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New Hampshire
Revolutionary War Association Test
Town of Londonderry

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WE, the Subscribers, do hereby solemnly engage, and promise, that we will, to the utmost of our Power, at the Risque of our Lives and Fortunes, with ARMS, oppose the Hostile Proceedings of the British Fleets, and Armies, against the United American COLONIES.


William Gregg
John Pinkerton
Benjamin Cheney
James Paul
Robert Willson
John Moor
Thomas Taggart
James Cochran, Juner.
John Bailey
Robt McNeill
William Dutty
Joseph Gregg
John Greg
William Aexander
D. McGregore
George Russel
Stephen Holland
Nathan Stinson
John Prentice
James Alexander
Mos Barnett
Alexdr McCollam
Robert Wallace
Robert Macordy
John Patton
James Wallace
Allexdr Crage
Hugh Montgomery
Moses Lankester
David Clendinin
John Cochran
Timothy Faver
John Aiken
John Nesmith
James McGregore
John Gilman
Arthur Archibald
Matthew Thornton
George Duncan, Junr
Benjamin Gregg
Isaac Peabody
Daniel Rundals
William Vance
David Craige
James Cochran
Mathew Miller
John Vance
Adam Wiar
Thomas McCleary
John Robison
Saml Dickey
John Holms
Robrt Gilmore
Thomas Willson
Andrew Clendinin
Samuel Morison
James Nickols
Thomas Patterson
Adam Dunlap
Robert Moor
David Anderson
David Taylor
Samuel Marsh
Jonathan Gillmor
George Mansfield
James Humphry, Jur
John Tylor
John Marsh
Thomaes Andersn
Matthew Clark
John Barnet
John Barnet, Junr
John Gunson
Samuel Taylor
Wm Duncan
John Cox
John Creaig
Samuel Anderson
James Adams
Robert Adams
James Nesmith, Jur
Samuel Clark
James Donaldson
David Mckeen
David Paul
Samll Wilson
Samuell Gregg
Georg Duncan
John Duncan
John Steel
Thos. Morison
Robert Holms
Willm Davidson
Robt Smith
Samuel Gregg
John Hopkins
Robt Morrison
Jonathan Kelso
John Annes
Robert McFarland
William Tylor
Wm: Cunningham
Thomas Creage
Isaac Brewster
John Hiland
James Anderson
Adam Taylor
John Bell
Abraham Duncan
Robt Morison
James Taggart
Samuel Anderson
James Nesmith
Archibald Mack
James Miltmor
James Ewins
William Rogers
John Wallace
Samuel Ghrims
James Dinsmoor
John Mckeen
Samuel Fisher
James Anderson
Robt Archibald
Jas Hopkins
John Hunter
Jonathan Wallace
James Adams, Jur
James Anderson
Joseph Mack
Robert Craige
Thomas Holms
Ephraim Dimond
John Patterson
Thos Wallace, Jur
John McClurg
Robert Dickey
Elias Smith
Humphrey Holt
Archebald McCalaster
Robert Thomson
Isaac Walker
Andrew Todd
David Brewster
James Macmurphy
John McIntosh
Samuel Moreson
Samuel Alls
Hugh Watt
Jerediah Patee
James Willson
John Ducky
Gorg Corning
George McAllaster
Robert McClur
Samll Wallace
Robert Boyes
Thom McCleary
William Page
James Miltimor
David Pinkerton
Thomas Rogers
William Anderson
Josiah Duncan
John McAlester
David Mccleary
John Anderson
Alexdr Boyd
James Barnett
Samuel Morison, Jun.
Joseph Chapman
John Marshall
Andrew Mack
Andrew Todd
John Thompson
Samll Thomson
Robert McColom
James Adams
James Alexander
Robt McMurphy, Jr
Mathew Pinkerton
Alexander Craig
Archibald MacMurphy
Samuell Willson
Adam Dickey
James Boyes
Samuel White
Matw Dickey
John Karr
John Giles
James Thompson
Jacob Chas.
Nathl Smith
James Cochran
Joseph Bell
John Mcadams
Samuel Bois
Moses Watt
John Watts
James Lyons
Francis Mitchell
Hugh Kalley
Robt Clndinin
Nicholas Dodge
Henry Campbel
Thomas Wallace
George Mcmurphy
Joseph Cochran
Willm Ranken
John Hunter
Thomas Wilson
Nathaniel Brown
John Clark
John Ramsey
Willam Cochran
James Crombie
Thomas Lennon
Eleaser Cumings
Samuel Eyers
Jonathan Reed
John Clark
Josiah Jones
Thomas Senter
William Alaxander
Ezekiel Grele
Daniel Marshall
Joseph Hobbs
Stephen Dwinell
Jabes Town
John McClenche
Joseph Boys
Joseph Hogg
Thomas Hilands
James Hogg
Ser Wm Johnston
Peter Kalley
William Wier
John Dwinell
David Porter
James Wallace
Willm Wallace
Samuell Renkin
James Ramsey
Daniel Hunter
Jesse Plumer
Jonathan Adams
Wm Eayrs
William Ramsey
John Ramsey
Jno Crombie
Simeon Roberson
Ebeneser Tarbox
Reuben Page
Joseph Finlay
Samul Topson
Joseph Curtice
William Richardson
James Darrah
Nathaniel Hals
Benjamin Kidder
Elijah Towns
William Moor
John March
James Gregg
Samll Senter
William Boyd
Joshua Conet
Samll Karr
Samuel McAdams
Thomas Boyd
William Steel
Robert McAdams
David Pebody
George Buorroghs
Philip Marshal
Richard Marshall
James Barret
Josiah Burroughs
Moses Barret
William Hood
Robort Ondrson
Samuel Miller
John Jaques
Trueworthy Sargent
Thomas Perrin
Robert Cochran
Arthur Boyd
David Connelly
John Stewart
Alexander Robison
George Orr
Moses Rowel
James Cheney
Alexander Kelsey
Daniel Cheney
John Kinkead
Stephen Johnson
Samuel Dodge
Alexander Campbell
Abel Plummer
William Dickey
William Eayers
William Dickey
Peter Robinson
William McAdams
John Robison
Joseph Steel
Isaac Page
David Lawrance
De Samson Kidder
John Smith
William Burroughs
David Campbel
William Grimes
Samll Cochran
John Duncan
John Pinkerton
Jesse Anis
Thomas Mitchel
Joseph Morison, Juner.
Chelas Sargent
Parker Mooers
Thomas Stuart
Robert Mckeen
Simeon Morrill
Barns Morrill
David Davison
David Colbey
Charles Sargent
Abraham Page
William Gray
William Parkinson
Denis Healey
Weanslo Plumer
Robert Wallac
James Miller
John Karr
James Mcgregore
John Archibald
William Morison
William Smith
Daniel McDuffee
Robert MacMurphy
George Davidson
Allexdr Clark
Daniel McNeill
Robert Boyed
Jacob Fowle
John Alexander
William Miltimer
John Nesmith
Isaac Cochran
James Eayers
John Moore
Hugh Dunshe
John Stimson
Robert Hunter
James Litch
George Moor
William Gilmore
John Livingston
Thomas Cristy
Jacob Bartlett
David Colby
Wm Parker
James Vance
Robert Boyd, Juner.
John Wadile
Richard Emerson
Robt Hopkins
George Gregg
James Willson
John Mc Duffee
Sam White
John Humphrey
Samll Allison
			Londonderry June ye 29th 1776

To the Honble Housse of Representiteves for the Collony of New hampshire --

Agreable to the Request of the Honble Committee of Sefty for this Colony, we have taken pains to go through with the assosiation papper, and we find none who Refuses to Sign the Same Except the parsons hereafter mantioned viz Timothy Dawson, Alexander Nicoles, Joseph Morison, Abraham Morison, William Homphry, David Morison, Samuel Ella, Docr George Wood, John Holms, Linr to A Minet Company, John Reed, John Moor, Robert Moor, James Cochron, Samuel Clark, John Stewert.

		By order of the Selectmen
			Thos Taggart	} Select Clerk

Source: "Miscellaneous Revolutionary Documents of New Hampshire, Vol. 30 State Papers Series", Albert Stillman Batchellor Litt. D, Editor of State Papers, Manchester, NH Printed for the State by the John B. Clarke Co. 1910.

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