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Abbott Cemetery
Town of Edinburgh
Saratoga County, New York

Cemetery Records

Abbott Cemetery is on the east side of the River road, about 2 miles southwest of Bleecher Hollow.

ABBOTT, Asa d. 3/3/1808 ae 5y 21d

BEMORE, Catharine A. of Peter & Betsey d. 3/7/1839 ae 2-3-3

CHEADLE, Rhoby, his wife d. 1/15/1864 ae 89-6-22

CHEADLE, Samuel A. d. 12/19/1859 ae 87 yrs.

CROSS, Benjamin MD d. 1/24/1812 in 68th

CULVER, Guy D. d. 3/7/1834 in 52nd

EDMUNDS, Chas. S. of O. & R. d. 7/30/1846 ae 2-8-5

EDMUNDS, Clarissa his wife d. 11/9/1842 ae 62-8-3

EDMUNDS, Jennet of O. & R. d. 3/7/1849 ae 1y 4m.

EDMUNDS, Oliver b. 10/7/1812 d. 5/27/1848

EDMUNDS, Oliver d. 10/31/1843 ae 72-11-21

ELLITHORP, Clarrica J. of J.W. & H.R. d. 1/13/1868 ae 10y 6m

GOODWIN, Abigail his wife d. 2/3/1829 ae 72 yrs.

GOODWIN, James d. 3/15/1814 in 57th

GOODWIN, James d. 5/21/1820 ae 20y 6d.

HEWITT, Brial d. 8/1/1834 ae 44y.

HEWITT, Geo. H. of R. O. & B. M. d. 1/7/1855 ae 1-9-15

HEWITT, Sally Olmstead his wife d. 3/20/1865 ae 82

HEWITT, Sybble J. d. 12/20/1872 ae 57 yrs.

HIGGINS, Asahel S. d. 7/20/1840 ae 58y 4d

JACKSON, Ruama, his wife d. 6/22/1838 ae 57-7-8

JACKSON, Stephen d. 12/17/1825 in 47th

KENNEDY, Helen M. of Robt & Maria d. 10/14/1838 ae 11m 28d

KENNEDY, Stephen Jackson their son d. 6/12/1840 ae 6m 7d.

LANFEAR, Volney M. of E & Alvira d. 6/3/1845 ae 8-8-20

LAWTON, David d. 5/14/1837 ae 78

LEWIS, Simeon d. 4/30/1858 ae 55y 21d

LYON, Abel d. 8/26/1852 ae 77

LYON, Ennes wife of Samuel d. 7/3/ ____ ae 65

LYON, Esther, his wife d. 4/14/1855 ae 78

LYON, Samuel d. 3/4/ ____ ae 84

OLMSTEAD, Sally wife of Erial Hewitt d. 3/20/1864 ae 82

OLMSTED, David of John C. & Ruamy J. b. 7/20/1850 d. 1/10/1851

OLMSTED, Leman of John C. & Ruamy J. b. 12/25/1852 d. 6/15/1853

PARTRIDGE, Ama, his wife d. 9/29/1854 ae 99-9-21

PARTRIDGE, Angelica of Wm. & Lurancy d. 3/25/1859 ae 3m 19d

PARTRIDGE, Heman of James & Clarissa d. 8/21/1822 ae 2y 7m

PARTRIDGE, James d. 3/21/1836 ae 88

RANNEY, Eliza, of Hezekiah & Mary d. 12/30/1804 ae 3-10-16

ROBERTSON, Rowland C. of Geo. B. & Nancy T. d. 11/16/1838 ae 7m 18d

ROGERS, Sarah Jane, wife John W.T. b. 7/18/1829 d. 2/29/1870

SCRIBNER, Janett, wife of Saml. C. d. 10/2/1840 ae 35y 5m

THAYER, Isaac d. 1/10/1815 in 61st

WASHBURN, Daniel d. 8/6/1828 in 67th

Source: Cemetery Records of Saratoga, Herkimer & Hamilton Counties.

Compiled by: the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives from tombstone records copied by Mrs. Frank N. Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge of Amsterdam, N.Y., and Leslie Frye of Gloversville, N.Y. April 13, 1939

Cemetery Records

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