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Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Oath of Allegiance, Town of Hanover, 1777-79

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"We, the subscribers, do swear (or affirm) that we renounce and refuse all allegiance to George the Third, king of Great Britain, his heirs and successors, and that we will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as a free and independent State, and that we will not, at any time, do, or cause to be done, any matter or thing that will be prejudicial or injurious to the freedom and independence thereof, as declared by Congress, and also that we will discover and make known to some justice of the peace of the said State all treasons and traitorous conspiracies which we now know, or hereafter shall know, to be formed against this or any of the United States of America."

July 1, 1777

July 9

July 16

July 19

July 20

July 21

July 22

July 23

July 24

July 25

July 26

July 27

August 1

August 2

August 3

August 4

August 5

August 6

August 7

August 9

August 10

August 12

August 14

August 15

August 18

August 19

August 22

August 28

August 29

August 30

September 1

September 8

September 12

September 17

September 28

The aforegoing names is the persons who have taken the oath of allegiance and fidelity to the State, agreeable to an act of Assembly of Pennsylvania, certified this 1st of October, 1777.
Timothy Green


I do hereby certify that the above named persons have been sworn and affirmed before me, agreeable to an act of General Assembly of Pennsylvania, past June last.
Certified 6th May, 1778
Timothy Green

Lancaster County, ss.

I do hereby certify that the above mentioned persons have been sworn and affirmed by me agreeable to the act of Assembly of Pennsylvania, past June last, obliging the inhabitants to pay allegiance to the same.
Certified the 4th March, 1778
Timothy Green.

Lancaster County, ss.

The within is a just and true account of the persons' names, to whom the oath of allegiance has been administered to, agreeable to act of General Assembly, since my last return as made.
Certified May 1, 1779, by
Timothy Green, [L.S.]

Source: "Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIII", JOhn B. Linn and Wm. H. Egle., M.D., Editor, Manchester, E. K. Meyers, State Printer, 1890.

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