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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

1847 - 1850

Birth Records, Town of Locke

Cayuga County, New York

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Jan.  6		Unnamed			James and Sarah Kenyon
Feb. 23		Julia Mariah		Esbrow and Sarah Sanford
Feb. 26		Albert			Miletus and Caroline Brown
Mar. 15		James Edwin		Henry H. and Mary Ann Johnson
Mar. 16		Unnamed			Samuel and Sally Whiston
Apr.  4		Grace			David and Sarah Sutphen
Apr. 19		Norman Edwin		Susan Deyo (Illeg.)
May   5		Esther Sopronia E.	Seth and Eunice Roberts
May  22		Unnamed			Ira and Abigail Babcock
Jun. 14		Jerome			Nelson and Martha Minturn
Jun. 22		Unnamed			Hiram and Frances Wallace
Jun. 25		Carlos			Rhodaphus and Martha Jane Brown
Jul. 11		Harriet			James A. and Lydia R. Curtis
Aug.  1		Unnamed			Rodney and Lucretia Freelove
Aug. 10		Letitia			Caleb M. and Emily Carr
Aug. 20		Phebe Mariah		Calvin and Julia Ann Spafford
May   4		Cassius M.		Eliphalet F. and Betsey F. Putman
Aug. 31		Hellen			Simon I or J Cook and - -
Sep.  9		Unnamed			Nathan A. and Lovis Ann Parker
Sep. 10		Lucinda			Warren and Roxaunal Brown
Oct.  6		Sarah			Jonathan and Almira Miller
Oct. 17		Quarles D.		Thomas and Sophronia Knapp
Oct. 26		Orlando			Porter and Lucinda White
Oct. 27		Clinton Fitch		Nelson F. and Elizabeth Stephens
Nov.  9		Thepdore		Edwin and Amanda Guest
Dec.  2		Unnamed			Mahlon and Mary Murphy
Dec. 10		John			Elizar and Amanda Smith
Dec. 17		Clinton			Henry and Martha Hower
Dec. 19		Unnamed			Peleg R> and Sally Ann Humphrey


Oct. 10		Elonzo			Elonzo and Olive Guild
Nov.  6		George Washington	Nathan and Cordelia Doan
Sep.  4		James E.		William N. and Sarah Reynolds
Jan.  2		Olive C.		Warren and Mary Peck
Mar. 27		Cordelia		Ebenezer and Martha Ann Slocum
Jan.  3		Amanda			Daniel and Amanda Learn
Jul. 25		Helen A.		David and Jane Lowns
Oct. 31		Alice Jane		Wisner and Eliza Austin
May  10		Unnamed			Darius and Aurelia Congdon
Jun. 23		Clayton			Lester and Caroline Mattling
Aug.  7		Stillborn		Warren and Philancy Stearns
May   1		Isaac			James O. and Julia Ann Striker
Sep. 12		Esther			Giles and Mary Ann Mosher


Mar.  9		Elizabeth		Nelson T. and Elizabeth Stephens
Oct. 18		Charles			Rodney and Lucretia Freelove
Nov.  5		Hiram			Moses and -- Barrow
Nov. 23		Unnamed			Mahlon D. and Mary T. Murphy
Aug. 11		Jay			Henry and Hannah Bostwick
Aug. 15		Unnamed 		Charles and Sally Whiston
Jul.  2		Isaac Newton		Caleb M. and Emily P. Carr
Apr. 11		Emily Hermine		Caleb and Anna Taylor
Oct.  8		Horace			Edwin and Amanda Guest
Apr. 17		Drucilla		Rhodaphus and Martha J. Brown
May  10		John Douglas		Peter S. and Cinderella Helm
Aug. 10		Ida Isabelle		Hiram and Nancy Powers
Mar. 12		William Benjamin	Samuel and Mary L. Lacey
---		Mary Esther		John and Keturah Content
---		Unnamed			Chester and Harriet Patrick
Jun. 24		Lodusky Ann		Harvey and Syrena Whipple
Apr.  8		Judson Lyon		H. Milton and Caroline Tucker
Jan. 25		Levanjah		Lyman and Sarah Hulbert
Aug. 18		Arnilla			Elijah and Samantha Devoe
Mar.  4		John			William and Elizabeth Conley
---		Unnamed			Warren and Lindy Heath
Aug.  8		Franklin		Wilkins and Sally Love
Feb. 16		Webster			Frances D. and Angeline Croft
May  21		Mary Elizabeth		James H. and Laura Moneghan
Jul.  7		John C.			Reuben and Silence Rounds
Apr.  6		CAroline		William and Santha Shaw


Jun. 18		Charles L.		Anthony V. and Hannah E. Shaw
May  22		Jay			Darius and Orvilla Congdon
Jul.  3		Isaac L.		Jeremiah P. and Sarah A. Cady
Jul.  3		Edna Maria		John W. and Emeline Taylor
Aug.  1		-Hull			Hiram and Lydia Greenfield
Oct. 25		Unnamed			Barnabus and Nancy King
Oct. 25		Lucinda			Ella? and Mary Kimball
Mar.  1		Margaret		William and Mariah Thompson
---		Unnamed			Emmon and Elivra Hamlin
Jun. 14		Ray J.			Jacob and Martha Swartwout
Feb. 13		William Malesko		William and Eliza Walker

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