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Roster of Pfeiffer Post No. 36, G. A. R., Alamosa, Colorado

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Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Cretchlan, B. D. U. S. Engrs., 13th and 22nd U. S. Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Eskridge, L. D. Pri., F., 215 Pa. Inf. La Jara, Colo.
Foster, C. R. Pri., F., 1st Wis. Cav. Hooper, Colo.
Gretrisen, John Pri., C., 100th Ohio Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Hiner, Hardin Pri., C., 19th Ky. Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Jones, Henry Pri., H., 58th Ill. Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Judd, Alexander Pri., G., Merrell's Mo. Vol. Alamosa, Colo.
Kinch, Jno. A. Pri., F., 93rd Pa. Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Labern, Hanald Sergt., I., 109th Ohio Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
McCuneff, Thos. Pri., C., 9th Iowa Inf. La Jara, Colo.
Mather, Theo. D. 2nd Lieut., H., 35th Ohio Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Newcomb, Daniel E. Pri., D., 95th Ill. Inf. La Jara, Colo.
Payne, Wm. L. Pri., 1st N. Y. Vet. Cav. San Luis, Colo.
Sampson, C. M. Pri., D., 1st Mass. Antonillo, Colo.
Van Fleet, Grant B. Sergt., C., 136th Ohio Inf. Alamosa, Colo.
Wilson, Leroy - Alamosa, Colo.

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