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1824 Assessment Roll
Town of Springport
Cayuga County, New York

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Description of Real and Personal Property taken by John S. Tone, Alexander Thompson and Philip Winegar assessors in and for the Town of Springport, June 24, 1824.

Description of non resident lands taken June 20, 1824 in the Town of Springport, Cayuga County.

Earl, Jacob B. - non resident still house and lot on lot No. 103 1/2 acre. Bounded east by Lake Road, South by lands owned by John Mosher West by the Lake, North by lands owned by Timothy Bush, Jr.

Cayuga Bridge Co. - non resident Island in the Lake near Union Springs 1/2 acre.

Wood, James - non resident House 1/2 acre of land Bounded East West North and South by lands occupied by Jonas Hinman all in the Town of Springport, Cayuga County and part of Lot No. 11 on the Two Mile Reservation.

We do swerally certify that pursuant to our oaths of office, we have set down in the above assessment roll all the real estate situated in the Town of Springport according to our best information, and at what a majority of said assessors have decided to be the true value at which they would appraise such estate in payment of a bonafide debt due from a solvent debtor (except cases in which the value of said real estate has been sworn to by the owners thereof) and we also swerally certify that the valuation of said lands respectively to which we have swerally assessed is the true value at which we would appraise the same in payment of a bonafide debt due from a solvent debtor (accepting cases in which the value of these has been sworn to as aforesaid.) and also that the said Assessment Roll contains a true statement of the aggregate amount of the Taxable Personal Estate of Each and Every Person named in said Roll according to our best information and belief over and above the amount of debts due from such persons respectively and excluding such stocks as are otherwise taxable.

Springport June 29, 1824

signed Philip Winegar and John S. Toan, Assessors