abraham private New Jersey
Burch, Isaiah private New York
Booth, Erastus private Connecticut
Bullock, William private Massachusetts
Baker, William, 2d private Connecticut
Ball, Samuel private Massachusetts
Brister, Aaron private Virginia
Boughton, David private Connecticut
Bryan, James private Rhode Island
Bacon, William private New York
Bailey, Elijah private Massachusetts
Bugbee, Pelatiah private Connecticut
Brown, James, 1st private Massachusetts
Bowen, Elkanah private Rhode Island
Basford, James private Pennsylvania
Butterfield, James captain Died 1st Oct. 1818
Boughton, Azer private Connecticut
Brown, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Branch, Zephaniah private New Hampshire-suspended 19th Aug.
Ball, Jonathan private Connecticut
Barnett, John chaplin Patterson's Brigade
Brown, Samuel private Connecticut
Back, Elisha private Connecticut
Boice, Peter private New York
Burns, David private New York
Barnum, Samuel private New York
Bronson, Joseph private Connecticut
Blakesley, Obed private Connecticut
Blanchard, John, 1st captain Massachusetts
Beman, Nathan private New Hampshire
Byard, Godfrey private New York
Barnes, Amos private Connecticut
Blakesley, Jesse private Hazen's Con. Reg't Pennsylvania
Blodget, Silas lieutenant Connecticut
Brooks, Asa private Connecticut
Bodwell, John private Massachusetts
Buck, Abel private Massachusetts
Bowne, Henry corporal New Jersey
Bootle, Thomas private Massachusetts
Burgess, Bangs private Massachusetts
Barnheart, David private New York
Backus, George private New York
Belknap, William lieutenant New York
Blair, John private Massachusetts
Brush, Gilbert private Connecticut
Benham, James private Connecticut
Bishop, Benoni private Rhode Island
Blanchard, Joseph private Pennsylvania
Barras, Nathan private Massachusetts
Bedunah, Moses private New Hampshire
Brown, Josiah lieutenant Rhode Island
Brown, Obediah, 2d private Connecticut
Bellamy, Abner private Died 9th Nov. 1818
Burnham, John private Connecticut
Bailey, Joseph non-com'd Officer Massachusetts
Belanger, Julian private Hazen's Congress Reg't, Penn.
Boyers, Jacob sergeant Virginia
Bennett, Elisha 2d mate Ship Trumbull, U.N.
Brown, James, 2d private Massachusetts
Brown, Barron private Massachusetts
Briggs, Jeremiah private New York
Bailes, Robert private Massachusetts, died 24th March, 1819
Brown, James, 2d private New Hampshire
Baxter, Benjamin private Rhode Island
Baker, Nathan private Massachusetts
Butler, William private Massachusetts
Bishop, John private Connecticut
Bissell, Daniel private Connecticut
Blodget, Solomon private Massachusetts
Barnes, Abel private Connecticut
Blake, Ebenezer sergeant Massachusetts
Brant, Christian private New York
Bull, John lieutenant Massachusetts
Burhans, John private Massachusetts
Bartlett, Aaron corporal Massachusetts
Beaumont, Dan private Connecticut
Baker, Elijah private Connecticut
Bennett, Jeremiah private New York
Buck, Michael or Michel private Massachusetts
Bond, Israel sergeant Massachusetts
Babcock, Samuel private Massachusetts
Betts, Isaiah ensign Connecticut
Brown, David sergeant New York
Bolder, John private Massachusetts
Blackford, Anthony private New Jersey
Butler, Israel private Connecticut
Blanchard, John, 2d drummer Massachusetts
Babb, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Berry, Joseph private Massachusetts
Brannon, Adam private New York
Bellows, John private New York
Burnett, Ebenezer private New York
Benjamin, Samuel private New York
Beel, Henry private Massachusetts
Badgeno, John private New York
Bates, Samuel private New Hampshire
Blake, William private Massachusetts
Bowles, John private Rhode Island
Brown, Joseph, 2d private New York
Bennett, Isaac corporal Massachusetts
Ballard, John private Connecticut
Brown, Charles F. private New York
Bunce, Daniel private Massachusetts
Burzett, Charles private Connecticut
Beaumont, Oliver private Connecticut
Ballentine, Ebenezer surgeon's mate Massachusetts
Burnett, John private New York
Brassbridge, John private New Hampshire
Bennett, Jacob private New York
Bailey, James private Massachusetts
Boom, John private New York
Baker, Joseph private Massachusetts
Barker, Ephraim corporal Massachusetts
Barker, William private Connecticut
Brown, Richard private New York
Blackman, Zachariah private Connecticut
Bassett, Abel private Connecticut
Bishop, Isaac private Massachusetts
Barnes, Jonathan private Connecticut
Bartholomew, John private New York
Burril, Zachariah private New Jersey
Bishop, Sylvanus private Massachusetts
Brockway, Russell private New York
Bacon, Elijah fifer Massachusetts
Barnes, Ambrose private Connecticut
Bullard, Isaac private Massachusetts
Blanchard, Ephraim private New York
Benton, Nathaniel W. private Connecticut
Brown, Jonathan private Connecticut
Blanchard, Peter private Hazen's Con. Reg't Pennsylvania
Briggs, Joshua private Connecticut
Bartholomew, Isaac corporal Connecticut
Burckdorff, John private New York
Brown, Elisha private Rhode Island
Barnes, Jonathan, 2d private Connecticut
Blodget, Salmon private Massachusetts
Barber, John private Massachusetts
Billings, James private Connecticut
Bowers, Zephaniah private Connecticut
Bradford, Elisha private Connecticut
Beach, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Burroughs, Mathew sergeant New Hampshire
Boyd, Joseph private Connecticut
Banks, Thomas private Connecticut
Butterick, Edward sergeant Rhode Island
Blachard, Nathaniel drummer Massachusetts
Beard, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Burdge, Michael sergeant New York
Bishop, Joshua private New York
Bush, John D. private New York
Barney, William private Rhode Island
Britten, John private New Jersey
Baker, Robert private Connecticut
Bell, Phineas private New Jersey
Ball, Joseph private Massachusetts
Bennett, Isaac private Connecticut
Buck, Abner private Connecticut
Brown, Austin private Connecticut
Boyton, Isaac private New Hampshire
Boardman, Jonathan private Connecticut
Benjamin, Jesse private Connecticut
Bailey, Timothy private Connecticut
Briggs, James private Connecticut
Bradley, David private Massachusetts
Brown, Samuel private New Jersey
Britton, Samuel sergeant New Hampshire
Babcock, William private Rhode Island
Bishop, Richard private Connecticut
Barnes, William private Rhode Island
Bliss, Ebenezer private New Hampshire
Betty, William private Massachusetts
Broile, Philip private Pennsylvania
Benjamin, Phineas private Connecticut
Blackman, Dan private Connecticut
Brooks, Thomas, 2d private Connecticut
Banker, William private New York
Bullard, Aaron private Massachusetts
Boulton, George private New York
Bissell, Oliver private Massachusetts
Brookins, Reuben private Massachusetts
Briggs, Abraham private Rhode Island
Barden, Stephen private Massachusetts
Ball, Gideon corporal Massachusetts
Bolton, Joseph private New York
Baars, John private Massachusetts
Bell, John private New Jersey
Baker, Joel private New Hampshire
Barnes, Enos private Connecticut
Boyden, Justus private Massachusetts
Baker, Sargeant private Massachusetts
Baldwin, Cornelius private New York
Billing, Matthew private Connecticut
Backus, Jacob private New York
Bartholomew, Samuel private Connecticut
Bacon, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Belkness, Jonas private Massachusetts
Beebe, Alexander private Connecticut
Barrows, Samuel private Massachusetts
Barney, Asa private Massachusetts
Bling, Silas sergeant Massachusetts
Brownson, Isaac private New Hampshire
Beebe, Richard private Connecticut
Bartlett, Isaac private Rhode Island
Bruce, Abijah private Massachusetts
Bigelow, Noah private Massachusetts
Buck, Samuel private Massachusetts
Bowen, John private Massachusetts
Blodget, Rufus private Massachusetts
Bennett, Benajah private Massachusetts
Bacon, Jarib private Massachusetts
Barton, Timothy S. private Massachusetts
Barton, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Bacon, Ebenezer, 2d private Connecticut
Browne, George private New York
Brown, Elijah private Connecticut
Bird, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Boynton, Solomon private Massachusetts
Blodget, Admatha private Massachusetts
Bloomer, William private New York
Butler, William private New York
Barrett, Oliver private -
Beals, Joshua private Massachusetts
Bush, John private Massachusetts
Barber, William private Rhode Island
Barnes, Henry private New York
Baker, Lewis private Massachusetts
Brackel, John sergeant Massachusetts
Banister, Levi private Massachusetts
Bates, John private Connecticut
Beeman, Josiah private New Jersey
Bullard, Nathan private Massachusetts
Bunnell, Frederic private Connecticut
Blanchard, Elias ensign Rhode Island
Bodley, Andrew private New York
Baxter, John, 2d private Massachusetts
Burlinggame, Nathan private Rhode Island
Bandfield, James, sen. private Maryland
Brooks, Silas private Connecticut
Bostwick, Amos ensign Connecticut
Bill, William private Massashusetts
Barnet, John private Massachusetts
Buckman, Samuel private Massachusetts
Barrett, Israel private Massachusetts
Boileau, Abraham private Hazen's Congress Reg't Penn.
Branch, William private Connecticut
Burdick, Thompson private Rhode Island
Bailey, Joseph private Massachusetts
Bennet, Micajah private Rhode Island
Benjamin, Judah private Connecticut
Britton, William private Massachusetts
Birge, Hosea private Connecticut
Bruce, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Buel, Asa private Connecticut
Beebe, Amon private Connecticut
Boyd, Richard fifer New York
Bissell, Samuel private Rhode Island
Bonfy, Henry private Connecticut
Beebe, Asa private Massachusetts
Bryan, Elijah private Connecticut
Bailey, Elijah private Connecticut
Brown, James private Massachusetts
Bentley, John private Connecticut
Burchard, Nathaniel private New York
Bacon, Isaiah private Massachusetts
Bray, William Corporal New Jersey
Beach, Israel Private Connecticut
Barnum, Jehiel sergeant Connecticut
Benson, John private Massachusetts
Cusick, Nicholas lieutenant New York
Chevers, William drum major Massachusetts
Champlin, William private Rhode Island
Cross, Michael private Hazen's Con. Reg't. Pennsylvania
Chaplin, Timothy private Connecticut
Cadwell, Phineas corporal Connecticut
Cook, William, 1st private Connecticut
Crook, Martin private New Jersey
Cutler, Joseph ensign Not continental, and struck from roll
Clemens, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Carley, Joseph private New York
Cole, Samuel private Connecticut
Cop, Andrew private Connecticut
Carson, James sergeant New York
Clark, Jeremiah sergeant Massachusetts
Cummings, Asa private Connecticut
Capron, Seth sergeant Massachusetts
Clouffer, Clarks private Hazen's Con. Reg't. Pennsylvania
Christian, Nicholas private New York
Clark, William private Connecticut
Cooke, Richard private Connecticut
Collins, Samuel private Connecticut
Cutler, Joseph, 2d private Connecticut
Ceater, William private New York
Campbell, Archibald private Pennsylvania
Chipman, Thomas sergeant Connecticut
Carter, Richard private Suspended 23d Aug. 1819; not in needy circumstances
Cook, Moses private Massachusetts
Callendar, Silas private Massachusetts
Clark, John private New York
Costigin, Lewis J. lieutenant New Jersey
Cherry, Samuel captain New Hampshire
Cobb, Abel private Massachusetts
Chapman, Ezekiel private Massachusetts
Cutting, Eliphalet private Massachusetts
Church, Elihu private Connecticut
Collins, William private Connecticut
Clark, Samuel, 1st private Connecticut
Castle, William private Virginia
Crawford, Andrew private Massachusetts
Cornell, David private New York
Chaplin, David private Connecticut
Craft, Benjamin private Connecticut
Cashman, Eliphalet private Connecticut
Cotton, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Cone, Ozias private Connecticut
Connor, William private New York
Cunningham, Shubal private New York
Cleaveland, Nehemiah sergeant Massachusetts
Coy, Joseph sergeant Connecticut
Caten, Richard private Massachusetts
Covert, Peter private New Jersey
Cyilder, John private New Hampshire
Crawford, Jason private Connecticut
Cobb, John private Rhode Island
Crawford, Isaac private not 9 months continental
Countryman, John private New York
Camp, Benjamin mariner Frigate Prividence
Collins, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Clark, Richard, 2d private New Jersey
Chapman, Dan private Connecticut
Consart, John private New Jersey
Christian, Zachariah private New York
Castle, Robert musician Virginia
Curtis, William private Virginia
Cowdry, Benjamin private Died 28th May, 1818
Chivers, William private Virginia
Cleveland, Josiah private Massachusetts
Cook, Lemuel private Connecticut
Cannon, James captain Willet's Corps-not on Continental
Cramer, Joseph private Not Continental-struck from roll
Carter, Jabez private Massachusetts
Crilly, Peter private New York
Caldwell, Philip private New York
Covel, James private Connecticut
Colkins, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Crane, Amariah fifer Connecticut
Church, Philemon private Connecticut
Coneway, Cornelius private New York
Carrie, Robert private Massachusetts
Cook, Samuel private Connecticut
Clark, Jerome private Connecticut
Crossman, Elijah sergeant Massachusetts
Corbet, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Chase, Timothy private Massachusetts
Calder, William private Hazen's Con'g regiment. Penn.
Chubb, Joseph sergeant Connecticut
Chatfield, Jonathan private New York
Clark, Abram private New York
Chatifield, Joel private Massachusetts
Cambe, James private New York
Crapo, Peter private New York
Cady, Warren private Massachusetts
Carr, Levi private Massachusetts
Coons, Adam private New York
Cook, Solomon private Massachusetts
Chamberlain, Joshua private Massachusetts
Croat, John private New York
Campbell, Kenneth private New York
Carter, Stephen lieutenant Massachusetts
Curtis, Daniel private Massachusetts
Corwin, Seiah private Connecticut
Coston, Bishop private New Hampshire
Chamberlain, Russell private Massachusetts
Conant, Amos private Massachusetts
Comstock, Saragah private Connecticut
Clapp, Stephen lieutenant Baldwin, Massachusetts
Cezar, Solomon private Rhode Island
Crannel, Isaac private New York
Culver, David private Connecticut
Chambers, John private Massachusetts
Comstock, Theophilus Sergeant Connecticut
Closser, Christopher private New York
Cole, John, 1st private New Jersey
Clark, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Croukhite, Francis private New York
Cady, Reuben private Connecticut
Chandler, Stephen private Connecticut
Conkey, Joshua drummer Massachusetts
Chamberlain, Samuel private Massachusetts
Cosleman, Christian private New York
Clough, John private New Hampshire
Coley, Samuel private Connecticut
Clark, Eliphalet private Connecticut
Case, Abel private Connecticut
Caldwell, William lieutenant Pennsylvania
Curtis, Joel private Massachusetts
Coy, David private Connecticut
Cook, Levi private Massachusetts
Cockley, John private New York
Cammet, Thomas private New Hampshire
Cole, John private New York
Cranston, Samuel private Rhode Island
Cornish, Gabriel private Massachusetts
Corwen, Samuel private New York
Cook, Nicholas musician New York
Church, Willard private Connecticut
Chamberlain, David private Massachusetts
Cogswell, Reuben private Massachusetts
Clark, Augustus private Connecticut
Coborn, James private Connecticut
Cornelius, John private New York
Carter, Anthony, alias Shirkee private Hazen's Congress Regiment, Penn.
Cartwright, Cyrus private Connecticut
Covil, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Chappell, Noah private Connecticut
Combs, Joshua private Massachusetts
Clark, Amos, 1st private Massachusetts
Collier, Joseph private Connecticut
Clark, Joel musician Connecticut
Cutler, Abner private Massachusetts
Caswell, Joshua private Massachusetts
Collins, Joseph private New York
Clark, Samuel, 2d sergeant New Jersey
Corbin, Stephen private Massachusetts
Campbell, Robert sergeant Connecticut
Clements, William private Massachusetts
Connor, John private Massachusetts
Clark, William, 2d private Massachusetts
Coe, Samuel sergeant Connecticut
Crandal, Edward private Connecticut
Carr, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Cook, William, 2d private Connecticut
Crum, William private Connecticut
Croft, James corporal New York
Cheney, Joseph private Connecticut
Covel, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Clark, Amos, 2d private Connecticut
Chapman, Elijah private Connecticut
Comins, Stephen private Connecticut
Carpenter, Joshua A. private Connecticut
Capron, Elisha private Massachusetts
Connick, William private New Hampshire
Campbell, Samuel sergeant Connecticut
Curtiss, Benjamin private Connecticut
Clark, Abraham private Connecticut
Cox, Robert private New York
Chapman, Daniel private Massachusetts
Crane, John private Connecticut
Cochran, John seaman Frigate Boston
Crowell, David private New Jersey
Coye, Nehemiah private Connecticut
Currin, Edward private New York
Colt, Jabez private Connecticut
Clement, Isaac sergeant Massachusetts
Coburn, Zebediah private Massachusetts
Carter, Elijah private Massachusetts
Curtis, Felix private Connecticut
Chase, Joel private Massachusetts
Crofford, Stephen private Massachusetts
Carter, John sergeant Connecticut
Chittenden, Jared sergeant New York
Connor, Daniel private Massachusetts
Chandler, Ballard private Massachusetts
Case, Gillum private New York
Clary, Daniel dragoon Connecticut
Clark, Reuben private Massachusetts
Chamberlain, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Chapman, Constant private Connecticut
Cantine, George matross Massachusetts
Cross, Joseph private Connecticut
Cheney, Eliphalet private Massachusetts
Cleveland, Josiah ensign Massachusetts
Combe, Peter private New York
Cornwell, Benjamin private Connecticut
Cook, Freeworthy private Connecticut
Clark, Jesse private New Hampsire
Clark, Hezekiah surgeon's mate Connecticut
Cobb, Nathan private Massachusetts
Carr, William private New York
Crandall, Hosea sergeant Rhode Island
Clark, William, 3d private Connecticut
Cole, David private New York
Coon, Conrad private New York
Chappal, Amaziah private Connecticut
Cleaveland, Roswel private Massachusetts
Cunningham, John bombardier New York
Clark, John bombardier New York
Chubback, Simeon private Massachusetts
Carter, Heman sergeant Connecticut
Crain, Jonathan private Connecticut
Culver, Aaron private Connecticut
Clark, David private Massachusetts
Cone, Samuel private Connecticut
Clinton, Joseph private Connecticut
Crocker, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Cone, Joseph dragoon Connecticut
Crabb, Abijah private New York
Collins, Cheder private Massachusetts
Chapman, Rufus private Rhode Island
Cooley, James fifer Massachusetts
Cooper, Pierce private Connecticut
Chartie, Joseph private Hazen's Congress Reg't, Penn.
Canfield, Timothy private New York
Cleveland, John private Connecticut
Crandall, Joseph private Rhode Island
Chaplin, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Cutter, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Clark, Jonas private Connecticut
Cushman, Daniel private Connecticut
Cook, Darius private New York
Coger, Enoch private Hazen's Congress Reg't., Penn.
Cranson, Asa private Massachusetts
Chamberlin, Ebenezer private New Hampshire
Crosby, Simon private Connecticut
Curtis, Samuel, alias Curtis, Jonah private Rhode Island
Corey, Philip ensign Massachusetts
Cook, Miles private Connecticut
Cox, William private New Jersey
Clayton, Peter private Pennsylvania
Cobb, Matthias private New Jersey
Chandler, Nathan private Massachusetts
Crane, Enos private Connecticut
Champlin, Goerge private Rhode Island
Constable, Garret private New York
Camp, Amos private New Hampshire
Copp, Joseph drum major Connecticut
Cook, Lemuel private Connecticut
Cathcart, Thomas private Massachusetts
Crocker, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Church, James E. private Connecticut
Chappel, Curtis private Connecticut
Clark, James private Massachusetts
Case, William lieutenant New Hampshire
Colby, William corporal New Hampshire
Cole, Benjamin private Rhode Island
Cook, William private Connecticut
Carmans, Samuel private New York
Crain, Roger private Massachusetts
Chaffin, John corporal Massachusetts
Canfield, Elijah private New York
Countryman, Jacob private New York
Clark, Matthew private Massachusetts
Clark, Thaddeus private Massachusetts
Covil, David private Connecticut
Chapell, Noah private Connecticut
Cleland, John private Connecticut
Church, John or Jonathan private Pennsylvania
Champney, Nathan sergeant Massachusetts
Clark, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Cahall, John private New York
Curtiss, Frederick private Connecticut
Clawson, Ezra private New York
Clough, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Collins, Levi private New Hampshire
Carr, Joseph private Massachusetts
Clark, Caleb corporal New Hampshire
Congdon, John sergeant Connecticut
Davis, Jacob private Connecticut
Douglass, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Deming, Andres private Massachusetts
Demming, Davis private Connecticut
Dodge, Levi lieutenant Massachusetts
Dorsey, James private Massachusetts
Dewitt, John private New York
Dean, Isaac private New York
Dickinson, Waitstill sergeant Connecticut
Delamater, John S. private New York
Dickerson, Abraham sergeant New York
Dole, James lieutenant Connecticut
Dunham, Daniel private Connecticut
Dubois, John private New York
Dotty, Moses private Massachusetts
Doty, Isaac private New York
Dodge, John, 1st private Rhode Island
Davidson, John private New York
Dorsey, Daniel captain Maryland
Decker, Martin private New York
Dodge, Benjamin private Connecticut
Davis, Willia, 1st private New York
Duboys, Lewis colonel New York
Delezeene, Christopher captain Corps of Engineers
Dodge, Reuben private Connecticut
Dunn, Timothy private Connecticut
Doubleday, Seth private Connecticut
Davis, Comfort private Massachusetts
Decker, George private New York
Demott, Richard private New York
Dains, Abraham private New York
Dutton, Titus lieutenant Connecticut
De Russy, Thomas lieutenant Frigate Pallas
Davis, Samuel private Massachusetts
Durham, Stephen private New York
Darling, Benjamin private New York
Decker, Andrew private New York
Dunlap, Thomas private New York
Dodge, John, 2d private New Hampshire
Driskill, Timothy private Pennsylvania
Duba, John private New York
Dyckman, Richard private Died 23d May, 1818
Davis, David musician New York
Ducett or Ducit, John fifer Connecticut
Dean, Jonathan lieutenant Connecticut
Dodge, William private Connecticut
Dimmick, Benjamin lieutenant Connecticut
Daniels, Ezekiel private Connecticut
Davis, John private New York
David, John private New York
Danford, Joshua private New Hampshire
Decker, Christopher private New York
Dibble, Hezekiah private New York
Dibble, John private Connecticut
Davis, Paul private Massachusetts
Dunham, David private Massachusetts
Dailey, James, 1st private Connecticut
Dobson, John private New York
Dodge, Phineas private Massachusetts
Dean, Zimey private Massachusetts
Dike, Nathan private New Hampshire
Day, Lewis private Massachusetts
Desbrow, Henry private Connecticut
Dickins, William private New York-died 24th Aug. 1819
Davis, Patrick private New York
Davis, Peter private New York
Davis, Richard, 1st matross New York
Derrick, Ephraim sergeant Connecticut
Dowler, George sergeant New York
Dunning, Michael captain-lieutenant New Hampshire
Desbrow, Simon ensign Connecticut
Davis, Henry B. private Rhode Island
Drake, Perez fifer Massachusetts
Doty, William sergeant Connecticut
Dusenbury, John lieutenant New York
Dingham, Abraham private New York
Dutcher, Barnet private New York
Dorey, James private New York
Dunham, Timothy private Massachusetts
Darling, Richard private Massachusetts
Davis, Nathan private Rhode Island
Dean, William private Connecticut
Decker, John private New York
Davis, William, 2d private Rhode Island
Duball, Benjamin private Connecticut
Dubois, Nathaniel private New York
Dennis, John private Armand's Corps
Douglass, Joseph private Connecticut
Diner, James private Connecticut
Dickinson, Samuel private Connecticut
Delancy, Abraham private New York
Delano, Jonathan private Connecticut
Demott, William musician New York
Dennison, James private Massachusetts
Davis, Isaac private New Hampshire
Davis, William, 3d private Suspended-struck from the roll, having served in Barton's regiment, and only 8 months 20 days in Olney's
Dayton, Frederick private New York
Dample, Frederick private New York
Dickinson, Varsel sergeant New York
Davis, Nathan, 3d private Massachusetts
Dear, Jonathan private Connecticut
Dorchester, Alexander private Connecticut
Davis, Samuel, 2d private Massachusetts
Danforth, Asa captain Massachusetts-died 2d Sept. 1818
Day, Samuel private Connecticut
Dunham, Samuel private Connecticut
Dix, Joseph private Massachusetts
Dewey, Gideon private Massachusetts
Dixon, David private Connecticut
Dunbar, Miles fife major Connecticut
Dorrance, David captain Connecticut
Dewolf, Benjamin private Connecticut
Doolittle, George private Connecticut
Dubois, John private New York
Day, Asa private Massachusetts
Dole, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Davenport, Richard private Rhode Island
Doty, Samuel private Connecticut
Davis, Richard, 2d sergeant New York
Dolbee, Pardon private Massachusetts
Demass, Peter private New York
Daskan, John private Connecticut
Dunton, David private Massachusetts
Drake, Noah private Massachusetts
Denmark, Burnardus sergeant Connecticut
Dunham, Jeremiah private Massachusetts
Dodge, Thomas musician New Hampshire
Downing, Samuel private New Hampshire
Duplex, Prince private Connecticut
Deland, Jacob private Massachusetts
Dailey, John private New Jersey
Day, Justin corporal Massachusetts
Dennis, Thomas private Rhode Island
Davis, Joseph private Massachusetts
Decomp, Ezekiel private New York
Dains, Ephraim private Connecticut
Dunbar, John private Massachusetts
Dunwell, Stephen private Connecticut
Delany, Francis musician North Carolina
Davis, Elias private New York
Dickerson, David corporal New York
Dollaway, Andrew private New York
Doughty, Elias corporal New York
Davis, Goldsmith private New York
Davis, Chapman private New York
Davis, Harmy private New York
Dicks, David private Connecticut
Daley, Silas private New York
Dumaresque, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Delong, Joseph private New York
Devoe, Jeremiah private Virginia
Durand, Eleazer private Connecticut
Dunbar, Joel private Rhode Island
Denton, Amos private New York
Drew, Samuel private Connecticut
Dolhagin, Frederick private New York
Dana, Ezra private Massachusetts
Day, Jonathan private Connecticut
Dewey, Samuel private Massachusetts
Danford, Prince private New York
Dunham, Holtum private New York
Denton, Daniel corporal Connecticut
Dunston, John private Massachusetts
Doane, Josiah private Connecticut
Doty, Benjamin private Connecticut
Drew, Oliver private New York
Eggleston, Moses private Massachusetts
Enos, David private Connecticut
Elwood, Isaac private Connecticut
Eaton, Ezra captain Baldwin's Articers, Ms.
Elwood, Abram private Connecticut-Col. Deming was not continental the period of the applicants service
Evans, Isaac private Connecticut
Eley, William private Connecticut
Edwards, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Elliot, George sergeant Massachusetts
Eaton, Ephraim private Massachusetts
English, William private New Hampshire
Eaton, Brigham private Massachusetts
Eaton, Benjamin private New Jersey
Elliott, Francis private Died 14th Jan. 1819
Estabrook, Nehemiah private Connecticut
Edson, James private Massachusetts
Eastlict, Alexander private New Jersey
Evins, Benoni private Connecticut
Ellwood, Nathan private Connecticut
Eager, George surgeon New Hampshire
Elwell, John private Massachusetts
Entrot, Henry private Massachusetts
Evans, Silas private Massachusetts
Eldridge, Joseph private New York
Erwin, John, 2d private New York
Erwin, James private New York
Eaton, Abiathar private Massachusetts
Elwell, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Estabrook, Nathan private Massachusetts
Ellis, Jacob private Massachusetts
Earl, Stephen lieutenant Frigate Confederacy
Evans, Shirebiah private Massachusetts
Ely, Wells sergeant Connecticut
Edson, Benjamin private Connecticut
Everest, Elisha private Connecticut
Eldridge, John private Rhode Island
Ellis, Ezekiel private Massachusetts
Everitt, Oliver fifer Connecticut
Eslworth, Eliphalet private Rhode Island
Everitt, Daniel private Massachusetts
Evrit, Jeremiah marine Frigate Confederacy
Evarts, Stephen private Connecticut
Edmunds, Benjamin private Stephens' Artillery
Eddy, Samuel sergeant Massachusetts
Edmund, William private Rhode Island
Ford, Sanbun private Connecticut
Fuller, Stephen private Massachusetts
Fasset, Asa private Stricken from the roll-not Continental
Farley, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Fenton, William, Jr. private Pennsylvania
Farrar, Asa private Suspended August 19th, 1819, for proof of his being in reduced circumstances.
Fay, William private Connecticut
Frost, George P. captain New Hampshire
Freeman, Fortune private Massachusetts
Ferrioll, Alexander private Hazen's Con. Reg't Pennsylvania
Forbes, James sergeant New York
Frost, Aaron private Massachusetts
Freeman, Cesar private Connecticut
Ferris, Peter private Connecticut
Fox, Jacob lieutenant Connecticut
French, John sergeant Massachusetts
Fletcher, James private New York
Freeman, Roger private Connecticut
Fox, Simeon private Connecticut
Frans, Conrad private New York-suspended August 23d, 1819; not in needy circumstances.
Fuller, Joshua private Connecticut
Fitch, Rufus sergeant Connecticut
Faulkner, Peter ensign New Jersey
Foote, Isaac corporal New York
Freedom, Cato private Connecticut
French, David private Massachusetts
Faxon, Allen private Massachusetts
Featherley, John private New York
Freeman, Artillo private Massachusetts
Fletcher, Archelous private Massachusetts
Foot, Jehiel private Massachusetts
Farnam, Reuben private Connecticut
Fuller, Elkanah private Massachusetts
French, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Fuller, James private Massachusetts
Fredenburgh, James private New York
Farmer, Thomas lieutenant Connecticut
Fenton, Adonijah private Connecticut
Fox, Aaron, Jr. private Connecticut
Fisk, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Farrington, March drummer Massachusetts
Fink, Andrew major New York
Fine, Andrew private Not Continental (Sept. 1819) and struck from roll
Fox, Jedediah sergeant Connecticut
Fenner, Arthur lieutenant Rhode Island
Farley, William private New Hampshire
Foster, Daniel private Died 29th December, 1818
Fox, Joseph captain Massachusetts
Foster, John matross New York
Flood, Amos private New Hampshire
Force, William private New Jersey
Flood, Joseph private Massachusetts
Fuller, John private Connecticut
Farnam, John sergeant marines Frigate Alliance
Franks, John paymaster New York
Frink, Nathan private Connecticut
Flint, Luke private Connecticut
Foster, David private Connecticut
Fletcher, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Freeman, Andrew private Connecticut
Foote, Joseph private Massachusetts
Frazier, James private Rhode Island
Francisco, Henry private New Hampshire
Forbes, Aaron private Massachusetts
Francis, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Farley, Samuel private Massachusetts
French, Jeremiah private New Jersey
Fisher, Timothy corporal Massachusetts
Fulkerson, Joseph private New Jersey
Fuller, Josiah private Massachusetts
Furrar, Johu private Massachusetts
Frink, Amos private Rhode Island
French, Samuel private Massachusetts
Fry, Rozier private Massachusetts
Fellows, William private Massachusetts
Fort, Daniel private New York
Fradenburgh, John ptivate New York
Fradenburgh, Peter private New York
Fox, Samuel corporal Connecticut
Fuhr, John C. private New York
Freeman, Richard private New Hampshire
Fox, Samuel, 2d private Connecticut
Freeman, Plymouth private Connecticut
Frink, Thomas fifer Massachusetts
Furguson, James private New York
Fetherly, Thomas private New York
Finchley, George private Connecticut; died 23d March, 1819
Fox, John private Connecticut
Ford, Jonathan private Connecticut
Folliard, John private New York
Francis, Thomas private Massachusetts
Finley, Charles private New York
Farnsworth, Edmund private Massachusetts
Fenton, Solomon lieutenant Connecticut
Farrington, Frederick private Massachusetts
Freeman, Stephen private New York
Farwell, Leonard private Massachusetts
Fancher, Rufus private Connecticut
Foster, Erastus private Massachusetts
Flood, Alexander private Massachusetts
Farnsworth, Moses private New Hampshire
Fairchild, Joseph private Connecticut
Faulkner, Robert ensign Pennsylvania
Field, Pardon private Connecticut
Fox, Venia sergeant Connecticut
Freeman, Daniel private Massachusetts
Fay, John private Connecticut
Fitch, Elnathan private Connecticut
Franklin, Jehiel private Connecticut
Furniss, William private Massachusetts
Finney, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Fellows, Samuel private Connecticut
Fall, Hatevil private Massachusetts
Fletcher, John private New York
Finney, Bethuel private Massachusetts
Fletcher, Oliver private Massachusetts
Fish, Abner private New York
Fitch, Prentice corporal Connecticut
Fay, Moses private Connecticut
Felton, Daniel private Massachusetts
Foster, Thomas private Rhode Island
Finch, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Foot, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Friday, Cownrad private New York
Fisk, Thomas sergeant Massachusetts
Frances, David private Connecticut
Gamage, Samuel lieutenant Frigate Dean, U.N.
Gould, Noah private Massachusetts
Gridley, Obediah private Connecticut
Gilbert, Asahel trumpeter Connecticut
Guile, Asa sergeant Massachusetts
Gilbert, Thomas private Massachusetts
Gaffitt, John musician New Hampshire
Green, Jack private Connecticut
Green, Jacob private Connecticut
Green, John private Connecticut
Goodrich, Roswell articier Hazen's Congress reg't. Penn.
Graham, William private Massachusetts
Gardner, Seth private Massachusetts
Garrison, Abraham private New York
Giles, Samuel corporal Massachusetts
George, David sergeant New Hampshire
Garrett, John private Connecticut
Gasper, Peter sergeant New York
Gray, Silas captain New York
Graves, Asa ensign Massachusetts
George, Prince drummer Connecticut
Gooden, George private New York
Gardner, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Goodall, Nathan private Massachusetts
Griffin, Benjamin private New York
Goodell, Ezra private Connecticut
Green, Abel private Connecticut
Graham, Isaac G. private Massachusetts
Giles, Aquila major, aid to gen. St. Clair Massachusetts
Guion, Isaac captain New York
Gibson, James corporal New Jersey
Grownhart, John private New York
Gilbert, Butler private Connecticut
Gridley, John captain Massachusetts
Graves, Benjamin private Connecticut
Graves, Simeon private Connecticut
Granger, Sebe private Massachusetts
Grill, Thomas private New York
Gunn, Abel drummer Connecticut
Gotman, Henry private Massachusetts
Gladding, James private Massachusetts
Gurney, Bazaliel private Connecticut
Goodenow, Adino sergeant major New Hampshire
Gates, James O. private Massachusetts
Gaylord, Jonathan private Connecticut
Gunn, Daniel private Massachusetts
Geer, Charles private New Hampshire
Gross, Peter private New York
Genter, John H. private Not Continental; stricken from the roll
Graves, Elijah private Connecticut
Galusha, Abiram private Connecticut
Gamble, Joseph private Massachusetts
Gates, Freeman private Connecticut
Garlinghouse, Benjamin private New Jersey
Galusha, Jacob private Connecticut
Gilbert, Amos private Massachusetts
Grace, Lawrence private Willet's Reg't.-stricken from the roll
Golden, Windsor private Massachusetts
Gilbert, Solomon private Connecticut
Gray, James private New York
Godfrey, John private New Hampshire
Gilligan, Thomas private Massachusetts
Gardner, Elijah private Massachusetts
Gilbert, Benjamin lieutenant Massachusetts
Gibbs, Jabez private Massachusetts
Gray, David private Massachusetts
Green, James private Rhode Island
Grant, Joseph private New Hampshire
Goodrich, Charles private Massachusetts
Gregory, Thomas private Massachusetts
Gibbs, Simeon private New York
Gardiner, Benoni private New York
Gee, John private New York
Gloyd, Asa private Massachusetts
Goodrich, Samuel private Massachusetts
Gunn, Noble private Massachusetts
Green, Samuel private Connecticut
Granger, Thomas private Massachusetts
Glover, Thomas sergeant New York
Goodrich, Solomon P. musician Connecticut
Gordon, David private New Jersey
Gillet, William private Massachusetts
Gilbert, Samuel private New York
Goddard, Edward corporal Connecticut
Granger, Jacob private Connecticut
Gray, Elijah private Massachusetts
Grenell, Amasa private Connecticut
Gookins, Samuel private Connecticut
Gillbert, Joseph private Connecticut
Gee, Ezekiel private New York
Gardinier, Gilbert private New Jersey
Godden, John private Connecticut
Gardner, William private Connecticut
Gartsee, John corporal Massachusetts
Gerrills, John private Massachusetts
Griswold, Samuel private Connecticut
Grace, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Griffith, George private Connecticut
Griswold, John private Connecticut
Gates, William private Massachusetts
Green, Nathan private Massachusetts
Gates, Jehiel private Connecticut
Gilbert, Theodore private Connecticut
Goldsmith, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Gordon, Joseph private Pennsylvania
Gay, Jason private Connecticut
Goodale, Ezekiel lieutenant New Hampshire
Glazier, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Gould, William private Connecticut
Goodall, James private New York
Gee, John, 2d private New York
Gray, Joel private Massachusetts
Geer, Benajah private Connecticut
Garfield, Jesse private Massachusetts
George, Amos private Connecticut
Gunsalus, Daniel private New York
Gilbert, Gershom qr. master serg't Connecticut
Geer, Walter private New Hampshire
Gay, James private Massachusetts
Graves, Peter sergeant Connecticut
Gay, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Gale, Henry private Massachusetts
Gifford, William private New York
Griswold, John private Connecticut
Goodspeed, Sympson private Rhode Island
Green, Silas private New York
Griger, Cato private Massachusetts
Greene, Mancer, alias Mansier Greene private Rhode Island
Guthrie, Abraham private New York
Griswold, Simeon private Massachusetts
Gilman, Joseph private New Hampshire
Gates, Luther private Connecticut
Goslin, Lewis lieutenant Hazen's Congress Reg't Penn.
Glazier, William private Massachusetts
Goff, David, 1st private Connecticut
Graves, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Graves, Gideon private Massachusetts
Gardner, Abijah private Connecticut
Green, Zachariah private Connecticut
Germond, Jacob private Massachusetts
Goff, David, 2d private Massachusetts
Gold, Tolcot marine Frigate Alliance
Gray, Elisha private Massachusetts
Gardner, Thomas private Massachusetts
Gardner, John surgeon's mate Ship Confederacy
Grinnell, George private Rhode Island
Gray, Thomas private New York
Gibbs, Ithamar private Connecticut
Granger, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Garvey, Francis private New York
Gains, Josiah private Massachusetts
Goff, Isaac private New York
Gorsline, Samuel private New York
Greene, Daniel private Massachusetts
Gilbert, Allen private Connecticut
Griffin, Kirkland mariner Ship Alliance
Graves, Jonathan sergeant Massachusetts
Gillen, Thomas private Maryland
Gray, Samuel private Massachusetts
Goodrich, Abel private Connecticut
Goodwin, Solomon sergeant Connecticut
Gerolman, Henry private New York
Gibbons, Peter private Massachusetts
Griswold, Jabez private New York
Hubbell, Ezbon private Connecticut
Hull, Samuel private Connecticut
Hicock, Samuel lieutenant Connecticut
Hokpins, Roderick corporal Connecticut
Hall, Asa private Connecticut
Henegin, Joseph private Hazen's Congress Reg't. Penn.
Huntley, Solomon private Connecticut
Hoston, Henry private Connecticut
Hamlin, Samuel private Massachusetts
Hollenbeck, Jacob private New York
Hunt, James private New Jersey
How, John private New York
Hitchcock, Phineas private Massachusetts
Hinds, Seth private Massachusetts
Hoffstader, Christian private New York
Hebard, Jedediah private Connecticut
Holden, Ebenezer M. private Connecticut
Huntington, Samuel sergeant major Connecticut
Hemenway, Rufus private Massachusetts
Hitchcock, Samuel private New York
Hayden, Daniel private Massachusetts
Holdridge, John lieutenant Massachusetts
Haven, Joseph private New York
Herrington, Bezelah private Rhode Island
Hackney, George private Not Continental; stricken from the roll
Hogan, Benoni private Connecticut
Holt, George private Connecticut
Hutchins, Charles private Massachusetts
Hall, Aaron captain Connecticut
Heyden, David private Connecticut
Huntingdon, John S. private Connecticut
House, Cornelius private New York
Hall, Anan private Connecticut
Harrington, Parley private Connecticut
Hier, Jacob private New York
Holbrook, Silas surgeon's mate Struck from the roll, not entitled
Howe, Oliver private New York
Holden, Abel captain Massachusetts
Howe, Bezaleel lieutenant New Hampshire
Hart, Cyrus D. captain New Jersey
Humphrey, Timothy private Connecticut
Hardy, William corporal Rhode Island
Holland, Ivory lieutenant Massachusetts
Hitchcock, Abijah private Massachusetts
Hoxie, Peleg captain Barton's Regiment, R. Island; not on continental establishment, and struck from roll
Hubbard, John, 2d private New York
Hare, Thomas private Maryland
Hubbard, Abner private Massachusetts
Howell, Aaron private New York
Hoyt, Elijah private Massachusetts
Hitchcock, Lyman brigade major Died 5th Feb. 1819
Helsinger, Michael private Not continental; struck from the roll
Holdrige, Amasa private New York
Hanmore, David private New York
Hosier, John, 1st private New York
Hopkins, George private Connecticut
Havens, William private New York
Haywood, Josiah private Massachusetts
Harrison, Robert private Rhode Island
Harding, Oliver private New York
Hunt, Humphrey private New Hampshire
Hawkins, Zachariah private New York
Hall, James private New York
Hogeboom, John private Not continental, and struck from roll
Humphrey, Samuel private New York
Hodge, James private New York
Hall, Benjamin ensign New Hampshire
Hayden, Jacob private Connecticut
Howe, Darias lieutenant Massachusetts
Hubbell, John, Jr. private Massachusetts
Helmer, John F. private Not continental, and struck from roll
Hallet, William private New York
Helmage, John private Connecticut
Harmony, Nicholas private Pennsylvania
Hughes, Thomas private New York
Hadley, William private New York
Hammet, Caleb private Rhode Island
Harrington, Ahab private Rhode Island
Harrington, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Hopper, Peter private New York
Hamilton, Reuben private Massachusetts
Hill, Thomas private New York
Havens, Peter private New York
Hoard, Jonathan sergeant Massachusetts
Hakes, George private Connecticut
Hitchcock, Jared corporal Connecticut
Hough, Zephaniah private Massachusetts
Humphrey, Nathaniel private Rhode Island
Hadley, Joseph sergeant New York
Hibbard, Uriah private Connecticut
Hutchinson, Thomas sergeant New Hampshire
Haywood, Ephraim private New Jersey
Holmes, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Hall, Robert private Massachusetts
Hartwell, John private Suspended August 19, 1819, letter written to Agent; Department requires, proof of the reduced circumstances.
Hastings, Zacheus private Suspended August 19, 1819, letter written to Agent; Department requires, proof of the reduced circumstances.
Higgs, Samuel private New York
Hamilton, Daniel sergeant Massachusetts
Hosea, John, 2d private New York
Hubbard, Abijah sergeant Connecticut
Huston, William private Connecticut
Hager, Stephen private Massachusetts
Homan, John private New York
Howe, Joseph sergeant Massachusetts
Haskins, Abraham private Massachusetts
Hall, Nathaniel lieutenant Connecticut
Hull, David private Connecticut
Helmer, John G. private New York
Holtzapple, Zachariah private New York
Hunt, David private New Hampshire
Houghton, Simeon private Massachusetts
Hull, Chester private Connecticut
Hebard, Virn Timothy private Connecticut
Holley, George private Massachusetts
Hammond, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Head, John private New Hampshire
Hotchkiss, Isaac private Connecticut
Hill, James private Rhode Island
Hopkins, Robert private South Carolina
Helme, Peleg private Rhode Island
Henson, William private Connecticut
Hallock, Joseph private New York
Herrick, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Hibberd, Joseph private Massachusetts
Horton, James captain Baldwin, Massachusetts
Hopkins, Richard private Massachusetts
Henderson, David private Connecticut
Haskell, David private New Hampshire
House, Henry private New York
Handy, Joseph private Massachusetts
Hubbard, John, 1st private Massachusetts
Hubbard, Samuel private Massachusetts
Hudson, Enos private Massachusetts
Hawley, Abarham sergeant Connecticut
Hodgkins, William private New Hampshire
Hoar, Edmund sergeant Massachusetts
Harris, Henry private New York
Hill, Erastus private Connecticut
Hinckley, John private Connecticut
Houghton, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Hyatt, Samuel private Connecticut
Hathway, Zenus private Connecticut
Hutchinson, John private Pennsylvania
Hudson, Abraham sergeant New Jersey
Hinckley, Joshua private New York
Hallstead, John private Connecticut
Haskell, John private Massachusetts
Howell, George private New York
Harris, Thomas private Rhode Island
Hallett, Solomon private New York
Hale, Francis private Massachusetts
Hebbard, Jacob private Massachusetts
Howard, Thomas private Massachusetts
Holbrook, Reuben private Massachusetts
Holt, Silas private Massachusetts
Hull, Asa private Massachusetts
Hall, Moses, 1st sergeant Massachusetts
Huntington, Joseph private Connecticut
Hallet, Jonathan captain New York
Hoyt, Levi private New Hampshire
Hodge, Asahel captain Connecticut
Higgins, Nathaniel sergeant New York
Hall, Moses, 2d private Connecticut
Howe, Abner private Massachusetts
Hall, Eli private Connecticut
Haskell, Simeon corporal Massachusetts
Hanness, William private New Jersey
Horton, Josiah private Massachusetts
Hosick, William private Virginia-died 3d May, 1819
Huntington, Theophilus sergeant Connecticut
Hull, George private Connecticut
Hawley, Joseph private Connecticut
Halstead, Joseph private Connecticut
Hatch, Heman private Connecticut
Hotchkiss, Lodowick corporal Connecticut
Hedges, Reuben private Massachusetts
Holsted, Timothy private Connecticut
Hastings, Timothy private Massachusetts
Hubbard, Abel private Rhode Island
Hulbert or Hurlbut, Simeon lieutenant Massachusetts
Hamilton, John private New Hampshire
Hubbard, John private Massachusetts
Hyde, Oliver private Connecticut
Hall, Jotham private Connecticut
Hunt, Benoni private Rhode Island
Hayes, Benjamin private Connecticut
Hart, Elisha private Connecticut
Hill, Thomas, 2d private Connecticut
Hole, James private Hazen's Congress Reg't., Penn.
Hurlbut, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Hall, William private Massachusetts
Hebberd, Oliver private Massachusetts
Hayden, Charles corporal Hazen's Congress Reg't., Penn.
Hitchcock, Lemuel lieutenant Connecticut
Hosmer, Graves midshipman Frigate Trumball
Hathaway, Abner private Massachusetts
Herrick, Lemuel private Connecticut
Hess, Han Jost private New York
Hill, Reuben mariner Frigate Hague
Hannah, James private Connecticut
Hooker, Israel private New Hampshire
Harris, Andrew drummer Connecticut
Hutton, Christopher 2d lieutenant New York
Hurlbut, David private Connecticut
Holmes, Nathaniel private New York
Hosmer, John corporal Connecticut
Hill, Henry drummer New York
Hibbard, Israel private Massachusetts
Hill, Benoni private New Hampshire
Holmes, Simeon sergeant Connecticut
Hewitt, Richard lieutenant Connecticut
Hinman, Benjamin as't dep. qr. mr. gen'l. Rhode Island
Harvey, John private Massachusetts
Hallstead, Richard private Connecticut
Hodge, Abraham private New York
Hoare, Leonard private Massachusetts
Hall, Benjamin, 2d private Rhode Island
Higbee, Hendrick private Connecticut
House, George private Connecticut
Hannum, William private Massachusetts
Helmer, Philip private New York
Hunter, James private New York
Hill, Elisha private Massachusetts
Hubbard, Thomas private Connecticut
Howe, Timothy private Massachusetts
Haskell, Simeon private Massachusetts
Hayden, Silas private Massachusetts
Howe, Hezekiah private Massachusetts
Hammond, Isaac private Connecticut
Hand, Darius private Massachusetts
Hart, Aaron private Rhode Island
Hall, Daniel private Massachusetts
Hubbard, Noadiah private Massachusetts
Hall, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Hatch, Oliver private Connecticut
Harrington, William private Massachusetts
Horsford, Samuel private Massachusetts
Harrington, John private Massachusetts
Harris, James private New York
Hunt, Walter private Connecticut
Harriott, Israel sergeant New York
Hayward, James private Massachusetts
Hull, Josiah private Massachusetts
Hubbard, Nathan private Massachusetts
Hodge, Abraham private New York
House, Christian private New York
Henyon, Payne corporal Connecticut
Harris, Joseph private Pennsylvania
Howard, John private Connecticut
Hale, Reuben private Connecticut
Heath, John private Connecticut
Hollis, Elijah private Massachusetts
Holliday, Robert private Maryland
Haskill, Josiah private Massachusetts
Hubbell, Abijah corporal Connecticut
Heald, Asa private Massachusetts
Hawkins, William sergeant Connecticut
Hosford, Joseph private New York
Hunter, David private Massachusetts
Huxley, James private New York
Henderson, Joseph private Connecticut
Henry, Benjamin marine Ship Providence
Headdy, John private New Jersey
Howe, John, 2d sergeant major New Jersey
Hunt, Peter private New York
Hall, John private Connecticut
Halsey, Luther adjutant New Jersey
Jennings, Justus private Connecticut
Jones, Herman private Willet's reg't.-not continental, and struck from roll
Jackson, Matthew private Massachusetts
Jackson, Jeremiah private Massachusetts
Johnson, Henry private Connecticut
Jones, Seth private New York
James, Ebenezer corporal New York
Ingersoll, Francis private Massachusetts
Jones, Samuel, 3d private New York
Johnson, William captain Massachusetts-died 20th Feb. 1819
Johnson, Luther private Massachusetts
Jacobs, John private New York
Johnson, William, 1st private Connecticut
Johnson, Andrew private New Jersey
Ingraham, William private Rhode Island
Jones, Ezekiel private Massachusetts
Jones, William, 1st private Connecticut
Jordan, Thomas private New York
Jacobs, Joshua private Connecticut
Johnson, John, 2d private Pennsylvania
Josselyn, Jabez private Massachusetts
Jenks, Dickinson private New York
Jackson, David private Connecticut
Johnson, John private New York
Jackson, Elias lieutenant Connecticut
Ide, James private Massachusetts
Johnston, Samuel private Rhode Island
Johnson, David, 1st private New York
Jennings, Jonathan S. private New York
Ingham, Isaac private Connecticut
Jordan, Solomon private Massachusetts
Johnson, William, 2d private New York
Jewell, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Irvin, William private Virginia
Jones, Nehemiah private Massachusetts
Jenks, John drummer Connecticut
Judd, Arimah private Massachusetts
Johnson, David, 2d private New Hampshire
Johnson, Samuel sergeant Hazen's Con. Reg't Pennsylvania
Jones, Thomas sergeant Connecticut
Isaacs, Isaac sergeant New York
Johnson, Samuel, 3d private New York
Jones, Thomas private New York
Jeffries, John private New York
Jeremiah, John private New York
Jacobs, John private New York
Johnson, James private Connecticut
Jenkins, Joel ensign Massachusetts
Jackson, Fatton lieutenant New York
Johnson, John, 4th sergeant Massachusetts
Jones, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Joyce, Alfred private Massachusetts
Johnston, Samuel C. corporal New Jersey
Johnstone, George lieutenant New York
Ingraham, Helladay private Connecticut
Johnson, William, 3d private Massachusetts
James, John drummer New York
Ingham, Samuel private Connecticut
Johnson, Orange private Massachusetts
Johnson, Edward private Massachusetts
Johnson, Israel sergeant Connecticut
Jenks, Anthony private Rhode Island
Jones, Griffin private New York
Jones, William, 2d private Connecticut
Joy, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Jennings, Esbon private Connecticut
Justin, Walcut private Connecticut
Jones, Isaac private Rhode Island
Jarvis, Robert private New Hampshire
Johnson, William, 4th sergeant Massachusetts
Johnson, Thias private Massachusetts
Jessup, Jonathan private New York
Johnson, Turner private Connecticut
Johnson, David, 3d private Connecticut
Johnson, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Ives, John private Connecticut
Jacobs, Gershom private Connecticut
Jones, Samuel private New Hampshire
Johnson, John, 5th private Massachusetts
Jaquish, John private New York
Jeffers, Joseph private Massachusetts
Johnson, Samuel, 4th private Connecticut
Jennings, Joseph private Massachusetts
Jones, Ezra private New York
James, Jamaica private Massachusetts
Ingalslee, John private Massachusetts
Johnson, Abraham, 2d private New York
Johnson, James, 2d private Pennsylvania
Johnson, Daniel private Connecticut
Jones, Squire private Connecticut
Jacques, William private Connecticut
Jones, Samuel, 3th private Connecticut
Keyes, Gurish private Massachusetts
Kneeland, Samuel drummer Connecticut
Kneeland, Jesse private Connecticut
Kelly, Robert private New York
Kellogg, William private Connecticut
Kitley, William private Massachusetts
Keyes, Marshal private Connecticut
Kenyon, Griffin private Massachusetts
Keeler, David private Connecticut
King, Joseph, 1st private Massachusetts
Knap, James musician New York
Keyser, Edward private New York
Ketcham, Joseph corporal New York
Knapp, Samuel private New York
Knapp, Usal sergeant Connecticut
Krack, Gotlieb private New York
Keader, John, alias John Cater drummer New York
Keeler, Isa lieutenant Connecticut
Keller, John private New York
Kelch, Philip private New York
Kidder, Reuben private New Hampshire
Kennedy, Hugh private Rhode Island
Kent, Thomas private New York
Kirkham, Samuel private Connecticut
Keeler, Uriah private Connecticut
Knowles, Seth private Connecticut
Kibbe, David private Massachusetts
Kellogg, Seth private Massachusetts
Kimball, Samuel private Massachusetts
Keeter, John private Massachusetts
Kent, Bela private Connecticut
Kingsbury, Thomas private Connecticut
Kneeland, Henry, or Heinrick Kickeland private Massachusetts
Kennedy, William private Connecticut
Kelly, Edmund private New York
Kelly, Joshua private New York
King, Caleb ensign Massachusetts
Kellogg, Phineas private Connecticut
Kirkland, Martin private Connecticut
Kell, Christopher matross New York
Knox, David private Massachusetts
Kingsby, Aaron private Connecticut
Ketcham, Ezra private Connecticut
Kelly, William, 2d private Massachusetts
Kellogg, Horace private Connecticut
Knapp, William private New Hampshire
Knapp, Benjamin private Connecticut
Knickerbocker, Harmonus private Massachusetts
King, Joseph, 2d private Connecticut
Kane, James private Pennsylvania
Koon, Christian trumpet Pennsylvania
Kilborne, John private Connecticut
King, Isaac private Massachusetts
Kellogg, Pliney private Massachusetts
Keator, William private New York
Kibbey, Jacob private Massachusetts
Keys, Daniel private Connecticut
Kennison, David private Massachusetts
Kingsbury, Lemuel private Massachusetts
Kennelly, John drummer Hazen's congress Reg't., Penn.
Kilburn, Charles private Massachusetts
Kingram, Alexander private Massachusetts
Keeler, Jeremiah sergeant Connecticut
Keyes, Charles private Massachusetts
Keyes, John captain Connecticut-suspended 30th Oct. 1819; information having been received of not being in needy circumstances.
King, Stephen private Massachusetts
Kellogg, Noah private Connecticut
Kellogg, Eldad private Connecticut
King, William drummer New York
Kellogg, Jason sergeant Massachusetts
Kellogg, Enoch private Connecticut
Kinney, Josiah private Massachusetts
Kellogg, Martin private Connecticut
Kerns, William private Hazen's Congress Reg't. Penn.
Kimball, John private Connecticut
Leonard, Robert private New York
Lewis, James captain New Hampshire
Lewis, Nathan artificer Massachusetts
Lawrence, Edward sergeant Massachusetts
Linsley, Solomon private Connecticut
Logan, Samuel major New York
Lillie, Joseph private Not Continental, per letter 6th Nov. 1818; struck from the roll
Latour, Anthony private Massachusetts
Lighthall, William lieutenant New Hampshire
Loring, Benjamin musician New York
Lighthall, John private New York
Lestor, John private New York
Lilley, Reuben private Connecticut
Leonard, Stephen private New Jersey
Legg, John private Massachusetts
Lung, Joseph private Connecticut
Lochrey, Michael private Pennsylvania
Leavens, Hezekiah private Stricken from the roll, not continental
Loomis, Jacob private New York
Lighthall, James N. private New York
Lewis, Justus artificer Connecticut
Leverick, Gabriel private New York
Lake, Roger private Connecticut
Lazadell, Calvin private Massachusetts
Leavit, David private Massachusetts
Lindsey, Robert private Massachusetts
Lee, Daniel private Massachusetts
Lee, Samuel private Connecticut
Lent, Jacob private Connecticut
Livingston, Gilbert I. lieutenant New York
Langdon, John lieutenant New York-died 12th March, 1819
Ladew, John private New York
Lewis, Dyer private Massachusetts
Loofborrow, Isaac private New York
Light, John private New York
Low, Jacob G. private Not Continental, and stricken from roll.
Leavens, Noah private New Hampshire
Larraway, Isaac private New York
Leonard, Amos private Massachusetts
Lawrence, Edward sergeant Massachusetts
Lewis, Wait private Connecticut
Lane, William private Massachusetts
Leant, Moses private New York
Lynde, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Lambert, Abraham private New York
Lovejoy, Obediah lieutenant Massachusetts
Lane, Isaac private Massachusetts
Lord, Eliphalet private Connecticut
Littlefield, Josiah private Massachusetts
Leek, William private Virginia
Langdon, Paul private Massachusetts
Lane, Michael private New Jersey-died 21st July, 1819, agent's return 20th Dec. 1818
Levinus, Thomas private New York
Luther, Wheeton private Rhode Island
Lewis, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Loucks, Henry private New york
Lane, Abial private Massachusetts
Lee, Charles private Massachusetts
Lane, William, 2d private New York
Langdon, Lewis private Massachusetts
Legg, Nathan private Massachusetts
Law, Joseph private Connecticut
Losey, Abraham private Massachusetts
Langdon, Benjamin private New York
Lecoste, Francis private Hazen's Con. Reg't. Pennsylvania
Lindsley, Daniel private Connecticut
Lincoln, Otis private Massachusetts
Loveless, Joshua private Massachusetts
Loveless, David private Massachusetts
Larrabee, Richard private Massachusetts
Lovejoy, Nathan private Connecticut
Limbocker, John private New York
Loveland, Nathan private Connecticut
Loyer, Christopher private New York
Like, Henry private New York
Little, James private Pennsylvania
Lake, Jeremiah private Massachusetts
Legg, Reuben private Massachusetts
Lock, Ayres private Massachusetts
Lowell, Timothy private Massachusetts
Lyman, John private Connecticut
Lesuer, John ensign Massachusetts
Lambertson, Simon private New York
Lawton, John private Massachusetts
Loomis, Simon private Connecticut
Love, William private Massachusetts
Loomis, Israel private Massachusetts
Lyman, Ezekiel private Connecticut
Larrabee, John private New Hampshire
Luffman, John private North Carolina
Lozier, Helebrant private Virginia
Lopez, Isaac private New Jersey
Leverick, Gabriel sergeant New York
Lashbrook, William private Connecticut
Lyons, Hosea private New York
Lake, William private Connecticut
Lamphire, Fitch private Connecticut
Lewis, Jabez private Connecticut
Law, Nathan private Connecticut
Lord, Timothy private Connecticut
Luce, John seaman Frigate Warren, U.S. navy
Ludington, Stephen private Connecticut
Lent, Elias private New York
Low, Hooker private Massachusetts
Lewis, Benjamin private Connecticut
Laframbois, James private New York
Lindley, Moses private New Jersey
Leaming, David private Connecticut
Litchfield, James private Connecticut
Luther, Martin private New York
Letts, John private New Jersey
Lozear, Henry private Connecticut
Lee, William H. fifer Connecticut
Lilley, John private Connecticut
Lewis, Daniel private Massachusetts
Little, Henry private Massachusetts
Lord, Jonathan private New York
Lent, Isaac private New York
Lawrence, William private New York
Leggett, Abraham lieutenant New York
Larrabee, Elias private New York
Lee, Abner private Massachusetts
Loomis, Lebbeus lieutenant Connecticut
Lester, Guy private New York
Loomis, Samuel private Rhode Island
Lathrop, Joshua private Connecticut
Leonard, Benajah private Connecticut
Lawrence, Richard private Connecticut
Lyon, Thomas lieutenant New Hampshire
Lon, Wilson private Massachusetts
Lozier, Peter private Virginia
Luther, John private New York
Lewis, Samuel lieutenant New York
Leonard, Noah private Massachusetts
Leavins, Joseph private Massachusetts
Lee, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Lucas, Consider private Massachusetts
Munroe, John private Connecticut
Maxwell, Anthony captain New Jersey
McMennes, William private New York
Murphy, John private New York
McCoy, Neil private Massachusetts
Moor, Perez private Massachusetts
Mix, Levi private Connecticut
McDonald, Charles sergeant Connecticut
Monk, Christopher private Massachusetts
McGee, Patrick private Hazen's Con. Reg't. Pennsylvania
Moss, Daniel private Connecticut
Matthews, Jesse private Connecticut
Murphy, James private Massachusetts
McKnight, Bernard or Bennett private Massachusetts
McCauley, James private New York
Morrell, John private New York
Morrell, Isaac drummer New York
Mills, John captain Connecticut
Munroe, Alexander private New York
Moore, King private Massachusetts
Moulton, Stephen private Connecticut
Mix, Elisha corporal Connecticut
Myers, Adam private Massachusetts
Miller, Daniel private Rhode Island; died 7th March, 1819; per agent's return 30th Dec. 1819
Montey, Amable private Hazen's Con. Reg't. Pennsylvania
Montey, James private Hazen's Congress Reg't. Penn. died 9th July, 1819; per agent's return, 30th Dec. 1819
More, Thomas, 2d private New York
Murray, David private Hazen's Congress Reg't., Penn.
Morrell, Joseph ensign New York
Mack, Joseph private New Hampshire; died 11th March, 1819; see agent's return, 30th December, 1819
Majory, John private Massachusetts
Mitchell, Joseph, 2d private New York
Morris, William W. lieutenant New York
Mix, Rufus private Connecticut
Mize, William private Connecticut
Mann, Nathan private Massachusetts
Maynard, Peter private Massachusetts
Merchant, Thomas private Connecticut
McGingar, Michael sergeant New York
May, Theodore private Massachusetts
McMillan, John private New Jersey
Macay, John private Massachusetts
Mitchell, Isaac private New Hampshire
McCraken, William private New York
Mead, Samuel private New York
Moulton, William lieutenant New Hampshire
Mills, George private Connecticut
Miller, John private New York
Middleton, Benjamin private New York
Myers, John private Stricken from roll-served in a reg't. commanded by Col. Hays, who was not continental.
Martling, Abraham private Armaml's corps
Morrill, Asa private Massachusetts
Morse, Asaph private Massachusetts
Morse, Asaph private Massachusetts
Mix, Benjamin private Connecticut
Miller, Nathaniel ensign Massachusetts
Moore, Richard, 2d private Pennsylvania
Marsh, Obed private Massachusetts
Moor, Thomas, 3d private New York
Millington, Samuel private Connecticut
Mott, Noah private New York
Mills, Benjamin private New York
Morseman, Oliver private New Hampshire
McLain, Uriah private Massachusetts
Moultroup, Moses private Connecticut
Marvin, John C. seaman Frigate Trumbull
McCoy, Paul private Connecticut
McFarling, Andrew sergeant New York
McMurphy, George private New Hampshire
Moor, Elias private Massachusetts
McNeary, Martin private Connecticut
Marble, Ephraim private Massachusetts
Murray, Ehihu sergeant Massachusetts
May, Luke private Massachusetts
McCartney, Jeremiah private North Carolina
Murray, William private New York
Miller, Jesse private New York
Moffett, Zebulon private New Hampshire
McGregor, David captain New Hampshire
Mitchell, Nash private Massachusetts
Mather, Abner private Connecticut
Miracle, Anthony private New York
Munson, Orange Musician Connecticut
McManners, John private Connecticut
Marney, Louis private Pennsylvania
Milliman, George private Rhode Island
Miller, John, 3d private New York
Mott, Samuel private New York
Meade, William sergeant New York
Moor, James private Massachusetts
Mosher, Josiah private Massachusetts
Mundes, John private New York
McFarland, Joseph private New Hampshire
Meigs, Phineas private Connecticut
McKee, Andrew private Connecticut
McIntosh, Timothy private Connecticut
Mundy, John Michael private Massachusetts
McEtherron, James private Massachusetts
McKinley, Archibald private New York
Muzzy, Amos private Massachusetts
Miller, Samuel private New York
Miner, Sylvester private Connecticut
Morgan, Joseph sergeant New York
Mills, George private Massachusetts
Mott, Samuel, 2d private Connecticut
Meacham, Simeon private Massachusetts
Marselis, Garret private New York
Morgan, Elijah private Massachusetts
Murray, Andrew private New York
Moulton, James private New Hampshire
Manning, William private Connecticut
Merrill, Aaron private Connecticut
Morrison, William private Connecticut
McMulin, William private Pennsylvania
Mitchell, David private Connecticut
Munger, Bela private Connecticut
Mason, Nathaniel private Armand's Legion
Mulliner, Moses private New York
McKinsey, George private Connecticut
Moore, John, 2d private New York
Meller, Casper private New York
Monroe, Josiah private Massachusetts
McDougal, John private New York
Mount, Richard private North Carolina
Moss, Philip private New Jersey
Moss, Isaiah private Connecticut
McKenny, Andrew private Pennsylvania
Miller, Smith private Massachusetts
Meriam, John private Massachusetts
Miel, Charles lieutenant Connecticut
Monger, Jonathan private Rhode Island
Markle or Merricle, Henry private New York
McKenny, James private New York
McClean, Neal private New York
Moore, Ebenezer private Rhode Island
Matthews, Ebenezer private New Hampshire
Morrison, Samuel private Massachusetts
Mudget, David ensign New Hampshire
Marsh, Silas private Massachusetts
Manchester, Stephen private Rhode Island
Maynard, Jabes private Connecticut
Mann, William private Massachusetts
McMullen, John private Massachusetts
McNeal, John private New York
Merrick, Samuel private New York
Matthews, Benjamin private Rhode Island
Menty, John private Pennsylvania
Mouty, Joseph private Pennsylvania
Moulton, Garden private Connecticut
McKinstry, Paul private Connecticut
Monty, Cloud private Pennsylvania
Miner, James private Connecticut
Miles, William corporal Massachusetts
Mutter, Jacob private New York
Morse, Ebenezer private New York
Mouty, Placid private Pennsylvania
McCarty, Thomas private New York
Morgan, Joseph sergeant Connecticut
Madden, Michael private Massachusetts
Marshal, John private New Hampshire
Mack, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Mason, James private Connecticut
Milspaugh, Christian private New Jersey
Moony, William private New York-died 31st Dec. 1818
Morley, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Millard, Samuel private Rhode Island
Mead, Truman private New Hampshire
Miller, James lieutenant New York
Merrill, Jesse private Massachusetts
Merrit, Ezekiel fifer Massachusetts
Mundin, Peter musician New York
M'Naily, John private Massachusetts
Murray, Solomon private Connecticut
Murdock, Edward private Massachusetts
M'Comber, Ebenezer captain Rhode Island
M'Connell, Hugh fifer New York
Mors, Enos fifer Massachusetts
Moore, John musician New York
Malony, John musician Massachusetts
Martin, William private Massachusetts
Maxen, Zacheus private Rhode Island
Machem, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Macomber, Jonathan private Massachusetts
M'carty, Daniel private Massachusetts
Moore, Joseph private Massachusetts
Moore, Isaac private New York
M'Neal, Henry private New York
Markham, Isaac corporal Connecticut
Morris, Robert private New York
Mattoon, Abel private Massachusetts
Mathews, Jabez private Massachusetts
Marke, George private New York
M'Lean, John private New York
Martin, Nathan private New Hampshire
Marshall, Simeon private New York
M'Knight, Robert private Massachusetts
Maromy, Alexander drummer New York
M'Intire, Rufus private Rhode Island
M'Manus, Christopher sergeant New Jersey
M'Cutchen, George private Massachusetts
M'Neil, John C. sergeant New Hampshire
M'Nutt, Andrew private New York
Moore, David private New York
Moore, Ephraim private New Hampshire
Miller, William private New York
Morton, David sergeant Massachusetts
Morrison, Richard private New York
Manhart, John private New Jersey
Martin, John private Connecticut
Norton, William private Connecticut
Northrup, Willson private Waterbury's regiment, Connecticut militia-not continental, struck from roll.
Nutter, John private New Jersey
Nixon, Richard private New Jersey
Nichols, Nathan private Massachusetts
Niles, Elisha fifer Massachusetts
Nichols, Eli private Connecticut
Nichols, Isaac lieutenant New York
Newman, Jonathan private Connecticut
Nafee, Garrit private New York
Newens, Nehemiah sergeant Pennsylvania
Newell, Norman private Connecticut
Newbury, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Negus, Noles private Not continental, and struck from roll
Norris, John private New Jersey
Nichols, William private Massachusetts
Nash, James private Massachusetts
Nothingham, Thomas private New York
Niles, Samuel private Massachusetts
Nicolle, Simon private New York
Northway, Zeras private Massachusetts
Nelson, Allen private New York
Newton, Shadrack private Massachusetts
Norcross, John private Pennsylvania; strucken from the roll, 14th December, 1819
Northway, Ozias private Connecticut
Noyes, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Norton, Benjamin lieutenant Connecticut
Nott, Epaphros private Connecticut
Newton, Jonah private Massachusetts
Newland, Israel private Massachusetts
Noble, Nathan lieutenant Connecticut
Neal, John private Maryland
Norton, Nathaniel captain New York
Norton, Elon private Connecticut
Newland, David private Massachusetts
Narmir, John H. private New York
Newton, Ithamer corporal Massachusetts
Nickerson, Daniel sergeant Rhode Island
Norton, George sergeant New York
Nadeau, Basil private Pennsylvania
Nelson, Francis sergeant New York
Noble, William private Connecticut
Nearing, John private Connecticut
Noble, Goodman private Connecticut
Newton, Ephraim private Massachusetts
Needham, John private Massachusetts
Nichols, Adam private New Hampshire
Norton, Freeman mariner Frigate Warren
Nolton, Nathan private Massachusetts
Nicholls, Aaron private New Hampshire
Owen, William sergeant Massachusetts
Olmstead, Gamaliel private Connecticut
Owen, Daniel, 1st sergeant New York
Orcutt, William private Massachusetts
ostrander, Peter W. private New York
Ormsby, Amos private Connecticut
Orvis, Samuel private Connecticut
Ostrander, Adam private New York
Ore, Baltus private New York
Obert, John private New Jersey
Olmstead, Daniel private Connecticut
Osborn, Daniel private New York
Owen, Alvin private Connecticut
Ogden, David private New York
Oliver, Nicholas private Lee's legion
Oliver, Alexander ensign Massachusetts
Osborn, Jedediah private New Jersey
O'Keiff, Daniel private Pennsylvania
Oakley, Jonathan private New York
Osborn, Luke private New Jersey
Ormsbee, Joseph private Massachusetts-died 28th February, 1819; per agent's return, 30th December, 1819
Ohlen, Henry G. sergeant New York
Olds, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Osburn, Aaron corporal New York-died 27th January, 1819; per agent's return, 30th December, 1819
Owen, Daniel, 2d private Connecticut
Ormsbee, Ebenezer private Rhode Island
Oviat, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Olmsted, Nehemiah private Connecticut
Olds, Gershom private New Hampshire
Orr, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Osborn, Eli private Connecticut
Otis, Isaac private Massachusetts
Osterhout, Isaac private New York
Odell, Richard private New York
Owen, Frederick private Connecticut
Ostrander, Henry private New York
Organ, Cornelius private Pennsylvania
Ormsbee, Isaac private Rhode Island
Owens, Mowberry private New York
Ormsby, John private Massachusetts
O'Neil, John private New Jersey
Powers, Nathan private Connecticut
Parras, Anthony private New York
Paul, Hugh private Massachusetts
Prindle, Samuel private Massachusetts
Parsons, Jabez lieutenant Connecticut
Pitts, Gideon private Massachusetts
Pratt, Noah private Massachusetts
Pride, Reuben lieutenant Connecticut
Park, John sergeant Connecticut
Patterson, Jonathan private Pennsylvania
Porter, Eldad private Connecticut
Price, Elijah sergeant New York
Parker, James sergeant New York
Penbrook, David private New York
Porter, Ezekiel private Massachusetts
Parsons, Osborn private Connecticut
Potter, Ephraim ensign Massachusetts
Pease, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Patchen, Azor private Connecticut
Porter, Moses private Connecticut
Pettibone, Jacob private Massachusetts
Pitcher, Abner private Connecticut
Parrott, Adoniram corporal private
Packard, Nehemiah private Connecticut
Peese, William private Massachusetts
Pickard, Adolph private Col. Willett's Reg't.-not continental; struck from roll
price, Adam private New York
Parsons, Samuel, 1st musician Connecticut
Punderson, John ensign New York
Purdy, James private New York
Place, Enoch sergeant Rhode Island
Pratt, Ephraim private Massachusetts
Putnam, Francis lieutenant Massachusetts
Pike, Joseph private Massachusetts
Pattee, Edmund fifer Massachusetts
Pierce, Thomas captain Massachusetts
Patterson, John, 2d private New York
Plumb, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Powell, Felix private New Hampshire
Peck, Ichabod private Massachusetts
Pierce, Eli private Massachusetts
Patterson, James private New York
Porter, Eliphalet private Rhode Island
Pride, James private New York
Plugh, Henry private Col. Willet's-not continental, and struck from roll
Peterson, John private New York
Plum, John private Willet's reg't.-not continental, and struck from roll
Pangburn, John private New York
Plimby, Hendrick private New York
price, Stephen private New Jersey
Parker, Robert private Massachusetts
Pulman, Salter private New York
Preston, Othniel private New York
Perry, Abraham private New hampshire
Pratt, Elias sergeant Connecticut
Poss, Nicholas corporal New York
Prowtt, Degory private New York
Pierce, Ezekiel private Rhode Island
Pasko, John private Massachusetts
Pinney, Philaster private Connecticut
Pomeroy, Phineas private Massachusetts
Phelps, Homer sergeant major Connecticut
Perry, Ichabod private New Hampshire
Parkes, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Pritchard, George private Connecticut
Porter, John private Massachusetts
Paul, James 1st lieutenant New Jersey
Perrin, Jesse private Massachusetts
Parks, Michael private Not entiled, having received information that he needs not the assistance of his country
Powers, Thomas private New Hampshire
Parmenter, Isaac private Massachusetts
Parks, David private Connecticut
Pettit, Samuel private New York
Prescott, Fortunatus private Massachusetts-died 12th Aug. '19
Palmer, John private Connecticut
Parsons, Samuel, 2d sergeant New York
Priest, John private New Hampshire
Peesley, David private Massachusetts
Potter, David private Connecticut
Palmer, Chilleab private Connecticut
Peck, John private New York
Plumley, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Porter, Abel private Rhode Island
Porter, William, 1st private New York
Parker, Thadeus private Massachusetts
Palmetter, Jesse private Connecticut
Peiton, Benjamin captain New York
Palmateer, Isaac private New York
Perry, John private New Hampshire
Pulis, John private New York
Pollock or Polke, George private Pennsylvania
Peirce, Zadock private Massachusetts
Pike, Samuel private Massachusetts
Parmele, James private Connecticut
Puffer, Daniel musician Connecticut
Plant, Ethel private Connecticut
Perrigo, William private Connecticut
Parshall, James sergeant New York
Porter, Alexander private Connecticut
Peck, David private Connecticut
Putnam, Reuben private Connecticut
Phelps, Silas sergeant Connecticut
Phillips, Nathan private New York
Peallar, Joseph private New York
Pierce, Augustus artificer Massachusetts
Phelps, Cornelius private Connecticut
Phillips, Joshua private Died 11th July, 1819; per agent's return, 30th December, 1819
Peallar, Jacob private New York
Pelton, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Purdy, Jeremiah private New York
Patrick, James private Rhode Island
Parker, Benjamin private Connecticut
Phipps, Samuel private Massachusetts
Porter, William, 2d private Pennsylvania
Pritchard, James sergeant Connecticut
Pixley, Asa ensign Massachusetts
Patterson, Hezekiah private New York
Pratt, Chalker private New York
John, Earnest sergeant New York
Parks, Joseph private New Hampshire
Pentland, Thomas private Connecticut
Pardee, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Pollard, James private Rhode Island
Peck, Ariel private Rhode Island
Pomeroy, Dan private Connecticut
Puffer, Simeon private Connecticut
Pawling, Henry captain New York
Perry, Sylvanus lieutenant Connecticut
Pinckney, Jonathan private New York
Perry, Ozias private Connecticut
Porter, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Potts, Benjamin private New York
Parker, Nathan sergeant Connecticut
Parkhurst, David private Connecticut
Pierce, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Pratt, Stephen private Massachusetts
Plato, Thomas private New York
Peck, William sergeant Connecticut
Pettingill, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Potter, Lemuel corporal Connecticut
Parsons, Eli lieutenant Massachusetts
Perry, David private Massachusetts
Parker, William, 1st private Connecticut
Price, Rufus lieutenant Connecticut
Potter, Daniel private Connecticut
Personius, Jacobus private New York
Parker, Richard I. drummer New York
Patchin, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Prudden, Adoniram private New Jersey
Parker, John private Connecticut
Pattengell, Jacob private Connecticut
Parke, Daniel sergeant Connecticut
Perin, Daniel private Massachusetts
Phillips, John, 3d private Connecticut
Perkins, Eliab private Massachusetts
Porter, Asa private Massachusetts
Paugburn, Samuel private New York
Pearce, John private Connecticut
Parks, Aaron private Connecticut
Perin, Edward private Massachusetts
Palmer, Samuel, 2d private Connecticut
Pratt, Zadoc private New York
Parsons, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Perkins, Abiezer private Massachusetts
Powers, William private Massachusetts
Powers, Oliver private Massachusetts
Parker, Wyman private Connecticut
Pope, John private Virginia
Parker, Amos private Connecticut
Parker, William, 2d private Rhode Island
Porter, Eleazer private Connecticut
Perady, Emanuel mariner Sloop Argo, captain Talbot
Porter, Joseph private Massachusetts
Pratt, James private Connecticut
Potts, Isaac private New Jersey
Purrington, Sylvanus private Massachusetts
Pierce, Bezabel private Massachusetts
Palmer, Amariah mariner Frigate Warren, Hopkins
Phillips, Charles private Massachusetts
Paulent, Amiable private Pennsylvania
Peterson, Jacob private Massachusetts
Pier, Solomon private Connecticut
Palmeton, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Palmeton, John private New Hampshire
Powers, James private Massachusetts
Powers, Isaac private Massachusetts
Peterson, Francis private New York
Piper, Judah private Massachusetts
Palmer, Jared sergeant Connecticut
Perkins, Amos sergeant Rhode Island
Price, John sergeant New York
Pettibone, Elijah private Connecticut
Peck, Jedediah private Connecticut-not continental, having served under Shipman; struck from roll.
Pratt, Abel private New Hampshire
Penfield, Jesse private Connecticut
Parkhurst, Abraham private Connecticut
Perry, Ichabod sergeant marines Ship Alliance
Pratt, Jonathan private Connecticut
Phillips, Samuel private New York
Quigley, Thomas captain New York
Quigley, William private Massachusetts
Queen, Christopher private New York
Quick, Cornelius private New York
Quick, Jacob private New York
Roome, Benjamin private New York
Rhoades, Samuel private Massachusetts
Russell, Joseph private Massachusetts
Russell, Eleazar private Connecticut
Ressequie, Abraham private Connecticut
Ripley, Job private Massachusetts
Rowlinson or Rowlandson, Joseph private Connecticut
Robinson, Robert private Massachusetts
Round, Samuel private Massachusetts
Ricklo or Rickey, Jeremiah private New York
Rozell, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Reins, John sergeant New York
Ross, John drummer New York
Ruger, John private New York
Rowe, Caleb private Massachusetts
Reab, George lieutenant Massachusetts
Redway, Comfort private Connecticut
Redway, Preserved private Connecticut
Radford, John private Massachusetts
Roberts, Elisha private Connecticut
Robison, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Randolph, Matthias private New York
Rowe, David private Connecticut
Rhodes, John corporal Rhode Island
Roberts, Noah, 1st private Connecticut
Ryckman, Milhelmus lieutenant New York
Reed, Joseph, 1st musician Connecticut
Rowley, Seth private Massachusetts
Rogers, Jedediah lieutenant Connecticut
Robinson, Daniel trumpeter Connecticut
Russ, Jonathan private Connecticut-suppers and miners
Rexford, Ensign private Massachusetts
Robinson, Zaba private Connecticut
Rockwell, John private Connecticut
Reed, Daniel private New York
Ridgway, Isaac sergeant Massachusetts
Rockwell, Simeon private New York
Rush, Samuel private Massachusetts
Rising, Josiah private Connecticut
Robinson, Stephen private New York
Reed, Samuel private New York
Root, Thomas sergeant Connecticut
Rose, John private New York
Rhodes, Joseph private New York
Reeves, William private Not Continental, and struck from roll.
Rose, Winthrop private Connecticut
Remington, Joseph N. private Rhode Island
Redman, John private Virginia
Rossetter, Bryan private Connecticut
Ray, Silas corporal New Hampshire
Ray, Benjamin lieutenant Massachusetts
Ross, Levi private New Jersey
Roberts, William, 3d sergeant Massachusetts
Risley, Richard sergeant Connecticut
Robertson, Simeon private Connecticut
Rich, Amos private Connecticut
Rowley, Seth, 2d private New York
Robinson, Bartlett private Massachusetts
Robinson, Peter private New Hampshire
Rounes, Charles private Massachusetts
Ruford, Frederick private Pennsylvania
Rawson, Elijah private Massachusetts
Rogers, Ebenezer corporal Massachusetts
Rawson, simeon private Massachusetts
Rankin, Daniel private New York
Reed, Frederick private Delaware
Rynehart, John private New York
Rouse, Simeon private Massachusetts
Reynolds, Timothy private New York
Ramsdale, John sergeant Massachusetts
Randall, Jacob private Massachusetts
Richards, Silas private Connecticut
Rowe, Jacque private Pennsylvania
Ross, Horatio captain Pennsylvania
Ransom, Newton private Massachusetts
Richmond, Edward private Massachusetts
Richardson, Rufus private Massachusetts
Rood, Ira private Massachusetts
Rogers, Perley private New Hampshire
Robinson, Isaac fifer Massachusetts
Robarsh, Peter corporal New York
Roberts, John private New Hampshire
Reed, Joseph, 2d corporal Massachusetts
Roberts, Isaac private Connecticut
Rush, John private New Jersey
Read, Jesse private Massachusetts
Rogers, Joseph ensign Connecticut
Russ, Epaphras corporal Connecticut
Rawson, Abner private Massachusetts
Ray, Daniel private Connecticut
Ramer, John private Massachusetts
Rynders, John private New York
Rowland, Hezekiah private Connecticut-died 29th April, 1819; per agent's return, 30th December, 1819
Richardson, Lemuel private New Hampshire
Raymond, Lemuel private Connecticut
Ranney, George private Connecticut
Robinson, Keene private Massachusetts
Ramsdell, James private Massachusetts
Redin, Timothy private New York
Rose, Elisha private Massachusetts
Roberts, Nathan private Connecticut
Riddle, Jesse musician Massachusetts
Raymond, Zuriel private Massachusetts
Richardson, George corporal Massachusetts
Rood, Simeon private Connecticut
Rood, Jeremiah private Connecticut
Reuben, Rowlandson private Massachusetts
Rose, Elijah private Massachusetts
Randall, John private Connecticut
Reed, Richard private Connecticut
Richard, Rossel private New Hampshire
Rathbun, Solomon private New Hampshire
Rowe, Daniel captain New York
Root, Solomon private Connecticut
Reed, John private New Hampshire
Ranier, John private New York
Rathbun, Josiah private Massachusetts
Robbe, Samuel private New Hampshire
Root, Israel private Massachusetts
Rogers, Henry private Massachusetts
Ryan, Robert private New York
Robbarts, Freelove private Connecticut
Russell, William private Connecticut
Risley, Stephen private Connecticut
Rose, John ensign New Hampshire
Robinson, David private New York
Rutter, Jesse private Massachusetts
Roberts, John, 2d drummer New Jersey
Root, William private Massachusetts
Rathbone, Tibbets private Rhode Island
Reynolds, John sergeant Connecticut
Roberts, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Redington, Jacob private Massachusetts
Ranney, Solomon private Connecticut
Rose, Jacob private New York
Rice, John sergeant New York
Roseter, Timothy private Connecticut
Russel, Samuel private New York
Reed, Hezekiah private Massachusetts
Richmond, Abiezer private Massachusetts
Rogers, John sergeant Rhode Island
Robinson, Benjamin private Connecticut
Rice, James sergeant New Jersey
Robins, Joseph private Massachusetts
Roole, Daniel private Connecticut
Reed, Stephen private Connecticut
Rixford, Henry private Massachusetts
Relyea, Jacob private New York
Ralyea, John private New York
Risley, Elijah private Connecticut
Razey, Pelatiah corporal New Hampshire
Rice, John private New Hampshire
Rapp, George private New York
Rowland, Benjamin private Connecticut
Searle, John sergeant Massachusetts
Sisote, Lewis private Pennsylvania
Skinner, John lieutenant Not continental, and struck from roll
Salnave, Peter private New Jersey
Stone, Jeremiah private New Jersey
Smith, John, 1st private Connecticut
Sinclair, John private New York
Springstead, George private New York
Stalker, Peter sergeant Connecticut
Sodon, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Smith, Jeremiah private New York
Smith, Othniel private Massachusetts
Shays, Daniel captain Massachusetts
Sharp, Isaac private New Hampshire
Stone, Samuel private Connecticut
Smith, Simeon captain Massachusetts
Skinner, Beriah private Connecticut
Strong, Israel lieutenant Connecticut
Sturgis, Aaron musician Connecticut
Seaver, Luther private Massachusetts
Scott, Amasa private Connecticut
Shelley, Ebenezer sergeant Connecticut
Sears, Obediah private Connecticut
Sears, Moses private New York
Smith, Jesse private New York
Swits, Walter lieutenant New Hampshire
Sharwood or Sherwood, Jas. private New York
Sanford, James private Connecticut
Spicer, Jacob private New York
Selkirk, James sergeant New York
Smith, Allen corporal Connecticut
Schoolcraft, Samuel private Connecticut
Swetland, Benjamin fife major Massachusetts
Smith, David, 1st private Massachusetts
Smith, John, 2d private New York
Seward, Timothy private Connecticut
St. John, John captain Connecticut
Stoner, Nicholas private New York
Spaulding, Levi captain New Hampshire
Sergeant, Abel private Rhode Island
Seymour, Stephen private Connecticut
Scribner, Abel private Not continental, and struck from roll; having served in Willet's regiment
Stewart, Charles private Connecticut
Scovel, Stephen private Connecticut
Spence, James private Connecticut
Scates, James corporal New York
Sheffield, Charles private Massachusetts
Stocker, William private New York
Steuben, Jonathan private Connecticut
Sprague, Theodore private Massachusetts
Smith, Enoch, 1st private Connecticut
Simmons, Sebre private Massachusetts
Straight, William private New York
Simmons, Ezekiel private New York
Slowter, Andrew private New York
Stevens, John private Massachusetts
Sawyer, Paul private Massachusetts
Salsbury, John private New York
Southwick, David private New Hampshire
Skehan, Jeremiah private New York
selridge, Robert private Not continental; strick from the roll
Sherwood, John sergeant New York
Schoonmaker, Henry sergeant New York
Sawtell, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Sparks, John private Frigate Hancock
Shurtliff, Amasa private Massachusetts
Scovel, Samuel, Jr. sergeant Connecticut
Sanders, John private Virginia
Strickland, Edward private Virginia
Seymour, Joseph private Connecticut
Scott, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Sutton, John private Pennsylvania
Swan, John private Massachusetts
Strong, John private Rhode Island
Scripter, John private Connecticut
Sears, Francis private New York
Sharpe, Peter private stricken from the roll-not continental
Sanderson, Amaziah private Massachusetts
Smith, Ebenezer, 3d private Massachusetts
Shaw, Josiah private Massachusetts
Springer, Durfee private Rhode Island
Sweet, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Staples, Isaac private Massachusetts
Sturges, Abraham private Connecticut
Smith, Stephen private New York
Scriven, Zebulon corporal Rhode Island
Scott, John, 1st private New Hampshire
Swett, John private New Hampshire
Stoddart, Frederick private Connecticut
Skinner, Luther private Connecticut
Sitts, Peter private New York
Snow, Ezra private Connecticut
Stebbins, Samuel sergeant Massachusetts
Smith, Richard private Massachusetts
Still, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Stephenson, Abiather private Not Continental; Strucken from the roll
Smith, Caesar private Massachusetts
Sabin, Billings private Connecticut
Sutton, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Sax, Jacob private New York
Scofield, Stephen private Connecticut
Shields, James private New York
Sheldon, Elihu private Massachusetts
Shoecraft, John private New York
Smith, Elijah private New York
Sherwood, Adiel lieutenant New York
Stockwell, Thaddeus private Massachusetts
Still, William private New Hampshire
Spencer, Dennis private Massachusetts
Smith, Gregory private Connecticut
Stafford, John private Rhode Island
Stacy, John private Massachusetts
Stephens, Thomas private Massachusetts
Schreeder, John private New York
Spencer, Israel Brainard fifer New Hampshire
Stratton, John private Massachusetts
Sherman, Edmund private New York
Swift, Charles private Connecticut
Stoddard, Samuel private Connecticut
Strachan, James private New York
Saxton, Asher private Massachusetts
Sherman, Paul fifer Massachusetts
Snyder, John private Massachusetts
Scott, John, 2d private New Hampshire
Spencer, Daniel private Connecticut
Stocker, Seth sergeant New York
Sly, Samuel sergeant New Jersey
Scovel, Abijah private Connecticut
Spoor, Abraham private Massachusetts
Starr, Samuel Moor private Connecticut
Stone, Ephraim lieutenant New Hampshire
Sawyer, Manasseh private New Hampshire
Scott, Alexander sergeant Maryland
Storer, Ebenezer lieutenant Massachusetts
Stevens, Hubbel private Connecticut
Spear, Jacob corporal Frigate Hancock
Sikes, Nathan private Massachusetts
Sheldon, Joseph private New York
Stanclift, Samuel private Massachusetts
Symonds, Levi private New Hampshire
Shaw, William private Connecticut
Stone, Seth private Connecticut
Stickney, Paul mariner Frigate Hague
Sanders, Jonathan private New Hampshire
Spencer, Thomas sergeant Connecticut
Saule, Charles ensign Massachusetts
Smith, James private New York
Stone, William private Connecticut
Scovil, Benjamin private Connecticut
Smead, Darius private New Hampshire
Stephenson, Calvin private Massachusetts
Shaver, John F. private Pennsylvania
Sherwood, Nehemiah private New York-died 10th July, 1819; per agent's return, 30th Dec. 1819
Smith, Timothy, 1st private Massachusetts
Strong, Josiah private Connecticut
Smith, Timothy, 2d private Massachusetts
Sheaf, George private New York
Shaw, John lieutenant New York
Squires, Ambrose private Massachusetts
Squire, Asa private Connecticut
Spaulding, Edward private New Hampshire
Smith, John, 3d private Connecticut
Spicer, Jabez private Massachusetts
Sanford, Ezekiel corporal Connecticut
Salmon, John private Pennsylvania
Smith, Randall private Rhode Island
Smith, Edward private Maryland
Smith, David drummer Massachusetts
Smith, Josiah private Connecticut
Stage, William private Pennsylvania
Smith, Benjamin private Rhode Island
Sherman, Amos P. private Massachusetts
Sherburne, Benjamin lieutenant Rhode Island
Stoutenger, George private New York-died 6th May, 1819; per agent's return, 30th Dec. 1819;
Stout, James private Massachusetts
Sager, John private New York
Smith, Enoch, 2d private Massachusetts
Smith, David private Massachusetts
Shipman, George private Connecticut
Scott, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Smith, Daniel private Connecticut
Spoor, John ensign New York
Sherwood, Nathan private New York
Stricker, Abraham private Pennsylvania
Secor, John private New York
Smith, Israel private Connecticut
Swift, Roland private Connecticut
Stansbury, Elijah private New York
Shirts, Peter private New York
Stanbrough, Lemuel private Connecticut
Smith, Ithamar private Connecticut
Straight, Henry private New York
Simmons, Robert private Massachusetts
Spink, Nicholas musician Rhode Island
Shearer, James, alias sherwood private New York
Shields, Daniel private New York
Stow, Samuel sergeant New York
Simons, Joseph private Connecticut
Smith, Israel, 2d private New Hampshire
Sherwood, Andrew 1st sergeant New York
Sanborn, Paul private New Hampshire
Sweet, John, 2d private Connecticut
Stevens, Joseph private Massachusetts
Stebbins, John private Massachusetts
Segewick, Samuel private Connecticut
Serjeant, James private New Jersey
Stephens, William sergeant Connecticut
Sloughter, John private New York
Skinner, Abraham lieutenant Pennsylvania
Sherwood, Seymore mariner Frigate Trumbull
Stedman, Levi private Connecticut
Shirley, Daniel private New Hampshire
Smith, Solomon private New York
Seward, Jedediah private Connecticut
Swetland, Ambrose private New York
Smith, Jehiel private Connecticut
Smith, Curtis private New Hampshire
Smith, Isaac corporal Connecticut
Smith, Isaac private Connecticut
Stewart, Charles, 2d private Massachusetts
Strattan, Aussey private New York
Shaw, William private Massachusetts
Scovel, Ebenezer private Connecticut
Skinner, Thomas private Connecticut
Spalding, Wright private Massachusetts
Stickney, Reuben private New Hampshire
Stone, John Wilder private New York
Sherman, Abner musician Massachusetts
Salter, Peter sergeant Massachusetts
Sutton, William private New Jersey
Scott, John, 3d private Connecticut
Spaulding, Joseph private Massachusetts
Smith, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Sawyer, John private Connecticut
Sheperd, John private Pennsylvania
Shepardson, Nathan private Massachusetts
Smith, John, 4th corporal New York
Steel, David private New Hampshire
Selfridge, John private New York
Stephenson, James private New Jersey
Smith, Benjamin, 3d private Massachusetts
Smith, Seth lieutenant Massachusetts
Sarle, Thomas private New York
Sanders, John private New Hampshire
Shumaway, Isaac W. private Massachusetts
Scott, Caleb private Connecticut
Smith, Stephen, 2d private Connecticut
Smith, Joshua private Rhode Island
Sealey, George private Connecticut
Sherwood, Asa private Connecticut
Stockton, Benjamin B. surgeon Hpspital Department
Scofield, Enos private Connecticut
Seely, Benjamin private Connecticut
Saltzman, Peter private New York
Sloan, John private Massachusetts
Sturdevant, Caleb private Connecticut
Snell, Job private Rhode Island
Stiles, Robert private Connecticut
Smith, Luther private New Hampshire
Shaffer, George private New York
Sylvester, Gershom private Massachusetts
Shepard, John captain Massachusetts
Smith, Hezekiah private Massachusetts
Smith, Aaron private Connecticut
Stiles, Beriah private Connecticut
Stoddard, Cyrenus private Connecticut
Sexton, Noble private Massachusetts
Smith, Ebenezer, 2d private Connecticut
Smith, Robinson private New Hampshire
Storrs, Prentiss private Connecticut
Soul, Samuel private Rhode Island
Sperry, Army private Connecticut
Stetson, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Stearns, Jasiel fifer Massachusetts
Smith, Abel private Connecticut
Smaw, John master's mate Frigate Virginia
Sturges, Augustus private Connecticut
Smith, Aaron, 2d private Massachusetts
Simons, John marine Ship Confederacy
Sherman, Thomas private New Hampshire
Shippey, Thomas private Rhode Island
Southward, David private Massachusetts
Smith, David private New York
Schuyler, Nicholas surgeon Hazen's regiment, Penn.
Stamp, John private New York
Sanders, Obed private New Hampshire
Stoddard, Orringh captain Massachusetts
Swift, Joshua private Massachusetts
Shannon, George private New York
Scribner, Zadock private New York
Stone, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Smith, Isaac, 2d private New York
Seelye, Seth private Connecticut
Stearns, Joseph private New Hampshire
Scott, Moses private Connecticut
Saxton, William private Massachusetts
Stanard, Oliver private Massachusetts
Sheffield, Joseph private Connecticut
Southworth, William private Connecticut
Sumner, Shubell private Connecticut
Shelty, Christopher fifer New York
Spike, Daniel private New York
Streeter, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Steel, Asa private Connecticut
Ten Brook, John C. captain New York
Thompson, Robert private Massachusetts
Talbert, William corporal New York
Taylor, Othniel captain Massachusetts-died 15th Aug. 1819; per agent's return, 30th Dec. 1819
Thompson, Thaddeus private New York
Tuttle, Jesse private New Hampshire
Tilton, Joseph private New Jersey
Thompson, Stephen private Connecticut
Tappen, Peter lieutenant New York
Thomas, John surgeon Massachusetts-died 30th Oct. 1819; per agent's return, 30th Dec. 1819.
Turner, Peter private New York
Thompson, Joseph private Connecticut
Travis, Uriah corporal New York
Titus, Jonathan private New York
Trowbridge, Benjamin private Connecticut
Thornton, John lieutenant Not Continental, and struck from roll
Tracy, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Tingley, Lemuel private New Jersey
Twitchell, Benjamin private Rhode Island
Tuttle, Jared private Connecticut
Tourje, Philip private Massachusetts
Taylor, Simeon private Connecticut
Thomas, George private New York
Thompson, James, 1st private New York
Throop, Benjamin major Connecticut
Thomas, Robert private New Hampshire
Thayer, John matross New York
Thompson, Moses sergeant Massachusetts
Thompson, John, 2d private Connecticut
Taylor, Josiah private Suspended-not needy
Tuttle, Solomon private Connecticut
Tilley, James private Maryland
Thompson, James, 2d private Willet's regiment; not continental
Traffarn, Cromwell private Rhode Island
Tucker, Joshua private New York; died 21st Nov. 1818; per agent's report, June, 1819
Turner, William private Connecticut
Todd, John private New Jersey
Tisdale, George private Massachusetts
Troutt, Michael private New York
Taylor, Stephen private Massachusetts
Thompson, Samuel private Massachusetts
Thornton, Michael corporal Massachusetts
Trowbridge, Isaac private Massachusetts
Tompkins, Nathaniel private New York
Tice, John private New York
Taylor, Joseph private Massachusetts
Tucker, Jonathan private New Hampshire
Taylor, Prince private Massachusetts
Taylor, Isaac private Massachusetts
Tinney, Moses private Massachusetts
Thompson, James, 3d private Connecticut
Tarrybury, John private New Jersey
Thompson, Ebenezer private Pennsylvania
Torry, Jonathan private Massachusetts
Torry, William lieutenant Pennsylvania
Thorn, Samuel lieutenant New York
Thrasher, John private Massachusetts
Trowbridge, Aaron private Massachusetts
Tanner, Quom private Rhode Island
Todd, Samuel private Connecticut
Trout, Adam private New York
Taylor, Peter private New Jersey
Tilden, Daniel lieutenant Connecticut
Taylor, Nathan sergeant Connecticut
Tucker, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Torrey, Jesse private Connecticut
Tallmadge, Samuel lieutenant New York
Tripp, Calvin private Massachusetts
Tiffany, Zachariah private Massachusetts
Tottem, Samuel private New York
Tezer, John private Connecticut
Thomas, Elijah private Connecticut
Thornton, William private New York
Turner, Joshua private Massachusetts
Truax, John private New Hampshire
Taylor, Edward private New York
Thompson, Standley private New York
Thomas, Henry private New York
Tuthill, David marine Ship Confederacy
Thrall, William private Connecticut
Taylor, Samuel private Massachusetts
Taylor, Nathan, 2d private Massachusetts
Thompson, John, 3d private New York
Trumbull, John private Massachusetts
Travis, Joseph private New York
Thomas, Seth ensign Rhode Island
Thompson, Daniel private New York
Town, William private Massachusetts
Thomas, Joseph private Massachusetts
Teagne, Jesse private Massachusetts
Tuman, Peter private New York
Tillotson, Asahel private Connecticut
Thomas, Oliver private Massachusetts
Terwilliger, James private New York
Town, William private Massachusetts
Torry, John private Massachusetts
Thompson, John, 4th sergeant Massachusetts
Turner, James private Massachusetts
Tucker, Lemuel private Massachusetts
Tompkins, Solomon private Connecticut
Taylor, Thomas private Massachusetts
Thompson, James, 4th private New Hampshire
Taylor, Thomas, 2d private Connecticut
Taylor, George private Rhode Island
Taylor, John, 2d private Connecticut
Trueman, Shem private Connecticut
Thompson, Zebulon private Connecticut
Tinkham, Joseph private Massachusetts
Turner, Charles private Massachusetts
Tucker, Rhodes private Rhode Island
Tilley, Remembrance private Connecticut
Tyler, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Topping, Daniel private New York
Treat, Theodore private Connecticut
Thomas, Enoch corporal Connecticut
Thayer, Jacob private New York
Taylor, Samuel private Massachusetts
Tuthill, William private New York
Taylor, John private Massachusetts
Tripp, Everitt private New York
Taylor, Gad private Connecticut
Tessier, Charles private Pennsylvania
Tearcot, Francis private Pennsylvania
Tupper, Simeon musician Massachusetts
Taber, William private Rhode Island
Tucker, Joseph private Connecticut
Toms, Stephen private New York
Treat, Charles private Massachusetts
Thompson, John, 5th private New York
Tubbs, Seth private Massachusetts
Torry, Timothy private Massachusetts
Treat, Samuel P. private Connecticut
Tarney, Matthew private Pennsylvania
Torrence, Alexander private Massachusetts
Terrell, William private New York
Taylor, Medad private New Hampshire
Thompson, Nathan private Massachusetts
Tucker, Samuel private Massachusetts
Trask, John private Massachusetts
Tillot, Abraham private Connecticut
Thomas, Stephen private Connecticut
Trevett, Benjamin C. private New Hampshire
Tucker, Zoeth private Connecticut
Thomas, Samuel private Massachusetts
Tripp, Henry Dow steward in gen'l hosp'l General Hospital
Turner, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
Utter, Solomon private New York
Upham, Wait private Massachusetts
Underwood, Jonas private Massachusetts
Upright, George private New York
Upright, Nathan private New York
Upson, Ezekiel private Connecticut
Usher, John private Massachusetts
Vorhis, Henry private New Jersey
Van Clake, Henry corporal New York
Vanghan, John drummer Connecticut
Vandyk, John lieutenant Pennsylvania
Van Blarcum, James sergeant New York
Van Mater, John private New Jersey
Van Tyne, Isaac private New York
Van Wart, Isaac 1st lieutenant New York
Vanderpool, Walcart private New York
Van Hoesen, Garret private New York
Van Sickler, David private Not continental, and struck from roll
Vanalter, James private Willet's reg't. which was not on continental establishment-stricken from roll
Vincent, Joshua private Rhode Island
Varley, Bernard musician New York
Vose, Charles private Connecticut
Vaughan, Obediah lieutenant New York
Vine, Solomon private New Hampshire
Voght, Peter Christian private New York
Vermilyea, John private New York
Van Etter, Jacobus private New York
Van Ness, David captain New York
van Vorst, Jellis private New Hampshire
Van Der Pool, Matthew private New York
Van Orden, Albert private New York
Vinton, Levi private Massachusetts
Van Gilder, Matthew private New York
Van Derheyden, Gershom private New York
Vanderburgh, John private New York
Vickery, Elijah private Massachusetts
Vanderhale, Abraham private New Jersey
Van de Bogart, Minard private New York
Van Etten, Peter P. private New York
Van Mater, John private New Jersey
Vickery, John private Massachusetts
Vradenburgh, William private New York
Van Horn, John private New York
Vaughan, John sergeant Massachusetts
Van de Bogert, John private New York
Vinet, John private Pennsylvania
Van Ette, Benjamin private New York
Vermilyea, John, 2d private New York
Vanderhaden, Adam private New York
Vining, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Watson, Titus captain Connecticut
Wilke, Augustus sergeant New York
Wheeler, David private Connecticut
Weeks, Thomas private New York
Wright, Silas private Massachusetts
Whitaker, Ephraim sergeant Connecticut
Willis, Benjamin private Virginia
Willcox, James private Connecticut
Wood, Jacob, sr. private Connecticut
Walter, John private Connecticut
Warren, John ensign-lieutenant Massachusetts
Weaver, George private New York
Warrener, Aaron private Massachusetts
Wheeler, Daniel private Died 22d Nov. 1818; per agent's report, June, 1819
Whitlock, James private New Jersey
Wilkelow, John private Died 6th Sept. 1818; per agent's letter, 31st Dec. 1818
Washburn, Samuel private Connecticut
Whitney, Ezekiel private Connecticut
Wattles, Mason captain Massachusetts-died 2d July, 1819; per agent's return, 30th Dec. 1819.
White, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Whiting, John private Connecticut
Webster, Joshua sergeant Connecticut
Warren, Ephraim private Massachusetts
Warden, Benjamin private Connecticut
Waltz, Peter D. private New York
Winans, William private New York
Wells, Benjamin lieutenant Massachusetts
Wood, Clement ensign New Jersey
Woods, Elisha private Massachusetts
Waterman, John ensign Connecticut
Wellman, Silas private Massachusetts
Wellman, Jacob private Massachusetts
Woodward, William private Pennsylvania
Walsh, John private New York
Walker, Gurdon private Massachusetts
Way, Asa private Connecticut
Whitmore, Amos private New York
Willcoks, William private Aid to Lord Sterling
Wiley, John private New York
Wilcox, Lemuel private Connecticut
Wilson, John, 1st private Connecticut
White, William, 2d private Massachusetts
Williams, Nathaniel private Massachusetts
ward, Daniel private New Hampshire
Wallis, Moses private Died 4th Dec. 1818, per agent's report, June, 1819
Willard, Moses private Not Continental, and struck from roll
Woodstock, William sergeant Massachusetts
Whipple, Esek mariner Ship Providence
Williams, William, 2d private New York
Winans, John private New York
Wilson, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
West, Anah private New York
Wood, James private New York
Wille, Benjamin private New Hampshire
Wilson, John, 2d musician New York
Walter, Martin private New York
Wallace, William lieutenant New York
Weaver, Edward ensign New York
Whitley, Joseph private Connecticut
Williamson, James private New York
Welch, Joseph lieutenant Massachusetts
Wilsie, Jacob private New York
Walradt, Adolphus J. sergeant New York
Woolcott, William private New York
Watkins, David private Massachusetts
Weed, David private New York
Williams, Uriah private New York
Willis, Joseph private Massachusetts
Walden, Nathan private Massachusetts
Winship, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Wood, Matthias private Virginia
Webber, Edward private Died 3d Oct. 1818; per report of agent, June, 1819
Wessels, Hercules private New York
Woodworth, Joseph private New York
Wandell, John private private
Wheeler, Lemuel private Massachusetts
Willis, Caleb private Massachusetts
Whitmore, James private New York
Whipple, Thomas private Massachusetts
Whitney, James R. private Frigate Alliance
Wasson, John, alias James, Watson private Connecticut
Woodcock, Peter private New York
Wright, Aaron private Massachusetts
Warner, Noah private Massachusetts
Wheeler, Zadock private Connecticut
Warriner, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Walling, Simeon private Rhode Island
Walts, Jacob private New York
Winsor, John private New York
Walker, John private Pennsylvania
Williams, Eben lieutenant Massachusetts
Whitemore, Timothy drummer Massachusetts
Whaley, Theophilus private Massachusetts
Ward, John private Massachusetts
Williams, James private New York
Wood, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Wasson, James private New York
Wyman, Benjamin private Massachusetts
Wright, Phineas private Massachusetts
Wrightington, George private Massachusetts
Wright, George private Connecticut
Waterman, Chester private Connecticut
Willcox, John private New York
Wheelock, Obediah private Massachusetts
Wescott, Thomas private Massachusetts
West, Jacob private New York
Wilson, Paul private Massachusetts
Warn, William corporal New York
Wolcott, Giles captain New Hampshire
Whitney, Benjamin private Massachusetts
White, Nathaniel private Connecticut
Wolcott, John private Massachusetts
Welch, Amos private Connecticut
Whitehead, John private New York
Wells, Peter private New York
Warren, David private Connecticut
Watson, Levi private New York
Williams, Nathan private Connecticut
Woolsey, Melancthon Lloyd lieutenant Virginia-Died June 29, 1819)
Wheeler, James private Massachusetts
Weston, William private New Jersey
Walker, Solomon ensign New Hampshire
Whiting, Ebenezer private Massachusetts
Wheeler, Phineas sergeant Massachusetts
Whiting, William private Connecticut
Warren, John, 2d private Connecticut
Woodward, Timothy drummer Massachusetts
Williams, Richard private Massachusetts
Wheeler, Samuel private Massachusetts
Wright, Cornelius private Connecticut
Wheeler, Stephen private New York
Waller, George sergeant Massachusetts
White, Henry private Massachusetts
Washburn, Lemuel private Connecticut
Willson, Samuel private Massachusetts
Winslow, Job private Massachusetts
Wood, Thomas private Pennsylvania
Weeks, Micajah private Connecticut
Woodruff, John private New Jersey
Watkins, Ephraim private Connecticut
Warn, Benoni private Massachusetts
Waring, Anthony private Knox's art'y-sappers and miners
Woodward, James private Connecticut
White, Jonathan private New York
Willis, Zenas private Massachusetts
Warren, Jason private Massachusetts
Wallasie or Wallser, Christian private New York
Walker, Mathias private New York
Wamire, Frederick private New York
Wilson, Thomas sergeant Pennsylvania
West, Amos Corporal Connecticut
Wibert, Frederick private New York
Wattles, David private Connecticut
West, Nathan private Rhode Island
White, Ephraim private New York
Wood, Charles private Connecticut
Wood, John, 2d private Rhode Island
Wood, Jacob drummer Connecticut
Wever, Adam private New York
Weaver, Henry private New York
Washburn, Luther private Massachusetts
Welch, Robert private Connecticut
White, James sergeant New York
Whitemarsh, Samuel private Massachusetts
Winchel, Jedediah private Massachusetts
Wilcox, Josiah private Rhode Island
Wood, Samuel private Connecticut
Weller, Dan corporal Massachusetts
Wall, Francis private New Hampshire
Whiteley, William private Connecticut
Wormwood, Peter private New York
Ward, Abner private Massachusetts
Williams, Joseph lieutenant Massachusetts
Waterous, Benjamin private Connecticut
Warren, John, 3d private Connecticut
Whipley, Amos private Massachusetts
Ward, John, 3d drummer New York
Whalin, Walter private New York
Warner, Thomas private New York
Wells, John private Massachusetts
Wright, Joseph private Massachusetts
Williams, James, 2d private Massachusetts
Webber, William private Massachusetts
Wagon, James private New Jersey
Wandell, Jacob private New Jersey
Waterous, Josiah surgeon's mate New York
Wheedon, Denison private Massachusetts
White, William, 3d private Massachusetts
Whitney, Ezekiel, 2d private Connecticut
Widger, Andrew private Connecticut
Warden, Nathan private New York
Wychoff, Cornelius private Pennsylvania
Willard, Josiah private Massachusetts
Willbur, Josiah private Connecticut
Wright, Benjamin private Connecticut
Whalen, Jeremiah private Rhode Island
Warriner, Gad private Struck from roll; did not serve 9 months on continental
Wiltsie, Isaac private New York
Wardell, Samuel fifer Connecticut
Waddell, William private New York
Williams, Daniel private Massachusetts
Weaver, William private Rhode Island
Whitman, Lemuel private Connecticut
Welch, Samuel private Connecticut
Warden, Sylvester private Connecticut
Ward, Elijah private Massachusetts
Woodruff, Samuel private Connecticut
Walker, James private Connecticut
Worren, James private New York
Welton, Shubael private Connecticut
Warden, Ichabod private Connecticut
Wilson, Alexander private Massachusetts
Winchester, Henry private Massachusetts
White, Uriah private New York
Ward, Abijah private New York
Wellman, John private Connecticut
Watts, John sergeant New York
Welden, Isaac private Connecticut
Welch, Rossel private Massachusetts
Wright, John private Virginia
Willard, Ephraim private Massachusetts
Wright, Jonathan private New Hampshire
Wheeler, John private Connecticut
Warren, Moses private Connecticut
Warren, Joseph private Massachusetts
Wood, Richard private Massachusetts
Wright, John private Connecticut
Whiton, Thomas private Connecticut
Ward, John private New York
Wellman, Barnabas private Connecticut
Walker, Edward private New York
Whaling, Richard private New York
Wyman, Samuel private Massachusetts
Wetherbee, Jacob private New Hampshire
Wright, John, 2d private New York
Watkins, Gilbert private Massachusetts
Webb, Joseph private New Hampshire
Waters, Elisha private Connecticut
Willcox, Abraham private Connecticut
Weed, Samuel private New York
Wellman, Paul private Connecticut
Wright, Bazeliel private Massachusetts
Wescott, Ziba private Rhode Island
White, David private Connecticut
Wolcott, Samuel private Connecticut
Walsh, Thomas private New York
Ward, Jacob private Connecticut
Winchell, Justus private Massachusetts
Wentworth, Alpheus private Connecticut
Whitney, John private Massachusetts
Wicks, Alexander private Connecticut
Willsie, William private New York
Wilcox, William private Massachusetts
Wilkins, Amos private Massachusetts
Wormwood, Matthias private New York
Waldron, Nathaniel private New Hampshire
Whedon, Ichabod private Massachusetts
Whitehead, William drum major New York
Wilson, Thomas private Connecticut
Walton, Silas private Connecticut
Wright, John, 3d private Connecticut
White, Lawrence private Connecticut
Williams, John private Connecticut
White, Potter private Connecticut
Whiston, Joseph corporal Connecticut
Yail, Wait dragoon Massachusetts
Young, John private Massachusetts
Yates, Joseph sergeant New Jersey
Yarrington, William private New York
Young, Alexander private New York
Youngs, Joseph private Massachusetts
Yarrington, Daniel private Connecticut
Yamans, Nathan private Massachusetts
Younglove, John private Massachusetts

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