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1823 Illinois County Formation Map

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As counties of the State of Illinois

1823 Illinois county formation map

EDGAR. Jan. 3--From the Indiana State line west twenty-four miles through the center of township twelve north; thence north twenty-seven miles; thence east twenty-four miles; thence south to the beginning.

[Laws 1823, p. 74.]

MARION. Jan. 24--From the intersection of the base line with the third principal meridian, north along said meridian twenty-four miles; thence south twenty-four miles to the base line; thence west to the beginning.

[Laws 1823, p. 49.]

FULTON. Jan. 28--From the intersection of the fourth principal meridian with the Illinois River; thence up the middle of the river till intersected by the range line between ranges five and six east; thence north with said range line to the line between towns nine and ten north; thence west with said town line to the fourth principal meridian; thence south to the beginning.

[Laws 1823, p. 88.]

MORGAN. Jan. 31--From the northwest corner of Greene County, east to the range line between seven and eight west of the third principal meridian; thence northerly along the middle of the prairie dividing the waters of the Sangamon from the Mauvaisterre, Apple and Indian creeks, to the middle of range eight; thence north to the middle of the main channel of the Sangamon; thence down to the middle of the main channel of the Illinois; thence down the Illinois to the beginning.

[Laws 1823, p. 108.]

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