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Sacandaga Reservoir Cemeteries

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Records of twenty four cemeteries removed from area which was to be flooded by the Sacandaga Reservoir, copied from origional blue prints furnished by the Hudson River Regulating Board, Albany, N.Y.

In the Sacandaga Reservoir area there were twenty-four cemeteries, from which human remains were exhumed and reinterred in new cemeteries provided by the board of the Hudson River Regulating District, or in existing cemeteries outside the reservoir area.

The Old Cemeteries were designated with a letter, and in compiling the cemetery data and records, the cemeteries were listed according to the letter designated.

The following is a list of the names of the old cemeteries, letter designated, and the town and county in which cemeteries were located:

						Town		County
A - Christian Church or Conklinville		Day		Saratoga
B - Denton, Clute or Craig			Day		Saratoga
C - Stone Church or Day Center			Day		Saratoga
D - Huntsville or West Day			Day		Saratoga
E - Dimick					Day		Saratoga
F - Cold Brook					Edinburg	Saratoga
G - Beecher Hollow or Edinburg			Edinburg	Saratoga
H - Batchellerville Union Rural			Edinburg	Saratoga
I - Small Cemetery on Geelan Farm		Edinburg	Saratoga
J - Small Cemetery on Geelan Farm		Edinburg	Saratoga
K - Cranberry Creek				Northampton	Fulton
L - Denton Corners or Osborn Bridge		Northampton	Fulton
L - Small Cemetery on Frederick Durfee Farm	Northampton	Fulton
M - Small Cemetery on Fred Rhodes Farm		Northampton	Fulton
N - Corey or Houseman				Northampton	Fulton
O - Cook					Northampton	Fulton
P - Small Cemetery on Elmer J. Brown Farm	Northampton	Fulton
P - Small Cemetery on John W. Fritcher Farm	Northampton	Fulton
Q - North Broadalbin Rural
	(also called "The Plains Cemetery")	Broadalbin	Fulton
R - Munsonville, (Goodemote)			Broadalbin	Fulton
S - Munsonville, (Goodemote)			Mayfield	Fulton
T - Munsonville, (Becker - VanAllen)		Mayfield	Fulton
V - Munsonville, (Goodemote)			Mayfield	Fulton
W - Grodon					Edinburg	Saratoga

The Board of Hudson River Regulating District provided six new cemeteries for the reinterment of human remains from the foresaid cemeteries, and known and located as follows:

						Town		County
H.R.R.D. Conklinville				Day		Saratoga
H.R.R.D. Day Center				Day		Saratoga
H.R.R.D. Edinburg				Edinburg	Saratoga
H.R.R.D. Batchellerville			Edinburg	Saratoga
H.R.R.D. Sacandaga Park				Northampton	Fulton
H.R.R.D. Union Mills				Broadalbin	Fulton


The following records of Cemeteries removed for the Sacandaga Reservoir are listed alphabetically, without reference to family relations.

The list also contains many records that do not appear in the reinterred cemeteries, records from casket plates from burials without monuments or markers.


The pages following these explanatory notes contains alphabetical lists of the names of deceased persons whose remains were exhumed from the old cemeteries.

In the heading of each list will give the name of the old cemetery, with letter designated, and the name of the new cemetery provided.

In cases where the remains of persons were reinterred in cemeteries other than the provided cemetery, the name of the cemetery where the remains of said persons were reinterred is given in the last column on page, headed "remarks".

Also in the column "remarks" will be found notes where the name as given on the headstone varies with the name given on the nameplate; the regiment and company of known war veterans, etc.

A complete record of the disinterments and reinterments, maps of old cemeteries showing location of graves, maps of new cemeteries, and other data relating to said cemeteries, are on file in the Hudson River Regulating District offices in Albany, N.Y.

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