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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Edmeston Cemetery Records
Town of Edmeston
Otsego County, New York

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BATES, Betsey, wife of Lorey, Apr. 4, 1881, ae. 73y

BILYEA, Electa, wife of Jefferson, d. Aug. 12, 1838, ae. 34y

BILYEA, Gakiel, d. Oct. 16, 1835, ae. 72y

BILYEA, Infant son of Polly & Nathaniel, d. Mar. 10, 1839, ae. 9d

BILYEA, Phebe his wife, d. Nov. 11, 1858, ae. 88y

BROWN, Freelove, wife of Miletus, d. Dec. 4, 1866, ae. 64y 26d

BROWN, Isaac P., b. Dec. 9, 1768, d. June 19, 1849

BROWN, Lydia, their dau. d. Aug. 30, 1827, ae. 3y 11m

BROWN, Miletus, d. Sept. 16, 1895, ae. 89y 5m 11d

BROWN, Mrs. Lanicy, wife of Isaac, d. Sept. 12, 1826, ae. 49y 3m

COLEMAN, Jason W. (no dates)

COMSTOCK, Lucinda, wife of Zara, d. Oct. 21, 1881, ae. 70y

COMSTOCK, Zara, d. Aug. 26, 1871, ae. 73y 6m

COOK, Caroline, d. June 19, 1832, ae. 1y

COOK, Hannah, his wife, d. May 17, 1847, ae. 54y

COOK, Putman (no dates found)

CURRY, John W., son of Joseph B. & Joann, d. Feb. 19, 1862, ae. 17y

CURRY, Joseph, jr., son of Joseph B. & Joann, d. Nov. 2, 1869, ae. 22y 2m

DUPEE, Hannah, wife of Jas., d. Aug. 18, 1815, ae. 44y

DUPEE, James, d. Oct. 6, 1830, ae. 61y

GARDNER, Col. David, b. Oct. 11, 1802, d. June 11, 1879

GARDNER, Deidamia, wife of Sam'l, d. Nov. 21, 1853, ae. 78y 7m

GARDNER, Samuel, d. Apr. 28, 1860, ae. 83y 10m

GORDON, Jennett, dau. Sam'l & Rebecca, d. June 16, 1833, ae. 7y 7m

HOAG, Benjamin, d. Aug. 19, 1853, ae. 87y 6m 25d

HOAG, Bethiah, wife of Benj., d. Apr. 2, 1849, ae. 69y 3m 12d

HOAG, Lovett H., d. Nov. 16, 1869, ae. 77y 2m

HOAG, Mary, wife of Benj., d. July 16, 1830, ae. 60y 10m

HOAG, Perninna, wife Lovit, d. Sept. 13, 1853, ae. 58y

LEE, Anna, wife of John, d. July 2, 1833, ae. 77y

LEE, Deacon John, d. Mar. 6, 1832, ae. 76y

LEE, Emily, dau. of M. & S., d. Nov. 23, 1830, ae. 16y

LEE, Martin, d. Sept. 15, 1843, ae. 63y

LEE, Sarah, his wife, d. Sept. 15, 1843, ae. 63y

Lynes, Ignatus, d. Nov. 10, 1839, ae. 83y "A Soldier in the Revolution"

MAY, Harmon, d. Aug. 21, 1857 ae. 79 yr 4 m

MAY, Ida Cordelia, dau. of S. N. & E., d. Sept. 25, 1851 ae. 1y 11m 5d

MAY, Sarah, wife Harmon, d. Aug. 8, 1834, ae. 48y 8m

REID, Lydia H., dau. Seebry & Mary, d. Oct. 29, 1838 ae. 22y 2m

REID, Noble C., son Seebry & Mary, d. Nov. 4, 1838 ae. 17y 4m

REID, Sebrey, d. July 28, 1846 ae.72y.

RUDD, Vernera, wife of Joseph, d. Feb. 1851, ae. 69y 4m 14d

SMITH, Dr. Gains Smith, d. Sept. 26, 1829, ae. 75y

SMITH, Kaziah, wife of Gains, d. Mar. 13, 1812, ae. 70y

SOUTHWORTH, Horatio St. Clair, son of Schuyler & Sylvia, d. Mar. 19, 1833, ae. 2y 8m

TAYLOR, Ellen Virginia, b. Jan. 16, 1850, d. Oct. 28, 1884

TAYLOR, John Benjamin, b. Apr. 3, 1818, d. Apr. 18, 1888

TAYLOR, Wm. Bayard, son of J. B. & E. M., d. Dec. 16, 1860, ae. 1y 3m

Note: on above Cemetery Records, "In several instances there appear to be errors and a lack of dates. This is due no doubt to the terrible condition of the cemetery. Many stones are broken, pieces missing, some partly, and some completely buried beneath the dirt. Nearly entire Cemetery covered with a tangle of berry briars and small brush. A pleasant location & a beautiful spot if kept up.

Copied by: Mrs. Alyda R. Miller, Elliot Road, East Greenbush, NY, 1948

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