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New Hampshire
Revolutionary War Association Test
Town of Hampton

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WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES.


Small Moulton
John Moulton
James Hobbs
John Moulton 6
John Lamprey
Edward Shaw
Oliver Wellington Lane
Edward B. Moulton
Benjamin Batchelder
Jonathan Leavitt
Shubel Page
Ebenezer Thayer
Josiah Moulton, Junr.
Anthony Emery
Nathaniel Johnson
John Lane
John Johnson
Joseph Garland
Thomas Woodman
Stephen Page
Samuel Drake
John Drake, Jur
Johua Jennes, Juner.
Benjamian Page
Morris Hobbs
Thomas Leavitt
John Dow
John Moulton 5
Samuel Dow
Josiah Moulton
Samuel Shaw
Jonathan Moulton, Junr
Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Sanborn
Simon Marston
Elisha Towle
Jona Moulton
John Moulton
Joseph Johnson
John Batchelder
Jereh Shaw
Jos. Moulton
Amos Coffin
Joshua James
Thomas Page
Samuel Drake, Jur
Joshua Jennes
Christor Toppan
Willm Branscombe
Abner Page
Nathan Moulton
Jonathan Lock
John Moulton
John Tuck
Jonathan Towle
Nathaniel Towle
Joshua Towle
Elisha Marston
Carter Batchielder
Joseph Nay
Josiah Towl
George Freese
Jeremiah Ballord
Jonathan Garland, Junr
Jeremiah Towle
Ephraim Marston
Philip Towle, Junr
Thomas Jenness
Nathan Brown
Simon Towle
Nathan Sanborn
Heny Fifield
Samuel Brown, Jun.
John Readman
John Marston
Andrew Mace
Jacob Palmer
James Philbrick
Nathaniel Lamprey
Jona Dowst
William Moulton
Jeremiah Knowles
Amos Knowles, Junr
Zecheriah Brown
Simon Nudd
Samuel Page
James Perkins
Jonathan Tucke, Jun.
Samuel Towle
Joshua Towl, Jun.
Jonathan Marston, Jur
Amos Towle, Juner.
John Nay
Daniel Philbrick, Jur
Joseph Freese
John Daerbon
Robert Drake, Juner.
Nathaniel Dearborn
Philip Towle
Winthrop Sanborn
John Moulton, Jur
Jonathan Marston
Jereh Marston, Junr
Benj: Brown Shaw
Samll Brown
John Allaman
Simon Dow
James Johnson
Ephraim Moulton
Samuel Philbrick
Gideon Shaw
Reuben Lamprey
Joshua Shaw
Samuel Lock
Amos Knowles
John Lamprey, Junr.
Thomas Nudd
Moses Brown
John Crosbie
William Lane, Junr
Stephen Fifield
Simon Lane
Benjam Moulton
Joseph Towle, Jur
Josiah Mason
Moses Elkin
Samuel Blake
Josiah Lane
Jonathan Blake
Abrm Perkins Towle
David Moulton
Henry Elkins
Nathaniel Batchelder
Abner Sanborn
Jeremiah Sanborn
Ezekiel Moulton
John Sanborn
John Taylor
Micajah Morrill
Joseph Philbrick
Robert Molten
Robert Dracke
Jonathan Godfree
Samuel Nay
Edmund Mason
Joseph Dow
Jona Garland
Amos Towle
Benjamin Mason
Jonathan Elkins
John Towl
Ebenezer Lane
Nathan Blake
Lemul Towle
Jethery Blake
James Towle
Jonathan Towl
Philip Marston
Elisha Moulton
Simon Sanborn
John Fogg
Benjamin Tucke
Henry D. Taylor
John Taylor, Jur.
John Philbrick
Josiah Dearborn
John Drake
Ward Lane
Daniel Lamprey
Samuel Marston
William Lane
John Randell
Elisha Johnson
Cotton Ward

Colony of Newhampshr. Pursuant to the within Request we the Subscribers Select men of Hampton have Desired all males within Said Hampton above twenty-one years of age (Lunaticks Idiots & Negroes Excepted) to Sign to the Declaration on this paper; and there are that have Refused to Sign the Same (viz) Captn Jeremiah Marston & Daniel Philbrick.

Given under our hands & Dated at Hampton aforesaid June ye 4th 1776--

			William Lane	}
			Joseph Dow	} Select men
			Josiah Dearbon	}     of
			Jonathan Garland}  Hampton
			Cotton Ward	}

Source: "Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire, Vol. 30 State Papers Series", Albert Stillman Batchellor Litt. D, Editor of State Papers, Manchester, NH Printed for the State by the John B. Clarke Co. 1910.

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