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Captain Henry Deerborn's Company

Franklin, Aug. 31, 1878.

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Rev. Mr. Cogswell.

My Dear Sir.--I send you a correct list of the men that composed Capt. Henry Dearborn's company in the Bunker Hill battle and subsequent campaign. We leave you to fix the residences of most of the men:

Weymouth Wallace of Epsom, was wounded, and received from goverment an invalid pension.

William McCrillis, of Epsom, also was mortally wounded, and died early in July, 1775. His widow recieved half-pay under subsequent statute law of this State.

Lieut. Joseph Hilton, of Deerfield, who was wounded at Saratoga, recovered so far as to do some duty, finally resigned his commission Oct. 10, 1778.

Lieut. Joseph Thomas, who belonged to Capt. Daniel Livermore's company, and was killed at Saratoga, was paid by Deerfield.

There were two officers of the same name, one of them belonged to Rindge.

John Harvey, of Northwood, was sergeant, was promoted to ensign's commission March 9, 1779, and to lieutentant's commission May 12, 1781. He was also quartermaster for some months in 1780.

In writing the biography of Gen. Henry Dearborn I suppose you will not forget to state the courtesies rendered by Peter Livias, the Tory councilor at Quebec, when Dearborn was made prisoner, and by Livia's influence was paroled and sent home, under the injunction to forward his wife and children to him from Porstmouth to Quebec. All this was done very promptly by Capt. Dearborn in 1776.

Truly yours, etc.,

Geo. W. Nesmith