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Episcopal Church Cemetery
Town of Blue Corners
Saratoga County, New York

Episcopal Church Cemetery is an unfenced lot east of St. Mary's Protestant Episcopal Church in the hamlet of Blue Corners in the extreme westerly end of the township. The Church is a wooden building in a dilspidated and ruinous condition abandoned by the parish, the members of which are seperated and dispersed. The cemetery is entirely neglected and many stones broken and falling.

BARRINGER, Mildred Potter d. 2/3/1825 ae 1/11/22

BROTHERSON, Catherine, consort of Philip and with her two infant children d. 7/7/1822 in 41st.

BROTHERSON, Philip d. 1/16/1854 in 74th

CRAWFORD, Asa d. 8/21/1806 ae 5 da

CRAWFORD, Lewis d. 10/7/1839 ae 71-5-17

CRAWFORD, Martha d. 5/9/1813 ae 10-1-27

CRAWFORD, Mary d. 11/19/1811 ae 2-5-8

CRAWFORD, Rachel wife of Lewis d. 3/14/1825 ae 46y 22d

GALUSHA, Samuel d. 4/18/1884 ae 75 yr.

HENDRICK, Catharine wife of Jacob d. 12/29/1830 in 28th

HENDRICK, Jacob b. 3/4/1796 d. 8/27/1859 ae 63-5-23

HENDRICK, Jane, wife of Jacob b. 3/7/1806 d. 2/19/1846 ae 39-11-12

HOUSMAN, Henrietta dau. d. May 1864 ae 9 days.

HOUSMAN, John Henry son d. 10/27/67 ae 7 mos

HOUSMAN, Sarah, wife of C. d. 9/16/1868 ae 23-8-12

KISSAM, Peter R. from N.Y. City d. 11/21/1836 in 40th

LEFFERTS, Esther widow of Harman & dau. Penn & Esther Townsend of Oyster Bay d. 1/27/1841 in 88th yr.

MOTT, Whitehead d. 2/1/1844 in 80th

PHILPOT, Eliza d. 10/24/1836 ae 66 yrs.

PHILPOT, Margaret d. 3/25/1840 ae 62 yrs.

TOWNSEND, Esther dau. of Penn & Esther of Oyster Bay and wife Harman Lefferts d. 1/27/1841 in 88th

VANEMBURGH, James d. 8/16/1835 in 50th yr.

VANIMBURGH, Hannah T. d. 2/13/1847 in 70th yr

VOSBURGH, Willima S. d. 2/12/1831 in 5th yr

Source: Cemetery Records of Saratoga, Herkimer & Hamilton Counties.

Compiled by: the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives from tombstone records copied by Mrs. Frank N. Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Leslie Frye of Gloversville, N.Y. April 13, 1939

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