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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Hamilton County, Illinois

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker, Reprinted for the web.

In the preparation of this work, every effort has been made to obtain the records of these soldiers, to verify them, and to ascertain their places of burial. This has been accomplished in various ways, by ascertaining the names of all who were pensioned and where the application was made. This does not always locate the burial place owing to the changing of the boundary lines of the counties of the state, making it necessary to obtain from the U. S. Treasury department the time and place of payment of the last pension.

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried in Hamilton County Illinois:

JACOB BARKER served in the Pennsylvania troops in Capt. John Rea's company. He was of Irish parentage. The family history gives an account of his service, that after serving one year he was wounded in the hip and was discharged, but upon his recovery he re-enlisted and was again wounded in the leg. He came to Hamilton county, Illinois, and died on the farm where he had lived for many years, between the towns of Walpole and Broughton. "Pennsylvania Archives" and "Family History."

GRANDFATHER DAVIS, a soldier of the American Revolution, lies buried in Hamilton county. Old residents have vouched for this information. His given name is not known, or the state from which he served. "Traditional Records."

FRANCIS DOLAHIDE was born in Caswell county, North Carolina, in 1750. He served for six years, enlisting early in 1776 for three months, again for three months, again after two weeks for three months, and again in 1781 serving to the close of the war. He served under Capts. William Morrow, Small, Christopher Taylor and Samuel Sexton, with Col. Archibald Lytle and Major Dugan. He was in the battles of Eutaw Springs and Yorktown. Coming to Illinois, he located in Hamilton county, where he died August 30, 1837. He was pensioned.

GEORGE FITZGERALD served from Virginia. He was discharged from the service May 24, 1780. He was in Col. John Gibson's detachment in the western department. He came to Hamilton county, Illinois, and died there; is buried in the Gatlin cemetery, Crouch township, on the farm of Felix C. Upchurch. "Pennsylvania Archives" and "Family History."

AMBROSE MAULDING was born in Virginia August 1, 1735. He served in the Virginia troops. He came to Hamilton county, Illinois, and died there August 25, 1833, and is buried near McLeansboro, near the "Ten-Mile Baptist Church." A granddaughter is still living who attended his funeral. His grave is marked by a substantial monument which bears the following inscription: "Immortal may their memory be who fought and died for Liberty." "Virginia Records" and "Family History."

FREDERICK MAYBERRY served in the war from Virginia. He came to reside in Hamilton county, Illinois, and there applied for a pension, but not having served six months, it was not granted. He is buried in Big Hill cemetery. "Virginia Records" and "County History."

RANDLE McDANIEL was born in Frederick county, Maryland, in 1755. He removed to South Carolina, where he served three months in 1775 under Capt. John Patton and Col. Holt Richardson. He removed to White county, Illinois, but died in Hamilton county. He was pensioned.

LITTLE PAGE PROCTOR was born in Granville county, Virginia, in 1760. He enlisted with Capt. Cornelius Riddle, serving from March, 1778, to the close of the war, and was retained in service until August, 1794. He came to Hamilton county, Illinois, and died there November 15, 1852, aged 92 years. He is buried in the Concord cemetery, near McLeansboro. He was pensioned.

NICHOLAS PROCTOR was doubtless a brother of Little Page Proctor, and served in the Virginia troops. He was born in 1755 and died in Hamilton county. He was pensioned.

JESSE TAYLOR was born in England, but coming to America he enlisted with the Colonists, serving with the Virginia troops. Coming to Illinois, he settled near Olga, Hamilton county. He is buried near the town of Walpole. His widow drew a pension for many years. "Family History" and "Virginia Records."

HENRY J. WILLIAMS served from Virginia during the war, and was continued in the service in the United States infantry after the close of the war. He removed to West Tennessee and from there to Hamilton county, Illinois. His burial place is not known. "Virginia Records."

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