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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Kane County, Illinois

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker, Reprinted for the web.

In the preparation of this work, every effort has been made to obtain the records of these soldiers, to verify them, and to ascertain their places of burial. This has been accomplished in various ways, by ascertaining the names of all who were pensioned and where the application was made. This does not always locate the burial place owing to the changing of the boundary lines of the counties of the state, making it necessary to obtain from the U. S. Treasury department the time and place of payment of the last pension.

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried in Kane County Illinois:

WILLIAM BENNETT was born at Sandown, New Hampshire, May 9, 1758. He enlisted four different times; first, August, 1776, under Capt. Nathan Brown and Col. Pierce Long, New Hampshire troops; second, 1779, with the same officers; the third time in 1780 under Col. Timothy Bedel, in Massachusetts troops, with Capt. Charles Johnson and Col. James Wadsworth; fourth time, September, 1782, with Capt. Cutting Farror, New Hampshire troops. He was in the battle of Fort Ann. He removed to New York, Genesee county, and from there to Kane county, Illinois, in 1836, where he died February 15, 1846, and is buried near Wasco, in a private cemetery. He was pensioned.

NATHAN BROWN was from New York, where he enlisted in Weschester county, under Capt. Benjamin Chapin, and Col. Thaddeus Crane. He came to Kane county, Illinois, where he died and is buried in Batavia township. He was pensioned.

DANIEL BURROUGHS was from New York where he enlisted in the Charlotte county Militia with Capt. Elshama Tozer, and Cols. Alexander Webster, and Thomas Armstrong in the Dorset Regiment. He was pensioned.

ABNER POWERS was born in Richmond, New Hampshire, December 15, 1760. He enlisted January 1, 1777, serving until December, 1781, under Col. John Stark, and again in the Seventh Company, 1778, for two years with Capt. William Farwell. He came to Kane county, Illinois, where he died October 19, 1852, and was buried at Lily Lake, Virgil township. A marble slab bore the inscription "A Soldier of the Revolution," also a sword carved in the marble. Several years since it was ascertained that the stone was broken, and it was determined to erect a suitable monument to the memory of Abner Powers, who had been in the battles of Bennington, Saratoga, Valley Forge, and Yorktown. The monument stands thirty feet high, and was dedicated with impressive ceremonies, three companies of the Third State Regiment and five hundred members of the Grand Army, together with a large number of citizens united in doing honor to his memory. "New Hampshire in the Revolution."

SAMUEL SAWINE served in the Massachusetts troops from September 4, 1778, to September 11th, under Capt. John Walter. He came to Kane county, Illinois, and there applied for a pension. "Massachusetts Soldiers in the Revolution."

FREDERICK VAUGHN was born in Connecticut in 1767. He enlisted under Lt. Col. Samuel Canfield in the Connecticut Militia. He came to Kane county, Illinois, and died there August 6, 1845, and was buried in the Root Street cemetery, but through the efforts of the Aurora Chapter, D. A. R., his remains were removed to Spring Lake cemetery, Aurora. The chapter placed a granite and bronze marker at his grave. "Connecticut in the Revolution."

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