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1811 Scriba's Patent Tax List
Oswego County, New York

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George Scriba was granted the original land deeds for what became known as Scriba's Patent. He sold these lands to the earliest settlers. A complete list of his sales is not available, but the New York State Archives does have the Scriba Papers. In these documents the original tax list of 1811 can be found. This list was prepared by Tax Assessors: Joseph Bailey, Elijah Everts and William Huntley. The complete list originally included names from New Haven, Parish and Mexico. Eighty-one identifiable names came from Mexico with their lot numbers. Some of these early sales have deeds that cannot be found today. Early records were rather casually kept. Thus this tax list is of special importance. It is impossible to evaluate the completeness of the names, but Tax Assessors of every era tend to strive for total inclusion.