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Roster of Geo. Kerr Post No. 619, G. A. R., Table Grove, Illinois

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Elliott, J., Pr. D., 151 Ill. Inf.

Gustine, W., Pr. I., 109 Ill. V. I.

Waters, E., Pr. L., 7 Ill. Cav.

Beadles, W. W., Pr. G., 11 Ill. Inf.

Batten, G. W., Pr. B., 84 Ill. Inf.

Walters, W. G., Pr. F., 103 Ill. Inf.

Foster, W. T., Corp. F., 84 Ill. Inf.

Callihan, C., Corp. K., 8 Ia. Cav.

Immel, M., Corp. E., 18 Ind. Inf.

Lownes, C. R., Corp. I., 137 Ill. Inf.

Lantz, H., Corp. S., 18 Ill. Inf.

Straker, J., Corp. D., 151 Ill. Inf.

Kinnie, E. E., Corp. F., 84 Ill. Inf.

Fenton, G., Corp. A., 4 Ill. Inf.

Wetzel, C., Corp. F., 84 Ill. Inf.

Bedwell, B. F., Corp. H., 28 Ill. Inf.

Walters, T. A., Corp. B., 84 Ill. Inf.

McLammarsh, M., Corp. E., 137 Ill. Inf.

Wilson, J. V., Corp. I., 72 Ill. Inf.

Stuart, J. R., Corp. E., 43 Ill. Inf.

Bartholomew, S., Corp. H., 2 Ill. Art.

Gibony, T. F., Corp. H., 103 Ill. Inf.

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