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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Upper Corners Cemetery
Town of Marion
Wayne County, New York

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Record of Burials in Upper Corner's Cemetery, in the Town of Marion, Wayne County, New York. This Cemetery was first Used in 1804 and used until 1853. Transcription taken in 1925.

Adams, Anna, Wife of Deacon Reuben Adams died September 20, 1813 in the 54th year of her age

Adams, Betsey, Daughterof Cynthia and Homer Adams, date not decipherable

Adams, Betsey, wife of Reuben Adams died March 5th 1814 aged 28 years

Adams, Byron L., son of Lawson and Julia Adams died May 6, 1853 aged 1 year 6 mos.

Adams, Elizabeth, Daughter of James and Elmira Adams died Sept. 6th 1847 aged 2 years

Adams, Fanny M. wife of Reuben H. Adams, died January 14th, 1854 aged 20 years

Adams, Homer, died January 21st 1847 aged 49 years

Adams, Louisa, daughter of Reuben and Orpha Addams died March 10th, 1834 aged 18 years

Adams, Mary, wife of Deacon Reuben Adams, and late widow of John Hutchinson, died February 5th, 1852 aged 88 years

Adams, Reuben, (Deacon) died March 28, 1835 in the 83rd year of his life

Adams, Reuben, died Nov. 6th 1850 aged 69 years, 10 months

Adams, Seth, was instantly killed by the falling of a tree Feb. 16th, 1816 in the 20th year of his life

Adams, Simeon, died Jan. 12th, 1807 in the 18th year of his life

Beach, Betsey, wife of Aaron Beach, born Sept. 13, 1802, died August 13, 1831

Bentley, Franklin F., died June 6th, 1851 aged 6 years, 3 mo.

Bliss, Ezra, died 1850 aged 70 years

Bliss, Nancy, wife of Ezra Bliss, died Dec. 25, 1864 aged 73 years, 5 months

Boice, Hannah, died Nov. 30, 1831 aged 51 years

Brockway, Abel, died Sept. 28th, 1838 aged 83 years.

Brockway, Elizabeth, died April 30, 1835 aged 79 years

Clark, Betsey, wife of Lyman Clark, died April 14th, 1837 aged 36 years

Clark, Elijah, (Deacon) died Oct. 13th 1833 aged 51 years

Clark, Joseph B., died October 10th, 1842

Clark, Lydia, Mother of Lyman Clark died Oct. 17th, 1833 aged 67 years

Clark, Ransom, son of Levi Clark died June 5th 1837 aged 2 yrs.

Cowan, Elisha, died September 7th, 1825 aged 32 years

Cowan, Elizabeth, died Sept. 7th 1825 aged 32 years

Crane, David, son of JacobG. and Mary Crane died Aug. 28, 1823

Crane, DeWitt, son of Jacob G. and Mary Crane Crane died Mar. 4, 1833

Crane, Harriet N., wife of Caleb Crane died Nov. 1st 1857

Crane, Harriet N., wife of Caleb Crane died Oct. 29, 1850 aged 28 weeks

Crane, Mary Jane, wife of Caleb Crane died Nov. 1st 185? (and on the same stone)

Crane, Mary Permelia, Daughter of J.G. and Anna Crane died Sept. 18, 1871 aged 2 years

Crane, Mary, wife of Jacob G. Cranee died Feb. 4th, 1837 aged 40 years

Crane, Myron S., son of above named died Aug. 6th 1855

Crane, Samuel, son of Jacob G. and Mary Crane died Mar. 31, 1834

Crane, Zebina, who died Sep. 11, 1823 aged 51 years and 4 mos.

Cross, Juliaette, Daughter of William and Sarah Cross died Jan. 20th 1848

Curtis, Charlotte, Daughter of Albert Phoebe Curtis died May 13th 1839 aged 1 year

Curtis, Silas, died Oct. 11, 1838 aged 10 years 4 mos. 11 days

Dean, Eliphalet S., died Apr. 20th, 1852 aged 80 years

Dean, Laura, Born Feb. 23, 1815 died Oct. 18, 1830 aged 15 years

Dean, Linda, wife of Eliphalet Dean born Aug. 27, 1781 and died May 9th 1856

Dean, Samuel G., died March 5th 1847 aged 24 years

Dean, Seth, died Sept. 11, 1837 aged 25 years

Dunn, Rachel, wife of James Dunn died Aug. 12, 1833 aged 25 weeks

Eddy, Jane, Born Jan. 21st 1840, died at the age of 60 years

Green, Mary, Daughter of James and Lydia Green, died Nov. 27th, 1834 aged two years and 3 months

Green, Sarah, wife of David Green died in 1835

Hail, Sarah S., Daughter of George and Mary Hall died Dec. 21st 1853 aged 5 years, "The buds appear on earth, the flowers bloom in Heaven."

Hanks, Philena; Daughter of Levi and Mercy Hanks, died Aug. 13th, 1824 aged 24 years

Harding, Mrs. Nabby, wife of David Harding, died April, 1806 (This is the oldest stone in the cemetery whose date can be deciphered, and is in fine condition.)

Harding, Polly, wife of William Harding born 8-11-1830, died 1856

Harding, William, born Nov. 10, 1824 and died in 1856

Kirby, James Nelson, Born 5-7-1837, died at the age of 6 years

Kirby, Mary, Born March 4, 1837 died at the age of 9 years

Kirby, Nathan, died May 7, 1834 aged 29 years

Lovejoy, Caroline A., Daughter of Isaac and Minervia Lovejoy, died Sept. 27, 1830 aged 2 years

Mason, David J., died Mar. 16th, 1817 aged 19 years

Mason, David, died Oct. 1, 1831 aged 71 years

Mason, Mehitable, wife of David Mason, died 4-11-1851 aged 69 yrs.

Phelps, Luke, (Deacon) died Jan. 16, 1813 aged 83 years

Phelps, Prudence, wife of Deacon Luke Phelps, died May 22, 1816 aged 79 years

Rice, Lucy, wife of William Rice died Oct. 4, 1850 aged 50 1/2 yrs.

Rose, Julia M., wife of Henry Rose died 3-28-183? aged 20 yrs.

Rowley, Thedothia Curtis, William Rowley's wife, died Aug. 10, 1840 aged 39 years

Skinner, John, died Oct. 20, 1845 aged 25 years

Skinner, Julia Ann, Daughter of Henry and Dolly Skinner died Nov. 30, 1849 aged 6 years

Skinner, Polly, wife of Henry Skinner died (Date unknown) aged 41 years and six months

Smith, Joel P., son of Leander and Charlotte Smith died Aug. 10th, 1816 aged 1 year 2 months

Snyder, Chauncy, son of John & Sarah Snyder died Sept. 8th

Spooner, Ebenezer, died Feb. 2, 1839 aged 43 years:

Spooner, Freder, died Nov. 27, 1842 aged 18 years

Spooner, Lewis, died July 11, 1838 aged 5 years

Spooner, Mary Ann, died Nov. 14, 1838 aged 18 years

Spooner, Sarah, died Oct. 28, 1841 aged 41 years

Stanard, Elizabeth, died Sep. 16, 1834 aged 45 years

Tappen, Martha., wife of B.P. Tappen and daughter of Ezra and Nancey Bliss, died Aug. 31st 1855 aged 29 yrs.

Tillinghast, Erastus Avery, son of S. & O.J. Tillingheat died Sept. 4, 1836

Tucker, Seth, M.D. died July 3, 1842 aged 68 years

Welch, Edey, wife of Peter Welch, died Jan. 7, 1848 aged 36 yrs.

Winchester, James, died June 19, 1802 aged 68 years

Winchester, Sarah, died July 25, 1872 aged 78 years

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