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1840 Alabama - Southern District

Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The Alabama - Southern District, 1840 Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Autauga County

Littleton Reese 76 L. Reese Clement Billingsley 84 C. Billingsley John Thomas, sen. 81 Mary Johnson Walter Ross, sen. 81 Walter Ross, sen.

Barbour County

W.R. Cowan 26 W.R. Cowan

Benton County

John Robinson 81 J.H. Morison

Bibb County

Henry Haggard 94 James Fancher John Wallace 80to90 John Wallace Zaccheus Corley 77 Zaccheus Corley George Maberry 82 George Maberry

Butler County

John Linton 82 Hugh Linton Theophilus Petty, sen. 82 Theophilus Petty, sen. Adam Skanes 85 Adam Skanes, sen.

Conecuh County


Coosa County

Reuben Blankenship 73 Reuben Blankenship William Casey 80 M.B. Casey Joshua Rowe 79 Daniel Rowe

Clark County

Axiom Lewis 75 William R. Hamilton Joshua Wilson 80 Joshua Wilson John Bradley, sen. 83 John Bradley, sen. William Armistead 77 William Armistead Elias Scarbrough 94 Elias Scarbrough

Covington County

Samuel Williams 85 Samuel Williams John Lyle 84 John B. Dixan

Chambers County

Daniel Galespie 77 David Taylor Thomas Taylor 56 Jonathan Music James Langley 80 James Langley Reuben Stephens 77 Reuben Stephens Richard Henderson 54 Richard Henderson

Dale County

Joseph Watford 92 Barnabas Watford Bartholomew Fields 79 Bartholomew Fields John Merrick, sen. 82 John Merrick, sen.

Dallas County

James Porter 80 James Porter John Pierce 95 Benjamin Grumblin Morgan Mills 78 Morgan Mills William Brown 83 William Brown

Greene County

Richard Johnson, sen. 79 Richard Johnson, sen. Henry Hart 76 Henry Hart Hambleton Brown 86 Hambleton Brown James Petigrew 79 James Petigrew William Hillhouse 81 William Hillhouse James McCarter 76 James McCarter John Tidmore 84 John Pidmore David Campbell 80 David Campbell

Jefferson County

R.S. Shepherd 73 Sarah Nabers John McDonald 81 Launcelot Armstrong William Pullin, sen. 82 - James Tarrant, sen. 86 James Tarrant, Jr. Michael McCarty 90 Michael McCarty

Lowndes County

Thomas Hamilton 81 Thomas Hamilton

Macon County

Barret Brewer 77 - Adam J. Files 78 A.J. Files

Mobile County

John Mason 72 John Mason Mr. Alexander 98 Mr. Alexander John Bailey Williams 86 John B. Williams

Marengo County

Joshua Cherry 79 J.W. Cherry John Kinnard 77 John Kinnard John Gilmore 81 -

Monroe County

Owen Daily 76 Owen Daily Benjamin Cook 82 Benjamin Cook

Montgomery County

Mary Lucas 80 Jane W. Freeney Samuel Fleming 85 Samuel Fleming

Perry County

Isaac Oaks 81 Willis Osbourn

Pike County

Aaron Lewis 80 Aaron Lewis John Griffin 97 John Griffin Stephen Living, sen. 80 Stephen Living, sen. John A. Hidecker 93 Sarah Reeks James Cadenhead, sen. 98 James Cadenhead John Fowler, sen. 99 John Fowler

Pickens County

Meredith Taylor 78 James Bonner Mildra Tollifero 78 John A. Tollifero James McCrory 82 Robert McCrory Peter Williams 86 Peter Williams James Rodgers 80 James Rodgers James Galaspy 78 John O. Galaspy

Russell County

Samuel Pool 80 Matthew Pool

Shelby County

Henry Gragg 79 Henry Gragg James Butler 83 James Butler

Sumter County

Thomas M. Dearman 94 Thomas M. Dearman Andrew McCosklin 78 Andrew McCosklin Samuel Hammond 88 Samuel Hammond Jesse Alsobrook 77 Jesse Alsobrook

Tuscaloosa County

Charles Geasling 98 Charles Geasling

Wilcox County

Dempsey Carroll 78 Dempsey carroll John Young 90 Samuel Young John Garner 81 William H. Wait

Washington County

John Washam, sen. 78 John Washam, sen.

Walker County

Jeremiah Alexander 76 - David Walling 76 David Walling Stephen Garison 83 Silas Garison Mathey Payne 76 Mathey Payne Andrew Nelson 76 Robert Howard Varder Mabgly 102 Robert Mabgly
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