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Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Putnam County, Illinois

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker, Reprinted for the web.

In the preparation of this work, every effort has been made to obtain the records of these soldiers, to verify them, and to ascertain their places of burial. This has been accomplished in various ways, by ascertaining the names of all who were pensioned and where the application was made. This does not always locate the burial place owing to the changing of the boundary lines of the counties of the state, making it necessary to obtain from the U. S. Treasury department the time and place of payment of the last pension.

Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers Buried in Putnam County Illinois:

ARCHIBALD ALLEN was born in Virginia in 1749. He served two months in 1781 with Capt. Charles Shelton and Col. Elias Edmonds, in the Virginia troops. He removed to Maryland, then to Kentucky, then to Indiana and later to Putnam county, Illinois, where he applied for a pension. Not having served the required time it was not granted. "Virginia Records" and "Pension Reports."

JOHN EVANS was in the Pennsylvania line of troops. He came to Putnam county and there applied for a pension. "Pennsylvania Archives" and "Pension Reports."

ANDREW MOORE served in the Pennsylvania troops. He came to Putnam county, Illinois, and there applied for a pension. He is buried in Union Grove cemetery. "Pension Reports" and "Pennsylvania Archives."

ISAIAH STRAWN was born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, October 28, 1758. His parents were Quakers and opposed his enlisting, but when nineteen years of age, he enlisted, serving in the transportation line. At the battle of Germantown, he rushed into battle, seizing the musket of a fallen comrade and neighbor, who had been mortally wounded. Soon after he was wounded in the left leg, one shot lodging in the bollow of his foot. This he never permitted to be removed, carrying it for sixty-four years. He came to reside in Putnam county, Illinois, where he died August 14, 1843, and is buried in the Florid cemetery, Putnam county. "Pennsylvania Archives" and "Family History."

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