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1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll
Anderson County, Kansas

January 1, 1883

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1883 Anderson County, Kansas List of Pensioners on the Roll includes, the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the Post Office address, rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance.

Cert. #Name of PensionerPost OfficeAdd. Cause for pensionRateDate of original Allowance
146,193Abram, Charles M.Garnettdisease of eyes$50.00 -
178,322Acaley, GeorgeOzarkchro. Diarrhea$4.00 Nov., 1880
189,442Aldridge, James M.Central Citydisease of eyes$4.00 June, 1881
215,375Aldridge, JohnCentral Cityspinal irritation, resulting nervous prostration$4.00 July, 1882
193,753Alexander, Joseph G.Garnettg. s. w. left arm$4.00 Aug., 1881
138,528Allison, Joshua A.Garnettg. s. w. through right thigh$4.00 Mar., 1876
177,000Ames, AbsalomColonychro. Diar., res. Dyspepsia and dis. Of abdominal viscera$4.00 Oct., 1880
208,978Bailey, Charles A.Central Cityg. s. w. left hand$6.00 May, 1882
193,067Baker, CelinaGreeleywidow$8.00 Aug., 1881
181,837Baldwin, DavidGarnettfather$8.00 Apr., 1880
193,280Barber, Francis B. G.Garnettg. s. w. left thigh and left leg$8.00 July, 1881
191,728Bard, ElizaGarnettminor of$8.00 Apr., 1881
29,113Bell, James A.Weldaloss of left leg$18.00 -
215,741Bockover, Jacob L.Garnettinj. To rt. Shoulder and back$6.00 July, 1882
106,239Borrer, William R.Garnettdisease of eyes$18.00 Nov., 1870
52,343Bowler, ThomasGarnettg. s. w. left groin$18.00 -
39,327Brant, JohnGarnettg. s. w. different parts body$18.00 -
218,541Brown, DavidGarnettinj. To abd., dis. Of abd. Vis.$8.00 Sept., 1882
188,640Buchtel, AlfredGarnettdis. Of lungs and rheumatism$8.00 -
185,095Buckley, CharlesGarnettinj. To rt. Leg$12.00 Aug., 1882
207,691Cain, George W.Garnettg. s. w. of head$6.00 Apr., 1882
180,283Calvert, WilsonGarnettincised wd. Of head$8.00 -
63,153Clark, Geo. W.Weldawd. Face, g. s. w. below l. eye$18.00 -
221,632Cleveland, Major H.Garnettscurvy$4.00 Dec., 1882
215,903Cook, Charles E.Greeleyrheum. And res. Dis. Of heart$8.00 July, 1882
148,079Cook, JohnHaskellpart. Loss l. index finger$2.00 Sept., 1877
158,698Coulter, Thomas J.Central Citychro. Laryn., inj. To abdomen$15.00 -
95,665Culler, SmithColonyg. s. w. left wrist$10.00 -
131,676Cullison, IsaacGarnettinj. To breast, result. Scurvy$10.00 -
146,194Dalton, SamuelGarnettg. s. w. left leg$8.00 -
136,669Daniels, LeviGarnettinjury to abdomen$8.00 -
190,688Day, James H.Colonydiease of lungs$6.00 June, 1881
179,319De Ball, James M.Garnettchr. Diarr., dis. Abdom. Vis.$17.00 -
79,851Defoe, JosephLone Elminj. R. leg$4.00 Apr., 1869
179,093Demoss, JonathanGarnettchr. Diarr., resulting in disease of rectum$4.00 Nov., 1880
48,122Dewey, Charles E.Garnettchro. Rheumatism$6.00 -
141,895Dimick, Wm. H.Colony---
131,892Doll, Euries S.Garnettdiarr., inflam. Lower bowels$6.00 Feb., 1875
156,791Doll, John W.Garnettg. s. w. left side, resulting in disease of heart$8.00 -
179,981Donny, ManuelGarnettdis. Left ankle and foot, result of scurvy$4.00 Dec., 1880
215,290Douglas, WilliamGarnettchro. diarrhea$6.00 July, 1882
181,661Dykes, HenryGarnettdisease heart, liver, and eyes$12.00 -
171,854Dykes, ThomasGarnettdo$10.00 -
15,815Edwards, Edward A.Weldawd. Rt. Hand and wrist$18.00 -
207,701Eshlenean, Uleric P.Lone Elmg. s. w. l. leg$6.00 Apr., 1882
141,900Field, IsaacGarnettdis. Of eyes$8.00 -
128,517Finley, Wm. G.Ozarkdisease of heart$12.00 -
205,303Fletcher, Alfred B.Garnettchro. Diarrhea, resulting in dis. Of abdominal viscera$8.00 Mar., 1882
159,329Garrett, ErastusGarnettdis. Of pleura, res. Pneumonia$12.00 -
72,887Garrott, Margaret D.Garnettdep. mother$8.00 May, 1866
48,688Gorlick, Joseph M.Weldag. s. w. right hip$8.00 -
120,995Greer, JosephGarnettloss of rt. Arm$18.00 -
156,059Greer, JoshuaGarnettg. s. w. r. shoulder$4.00 Oct., 1873
185,267Griffith, JoshuaGreeleyinjury to abdomen$8.00 Mar., 1881
187,935Groomes, Samuel L.Garnettdisease of heart$8.00 May, 1881
122,688Halen, William F.Ozarkg. s. w. l. sh., both thi. And scro.$8.00 -
169,881Hamby, William N., Sr.Garnettchr. Diarr., dis. Of abd. Viscera$6.00 June, 1880
186,567Harkness, ThomasGarnettincised wd. Rt. Foot$4.00 Apr., 1881
155,956Harper, John P.Greeleyinjury to head$4.00 Oct., 1878
192,058Hearst, MarthaGarnettwidow$12.00 Apr., 1881
134,273Hiatt, William F.Garnettg. s. w. of face$8.00 -
66,887Hiser, William H.Colonyg. s. w. rt. Hand$6.00 -
172,795Hoffman, John J.Garnettinj. L. shoulder, neck, and l. side face, affect. Left eye$18.75 Aug., 1880
174,245Holloman, Virgil M.Garnettdisease of lungs$6.00 -
32,877Houston, David W.Garnettchro. diarrhea$15.00 -
36,533Hummeston, Hannah B.Ozarkwidow$8.00 -
186,092Hunt, MaryGarnettwidow$14.00 Nov., 1879
125,362Hutchinson, Mary L.Colonywidow$8.00 -
78,083Hutt, George W.Garnettwound of breast2.66 2/3Mar., 1867
160,027Hyde, Russell B.Colonyinj. R. knee$2.00 May, 1879
87,555Jones, JamesCentral Cityg. s. w. neck and rt. Hand, with loss part little finger$12.00 -
206,957Kessee, SilvanusOzarkdisease of spine, res. In curv.$8.00 Apr., 1882
153,664Kesselring, EzraCentral Citydis. Of eyes and chron. Diarr.$10.00 June, 1878
137,828Kirk, Lester K.Garnettg. s. w. left shoulder$11.25 Feb., 1876
197,074Krape, Arites C.Central Citychro. Diarrhea$4.00 Oct., 1881
136,842Leffler, JacobGarnettg. s. w. left elbow$10.00 Nov., 1875
121,655Lewis, JohnGarnettdisease of lungs$10.00 -
165,089Lindsay, John G.Garnettdisease of heart$17.00 Feb., 1880
192,620Marshall, Nancy R.Garnettdo$8.00 June, 1881
195,092Masterson, BelindaGarnettdep. mother$8.00 Apr., 1882
67,501Mathews, Geo. W.Colonyg. s. w. rt. Breast$10.00 -
215,978Matterson, Albert N.Ozarkdisease of chest$8.00 July, 1882
198,933McNall, Philo B.Richdisease of eyes$4.00 Dec., 1881
59,114Merkey, James D.Haskellwd. R. breast$12.00 -
202,776Miller, AnthonyGarnettg. s. w. left leg$4.00 Feb., 1882
189,579Morris, AddisonGarnettminors of$16.00 Aug., 1880
114,533Mowery, AbsalomGarnettg. s. w. over rt. Eye$8.00 -
171,763Mundell, James G.Garnettchr. Diarrhea$8.00 -
18,574Newton, Mary W.Garnettwidow$20.00 Apr., 1864
186,133Nokes, Oliver C.Weldadis. Of abdominal viscera$2.00 Apr., 1881
116,378Olinger, CyrusMount Idach. Diarr$4.00 Apr., 1872
219,527Orwig, Henry G.Garnettchr. Diarr., dis. Abdom. Dis.$8.00 Oct., 1882
91,356Palmer, MargaretGarnettwidow$15.00 Dec., 1874
118,829Paris, John M.Garnettg. s. w. left shoulder$10.00 -
147,989Parkhurst, William T.Colonyinjury of back$2.00 Aug., 1877
25,967Payne, Albert L.Garnettg. s. w. rt. Groin$10.00 -
168,616Pinegar, James H.Colonydisease of heart$12.00 May, 1880
209,695Pinneo, Avery D.Garnettg. s. w. in left leg$4.00 May, 1882
194,375Poplin, Houston L.Garnettdis. Of lungs$12.00 Aug., 1881
74,467Porter, Edgar J.Garnettg. s. w. left arm and hand$8.00 -
72,033Post, EdwardWeldag. s. w. r. ankle$10.00 -
213,089Ray, William T.Garnettg. s. w. left thigh$8.00 June, 1882
223,615Rebstock, WilliamGarnettdis. Of abdominal viscera$4.00 Dec., 1882
193,867Reynolds, CharlesRichg. s. w. rt. Forearm$4.00 Aug., 1881
194,237Rice, Emma A.Garnettwidow$12.00 Jan., 1882
219,812Richardson, SilasGarnettg. s. w. rt. thigh$4.00 Oct., 1882
63,206Roach, RobertGarnettg. s. w. rt. Leg$7.50 May, 1866
216,316Roach, Samuel T.Garnettrheu. And malarial poisoning, result. Disease of heart$10.00 Aug., 1882
210,587Routh, Jeremiah T. B.Garnettdisease of eyes$6.00 June, 1882
166,309Rumbly, Thomas J.Weldadisease of eyes$18.00 -
147,125Scott, Abel H.Garnettwound l. hip$7.50 -
110,934Searls, Sam'l H.Haskellwd. L. leg--
139,071Selby, John N.Garnettwd. Left leg and thigh$15.00 -
135,923Shields, George A.Garnettg. s. w. left thigh$8.00 -
32,202Shields, JaneGarnettdep. mother$8.00 Oct., 1864
42,194Shields, Mary J.Central Citywidow$8.00 -
173,447Sinclair, Geo.Richg. s. w. r. knee, res. Var. veins$20.00 -
120,541Slavens, HenryGreeleywd. Left leg$8.00 -
138,911Slocum, Loran T.Greeleyeffects of frozen feet$8.00 -
210,109Slusser, WilliamGarnettchro. Diarr., inj. To rt. Hip, res. Partial paralysis rt. Leg$6.00 May, 1882
189,835Smith, AbigailGarnettwidow$25.00 Sept., 1889
117,458Smith, Erastus J.Garnettwd. In right leg$8.00 -
59,637Smith, GeorgeGarnettg. s. w. left thigh$18.00 -
195,207Smith, Gideon W.Weldag. s. w. rt. Hip$6.00 Aug., 1881
164,520South, AnchenGarnettdisease of eyes$10.00 -
76,355South, William E.Greeleydisease of eyes$12.00 -
96,527Southwick, Ellen J.Garnettwidow$8.00 June, 1867
182,303Spriggs, SarahGarnettdep. Mother$8.00 Oct., 1878
206,217Stailey, Martin V. B.Garnettdiease of eyes$4.00 Apr., 1882
183,751Suffron, John W.Colonyg. s. w. l. leg, res. Var. veins$8.00 Mar., 1881
183,401Sutton, JesseGreeleychro. Diarr. And dis. Of eyes$8.00 Feb., 1881
222,125Swearingen, James W.Garnettdis. Of abdominal viscera$6.00 Dec., 1882
153,242Tefft, James M.Garnettg. s. w. right heel$4.00 May, 1878
86,181Ulrich, Henry J.Colonyg. s. w. head$10.00 Jan., 1876
166,612Vanderhoff, MichaelColonychro. diarrhea$8.00 -
217,691Wagstaff, WilliamGarnettchr. Rheumatism$15.00 Sept., 1882
120,608Walker, James F.Colonyg. s. w. rt. Thigh$10.00 -
114,914Walker, Seth A.Greeleyg. s. w. rt. Knee$6.00 -
113,051Walker, Wm. B.Westphaliag. s. w. r. thigh$6.00 -
48,725Welthy, HerbertWeldadep. mother$8.00 June, 1875
201,456West, Wilbur D.Garnettchro. Diarr., dis. Of abdomieal viscera, and dis. Of eyes$8.00 Jan., 1882
120,478Whetham, Quincy A.Ozarkg. s. w. left thigh$4.00 -
140,154Whitford, James H.Garnettdis. Abdom. Viscera, diarr.$18.00 Aug., 1876
103,054Winans, Henry KipGarnettfracture rt. Leg and partial anchylosis of ankle-joint$18.00 -
189,768Winans, Norman T.Garnettdis. Of right hip, inj. To abdomen and kidneys$17.00 June, 1881
182,472Winkle, Mardey M.Garnettdis. Abdom. Viscera, dis. Eyes$8.00 Feb., 1881
204,073Witcup, ChristopherGarnettscurvy, resulting in dis. Of eyes, total blindness$72.00 Mar., 1882
153,213Woods, John W.Greeleyvaricose veins left leg$6.00 May, 1878
217,028Wright, JamesGarnettdisease of lungs$6.00 Aug., 1882

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