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Denton Cemetery
Town of Day
Saratoga County, New York

Wesley Denton Cemetery is located on farm owned by Wesley Denton in 1878 about 2 miles easterly from Day Corners on north side or river road, in the Town of Day, Saratoga County, New York.

ALLEN, Alzina S. of Jos. & Susannah d. 12/22/35 ae 2.

AUSTIN, David of David or Daniel & Phebe d. 4/17/33 ae 19 mos

AUSTIN, Phinehas d. 11/21/28 ae 81-4-9

BAKER, Almira M. of B. & T. S., d. 2/24/34 ae 6m 3d.

BAKER, Orren of B. & T. S., d. 11/15/32 ae. 5m 15 das.

BRADFORD, Mary, born Galway No. Brittain d. 8/20/1804 ae 75

COOK, James D. son d. 7/12/62 ae 22

COOK, Rev. Stephen b. 12/26/1774 d. 12/19/46

COOK, Sarah F. dau. d. 11/12/64 ae 22

COOK, Sarah, wife d. 1/17/64 ae 52

COOK, Stephen b. 3/22/1810 d. 4/5/49

COOK, Thankful S. of Stephen & Sarah b. 4/29/38 d. 4/15/41

DARLING, Ehud d. 6/1/1848 ae 80

DARLING, Martha, wife d. 4/21/41 ae 61

DAY, Eliphez d. 4/19/1827 ae 50

JOHNSON, David sold. of Rev. d. 2/22/39 ae 81-0-6

JOHNSON, Luke d. 5/14/46 ae 26-10-4

JOHNSON, Mary wife, d. 1/5/44 ae 83-9-

PALMER, Eli S. d. 5/30/39 ae 41/10/22

PALMER, Phebe B. wife b. 8/30/01 d. 12/3/79PAUL, Henry d. 7/24/1824 ae blank

PAUL, Elizabeth d. 1/1/26 ae 51-0-3

PAUL, John son of J. & M. d. 6/13/25 ae 1-8-

WAIT, Abner Jr., d. 10/17/50 ae 65-11-11

WAIT, Sally wife d. 12/29/44 ae 53-9-20

WHITNEY, Asa H. d. 5/1/46 ae 35-2-6

WING, Nehemiah d. 11/17/1842 in 71st

Source: Cemetery Records of Saratoga, Herkimer & Hamilton Counties.

Compiled by: the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives from tombstone records copied by Mrs. Frank N. Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Leslie Frye of Gloversville, N.Y. April 13, 1939

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