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Pennsylvania Pensioners, 1789

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[The act of Congress of September 29, 1789, directed the payment of Pensions, which had been granted and paid by the States respectively, to the Invalids who were wounded and disabled during the late war, should be continued and paid by the United States from the 4th of March, 1789.—U. S. Laws, vol. i, page 116. This was continued for another year at the next session. It was not until the act of March 18, 1818, that pensions were allowed for service per se during the Revolution, and then only to such who by reason of their reduced circumstances in life were in need of assistance from their country for their support. The following is therefore a list (though necessarily incomplete in consequence of removals from the State) of the wounded and disabled officers and soldiers of the Revolution resident in the State in 1789. The dates annexed being those to which they were paid, may be regarded as approximate to that of their deaths. This list was made out in 1812.]

List of Pensioners on the Pennsylvania list taken from the Pension Books of the United States commencing on the 4th of March, 1789, with date to when paid.

I certify the foregoing is a correct extract from the " Register of Invalid Pensions " remaining in this office.