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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Knox County, Illinois

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker, Reprinted for the web.

In the preparation of this work, every effort has been made to obtain the records of these soldiers, to verify them, and to ascertain their places of burial. This has been accomplished in various ways, by ascertaining the names of all who were pensioned and where the application was made. This does not always locate the burial place owing to the changing of the boundary lines of the counties of the state, making it necessary to obtain from the U. S. Treasury department the time and place of payment of the last pension.

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried in Knox County Illinois:

ADAM BRUNER was born in Maryland in 1763. He enlisted February 4, 1781, in Capt. John Gayers company, Third regiment, and Major Richard Salter's regiment, Pennsylvania Militia. He removed to Knox county, Illinois, and died there October 19, 1846. He is buried near Rio in the Bruner cemetery. "Pennsylvania Archives."

PETER BRUNER was born in Maryland in 1762. He enlisted in Capt. George Feathers company, Ninth Battalion, Lancaster county Militia, and Col. John Huber's regiment, in 1779. He again served in Capt. John Smuller's company, in 1780 and 1781; again in 1782 in Capt. James Patten's company. He is buried in the Bruner cemetery near Rio. A monument has been erected to the memory of these brothers in Knox county. "Pennsylvania Archives."

ASHAEL GILBERT was born in Hebron, Connecticut, May 6, 1760. He enlisted May 1, 1778, serving as trumpeter in Capt. Israel Seymour's company, second brigade, with Col. Elijah Sheldon's regiment. He was discharged in 1780. He came to Galesburg, Knox county, in 1847, and died there November 23, 1852. His grave is marked. "Connecticut in the Revolution."

ABRAHAM HAPSONSTALL was born April 6, 1761, in Orange county, New York. He served in the war with Capt. Thomas Moffatt for three months in 1775. He again served with Capt. Seth Marvin for three months, and again with Capt. Francis Smith for six months. He removed to Ohio and from there to Knox county, Illinois, where he died February 4, 1858, and is buried in the Russell cemetery, two miles north of Gilson. He was pensioned.

JOHN HARRINGTON was born February 8, 1764, in Poughkeepsie, New York. He enlisted in May, the year Fort Ann was taken, in Capt. Peter Magee's company, and Col. Henry Livingston's regiment, serving until November in the New York line of troops. He came to Knox county, Illinois, and applied for a pension in 1841, but not having served six months, it was not granted. "New York in the Revolution," and "Pension Reports."

JOHNATHAN LATIMER was from New London, Conn., where he served in the Third regiment, known as Webb's regiment. He was commissioned as Captain, then Major, and finally served as Colonel of his regiment. He was the father of a remarkable family of sons, six of whom served in the war. He came to Knox county, Illinois, in 1832, and died there. He is buried in the Cherry Grove cemetery, near Abingdon. Such men did not stop to ask "what is all this worth, or what is there in it for me?" Rather did they cherish high ideals, and these ideals were placed above all else that the world could give. "Connecticut in the Revolution."

DAVID MANLEY was from Easton, Mass., where he enlisted with Col. Thomas Carpenter, and Capt. Samuel White, in August, 1778, being discharged in September the same year. He came to Knox county to reside and died there; is buried in the Russell cemetery, north of Gilson. "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors."

GEORGE SORNBERGER was born in New York, in 1759. He served under Col. Roswell Hopkins in the Dutchess county Militia. He came to Knox county, Illinois, settling in Victoria, where he died September 27, 1841. "New York in the Revolution."

JOHN STRANGE was born in Westchester, New York. He enlisted from that county under Col. Pierre Van Courtland. He came to Knox county, Illinois, and died there in 1840 aged 94 years. He is buried in the Russell cemetery. "New York in the Revolution."

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