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1840 Arkansas Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	

Washington County

Warren Phillpott 84 Warren Philloptt Henry Scott 28 Henry Scott Aaron Smith 75 George Taylor Martin Randleman 79 Jonathan Holden Samuel Gregg 83 Henry Gregg James Leeper 79 James Leeper John Liggett 77 William Mayfield Redding Putman 48 Redding Putman

Scott County

Peter Richie 98 James Richie

Pike County

Wilson Jenkins 80 Jesse Jenkins

Marion County

Obadiah Wood 95 William Wood

Madison County

James Gage 86 Jacob Gage James Stewart 87 Pleasant Stewart Daniel Sutherland 85 John Holmon

Lawrence County

William McKnight, sen. 80 William McKnight, sen.

Johnson County

Philip Jones 78 Philip Jones

Jackson County

Joel Hill 78 Joel Hill

Independence County

Benjamin Harden 77 E. L. Harden

Hempstead County

James Williams 78 J. W. Williams Eli Collins 83 William R. Collins William Blace 85 William Black

Crawford County

William Orriek 85 Samuel Orriek

Benton County

John Robinson 81 J. H. Morrison

Randolph County

Edward Hutson 84 Edward Hutson

Pope County

Daniel Cownover 77 Daniel Cownover

Saline County

Asher Bagley 89 Asher Bagley Benjamin Bryant 80 Benjamin Bryant
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