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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Coles County, Illinois

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker, Reprinted for the web.

In the preparation of this work, every effort has been made to obtain the records of these soldiers, to verify them, and to ascertain their places of burial. This has been accomplished in various ways, by ascertaining the names of all who were pensioned and where the application was made. This does not always locate the burial place owing to the changing of the boundary lines of the counties of the state, making it necessary to obtain from the U. S. Treasury department the time and place of payment of the last pension.

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried in Coles County Illinois:

JONATHAN COLLOM was born in Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, December 10, 1760, and served as a musician in the war. In 1778 he was drafted for three months to fight the British under Capt. Marpole and Col. Dawling. In 1779 he was again drafted to serve in New Jersey with Capt. Dowling and Col. George Smith. He served both times as a musician and was paid as such. He again served as a Minute Man. When Cornwallis was marching through Virginia he again enlisted, but was taken sick and thus prevented from being present at the final surrender. After the close of the war he removed to Washington county, Tennessee, where he made application for a pension. He came to Illinois with his son William, settling in Coles county, where he died in the town of Charleston.

GEORGE COTTINGHAM was a native of Maryland, where he served in the war. He removed to Kentucky in early times, and in 1836 came to Coles county, Illinois, and died in Charleston. He was a shoemaker by trade and it is said he made boots for Washington. He died in 1860, aged 100 years. "County History."

ELISHA HADDEN was from North Carolina and served in the battle of King's Mountain and was wounded in a battle with the Cherokee Indians. For three months he lay in the fort helpless and was carried home to North Carolina on a litter. He came to Illinois and resided in Coles county, where he received a pension. He died there very aged. "County History."

JOSEPH FROST served in the Virginia line of troops. After the war he came to Illinois with his son and settled in Charleston, Coles county. When 87 years of age he received a pension for his service in the war. They came to Coles county in 1831.

JOHN HART was a native of Virginia. He served with George Rogers Clark in 1776 before coming to Illinois, and was in several battles with the Indians. He came to Illinois in 1826, coming from Hardin county, Kentucky, first to Wayne county, then to Coles county, Paradise township, where he died November 19, 1833. He was pensioned in 1831.

ISAAC KELLER was a soldier under Col. George Rogers Clark. He was a sergeant. He came to Coles county, Illinois, in 1820, where he died. (The names of soldiers who served with George Rogers Clark are to be found in the "William and Mary Quarterly" of Virginia.)

JOSEPH PAINTER was born in New Jersey in 1744. He served in the North Carolina troops, enlisting six times from 1777 to 1781, with Capts. William Bateman, John Turnbull, James Robinson, and ---- Gillfalls; under Cols. Bateman, Hugh Brevard, James Armstrong and Wm. Davidson. He was in the battle of Ramsour's Mill and several skirmishes with the Indians. He came to Illinois with his son and settled in the town of Hutton, Coles county. He was pensioned in 1833. He lived to be over 90 years of age.

JOHN PARKER was from Virginia, where he served in the war in Capt. Buller Caliborne's company, Col. Alexander Spottiswood's regiment, in 1777. He came to Coles county, Illinois, to reside, and died there. He was pensioned.

JAMES RYAN was a native of Virginia and enlisted there under Capt. James Calderwood, February 28, 1777, in the Eleventh and Fifteenth Virginia troops, Col. Daniel Morgan. He came to Illinois, settling in Coles county, where he was pensioned in 1831, aged 83 years. His place of burial is not known.

GRIFFIN TIPSOWARD was born in Pennsylvania in 1755. He enlisted in the county of Rowan, North Carolina, in 1775, serving in Gen. Griffith Rutherford's brigade, with Col. ---- McKatty, Major Horn and Capt. Wm. Grimes. He was in the battle of Eutaw Springs under Gen. Nath. Greene; battle of King's Mountain under Col. Isaac Shelby; battle of Charleston under Col. McKatty and Capt. John McGuire. He resided in Kentucky and came from there to Coles county, Illinois, in 1810, settling in Hutton township, where he died. "County History."

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