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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Jerusalem Country Cemetery Records
Town of Jerusalem
Yates County, New York

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BARRETT, Catherine, wife of Alonzo, 1811-1840

BARRETT, Orrilla, wife of Joseph, 1819-1855

BORDWELL, Joseph, 1784-1881

BORDWELL, Tibathy, 1779-1856

CLARK, Nancy, 1854-1865

CLARK, Roswell, 1797-1851

CLARK, Sarah, 1739-1831

GALLETT, Jeremiah, 1785-1856

GALLETT, John A., 1808-1857

GALLETT, Laura, his wife, 1820-1853

GALLETT, Martha, his wife, 1784-1852

LUTHER, Loved, son of Jonathan & Elizabeth, 1767-1832

LUTHER, Lydia, daughter of Loved & Sarah, 1803-1827

LUTHER, Ruben, 1765-1847

LUTHER, Sarah, wife of Loved, 1779-1845

LUTHER, Sidney, wife of Elisha, 1777-1860

LUTHER, Stephen, son of Loved & Sarah, 1802-1829

McCULLOR, Amasa, son of Jas. & Sarah, 1810-1834

McCULLOR, Philanda, daughter of Jas. & Sarah, 1808-1830

McCULLOR, Sarah, wife of James, 1770-1855

POTTER, Rev. James, 1771-1842

SISSON, Catherine, his wife, 1787-1857

SISSON, Jonathan, 1784-1857

VAN TUYL, Abraham, 1781-1856

VAN TUYL, Rachel, 1783-1857

WOOD, Lydia, 1763-1836

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