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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Broome County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Broome County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Atwell, Paul - - Windsor, NY 1780 settled in Windsor, Enlisted in New York Levies, under Col. Willetts. Served 3 years. Pension. -
Armstrong, Solomon - - Barker, NY - -
Alden, Israel - - Windsor, NY Private Massachusetts Troops. -
Andrews, Jonathan - - Windsor, NY Private, Albany County Militia. -
Allen, John - - Windsor, NY 1789 Settled in Barker. Private, Ulster County Militia, Fourth Regiment. -
Badger, Samuel - - Colesville, NY Enlisted Mass. Troops. -
Baker, Joshua - - Colesville, NY Settled in Colesville, 1781 enlisted as Private in 6th Regiment, Dutchess Militia. Pension. -
Barker, John - - Barker, NY Settled in Barker 1791, Connecticut Home Guards, Prisoner in England 1 yr. -
Barlow, Moses - - Chenango, NY 1816 Settled in Chenango. Private 6th Dutchess County Militia. Pension. -
Barnes, Ambrose - - Lisle, NY Enlisted in 1777. Private in Connecticut Line 5th Regt., Col. Bradley. Served until close of War. -
Baylis, Elias---Enlisted private New York Line, First Regiment.-
Baylis, George - - Windsor, NY Enlisted as Private 1777, Col. Malcolm, New Jersey Line, Served 3 years. -
Beecher, Amos - - Chenango, NY Enlisted under Cols. Willett and Webb. Assisted in building fort on Dorchester Heights. Private on armed schooner under Capt. Clark in Battles of White Plains. Sergeant under Col. Head. -
Benedict, James - - LIsle, NY Enlisted 1775, served 2 yrs. Private in Connecticut Militia. Transferred to Capt. Goodrich Rangers. Served under Capt. O. Stoddard. -
Bently, Ansel - - Windsor, NY Enlisted Connecticut Militia Meil's Company, Waterbury's Brigade. -
Bevier, Elias - - Binghamton, NY Private 3rd Ulster Militia, Battles of Saratoga and Albany, with his team moved from Ringwood, N.J. the "Big Chain" laid across the river. -
Blanchard, Jedediah--Chenango Forks, NYEnlisted 1779 as Private under Col. Doolittle, Col. Hoyt's Scouts Conn. Line., Col. Swift's Scouts, Sergeant to end of war. Pension. -
Brewer, Henry - - Chenango, NY Teamster 2nd Albany County Militia -
Britton, James - - Vestal, NY 1802 settled in Vestal, Private under Cols. Titus and Philips. Pension. -
Brown, James - - Windsor, NY Enlisted 1776 in 4th Mass. Line. Also under Col. Shepard in Battles of Monmouth, Saratoga and Retreat of General Sullivan from Rhode Island. -
Burlingame, Nathan - - Windsor Centre, NY - -
Burtis, John - - Windsor, NY - -
Camp, Asa - - Campville 1787 settled in Vestal. Sergaent in New York Line. Helped dig Andre's Grave. -
Chamberlain, David-- Chenango, NY Enlisted Private Massachusetts Line. -
Clark, David - - - Private Massachusetts Line. -
Cleveland, Joseph - - Union, NY 1813 settled at Hooper. Private, Connecticut Militia 11th Regt. Col. Putnam. Private Connecticut Militia 13th Regt. Canfield. Pension. -
Coates, Christopher - - Chenango Forks, NY Settled in Barker 1826, Enlisted 1781 N.Y. Troops, Col. Willett, Served to close of war, Pension. -
Coles, Nathaniel - - Colesville, NY Settled in Cxolesville 1795, Private under Captain Ward, Sergent under Col. Sullivan, Battle of White Plains, Pension. -
Conklin, Eliza - - Kirkwood, NY 1813 settled in Conklin, 1779 enlisted in Capt. Tyler's Co. of Indian Spies under Col. Rosenkrantz, Col. Chamber's New Jersey Militia. Served 3 years. Pension. -
Conklin, John Conklin, NY Enlisted in 1776 in Jacob Dewitts Rangers, 1778 2nd Regt. Ulster County Militia, Capt. Mills Company Artificers attached to Col. Baldwins Regt. Battle of Dobbs Ferry at White Plains. At the execution of Major Andre. Pension. 1817 moved to Great Bend, New York. -
Cook, Colwell Castle Creek, NY - -
Cook, William - - Whitney Point, NY Settled in Lisle 1798, Col. Mass. Troops. -
Corwin, Alfred - - Gulf Summit - -
Crandall, Azel - - Chenango, NY Enlisted 1775, under Capt. Buckley at King's Bridge and New London. Pension. -
Crawford, Thomas - - Whitney Point, NY Townsend's Artillery, 5th Regt. New York Line. -
Cronk, Garret - - Lisle, NY Enlisted 1776 Virginia Corps of Horse, Col. Henry Lee. -
Cross, Timothy - - Port Crane, NY Private under Capt. Watkins, Capt. Page, Capt. Cilley, Pension. -
Culver, Daniel - - - Private Mass. Linbe, Col. Brown. -
Curtis, Joel - - -
De Forest, Abel - - New Berlin 17-- settled in Chenango. Enlisted in Levies, Conn. Line 5th Regt.. Captain Albany County Militia. Guard of Major Andre. -
Durkee, Asa - - - Private New Hampshire Line, Settled in Town of Chenango. -
Gaylord, Elijah - - Triangle, NY 1829, settled in Triangle. 1770 enlisted private, Col. Mead, 7th Conn. Regiment. Guarded Burgoynes Regiment while passing through Connecticut. Pension. -
Heath, Joseph - - Windsor, NY Enlisted 1777 as blacksmith Mass Line under Col. Baldwin Served to close of war. -
Hinds, Jesse - - Binghamton, NY 1817 settled in Binghamton. Serg't. Mass. Militia under Cols. Putnam and Porter. Taken prisoner: recaptured at Mount Hope. In Battle of Monmouth. Served 4 years. Pension. -
Hinman, Samuel - - Lisle, NY Enlisted under Col. Wooster 12th Regiment, Captain Francis and Col. Sheldon-Conn. Line. -
Hodge, Ephraim - - Triangle, NY Enlisted New York State Tryon County Militia. Settled in Triangle 1807. -
Holland, Joseph - - Lisle, NY Private Captain Wheelers Company Col. Chapman's Regiment. -
Howland, Consider - - Lisle, NY Private, Mass. Militia. -
Hurlburt, David - - Lisle, NY Enlisted 1777 under Col. Swift, Capt. Chapman's Co, Corporal, Promoted to Sergeant, Served three years. -
Hyde, Caleb, Major General - - Hyde Settlement, NY Major General Mass. Militia. Sheriff during Shay Rebellion. Settled in the Town of Barker 1795. -
Hyde, Chauncey - - Hyde Settlement, NY Major Mass. Troops. Settled in Barker 1793. -
Ingram, Martin - - Maine, NY - -
Johnson, Edward - - Killawog, NY Private, 3rd Regiment, New York Line -
Johnson, Orange - - Killawog, NY Enlisted 1777 under Capt. Stoddard, Mass. Line under Col. Voss, Private New York Line, Served til the close of the war. -
Johnston, John - - Whitney, NY Private 1st Regiment, New York Line, Col. Van Schaik. -
Kettle, Edmund - - Kattlesville, NY Settled in Town of Colesville. Private in Rhode Island Militia under Cols. Cook, Stanton and General Sullivan. -
Knowlton, Garner C. - - Windsor, NY Private Conn. Line -
Knowlton, Joshua - - Windsor, NY Private, Conn. Line, Capt. Allens Co., Wyllys Regiment. -
Knox, James - - 4 miles from Windsor Settled in Colesville. Private Mass. Troops under Col. Bond. Entered Washington's Life Guards. First Troop Light Dragons 3rd Regiment Penn. Line. Served 3 years. -
Lawrence, Edmund - - Conklin, NY Settled in Conklin 1815. Private Mass. Troops. -
Legg, Reuben - - Berkshire, NY Enlisted 1779, Mass. Line under Col. Bailey. -
Leonard, Joseph - - Chenango, NY Settled in Chenango 1787. Enlisted as Captain. Battles of Bunker Hill and Wyoming. -
Loveland, Malachi - - Windsor, NY Ensign Captain Rudd's Company. -
Manning, David - - Lisle, NY Major. -
Mason, Leman - - Colesville, NY Corp. and Captain, Conn. Troops, Col. Meade. Battles of Princeton and Valley Forge. -
Matterson, David - - Choconut, NY -
Mercereau, John - - Union, NY Furnished financial aid and horses for the army. Acted as spy. -
Mercereau, Joshua - - Union, NY Settled in Union 1720. Represented Richmond Co. 1777-1786, Represented Provincial Association 1788-1804. Adjunct General N.Y. State Troops. Prisoner Old Sugar House. Aided Government financially in the war. -
Moore, Solomon - - Binghamton, NY Settled at Binghamton. In Battle of Bennington. -
Morgan, Gaius - - Binghamton, NY Settled in Chenango. Private Connecticut Troops. -
Nichols, Eli - - Union, NY Private Connecticut Militia, Col. Lamb's Artillery. Served 5 Years. -
Osborne, James - - Osborn Hollow, NY 1775 Enlisted Mass. Troops under Capt. Lusk. 1775 Enlisted Mass. Troops under Col. Smith. Battles of Bennington and Saratoga. Pension. -
Page, Tyrus - - Castle Creek, NY - -
Palmer, Henry - - Chenango, NY Settled at Chenango Bridge 1810. Enlisted at 16 N.Y. Troops, Captain Wheeler. Coast Gaurds under Colonel Weissenfels, New York Levies under Col. Weissenfells. -
Patterson, John, Brig. General - - Whitney Point, NY Brigadier General. Enlisted in Mass. Troops. 1791 settled Whitney Point. -
Patterson, Josiah, General - - Lisle, NY General Mass. Troops. 1798 settled in Lisle. -
Phipp, Samuel - - Lisle, NY Enlisted in Mass. Line 1775 under Col. Patterson and also under Col. Vose. Battles of Princeton, Newton, Monmouth. -
Pierce, Zadock - - Lisle, NY Private Mass. Line. -
Pratt, Elias - - Christ Churchyard, Binghamton, NY Serg't Conn. Line 2nd Brigade. Enlisted 1777. Discharged for overheating himself. -
Rockwell, Abner - - Union, NY Settled in Union Centre 1792. Sergt. At Lexington. -
Rodgers, John - - Barker, NY 4th Regiment. Conn. Line, Captain Hyde, Col. Durkee. -
Rodgers, Lemuel - - Barker, NY Corp. Conn. Line 1st Regiment. Enlisted Capt. Richards Company, Col. Jed. Huntingtons Regiment. -
Rodgers, Simeon - - Chenango Forks, NY Settled in Barker 1794. Drafted in Conn. Troops, Col. John Lattimer. Enlisted Marine on Brig "Marshall" Capt. Buckley. Pension. -
Roe, Winthrop - - East Union, NY Settled in Union 1792. Private, Conn. Line. -
Rose, John - - Nimmonsburg, NY Enlisted in 1776 under Col. Seth Warner. Ensign N.H. Line. Served until the end of war. Original member Society Cincinnatti. -
Rose, William - - Nimmonsburg, NY Settled in Goosetown 1785. Musician under Col. Willis (?) in Battles of Quaker Ridge, Horseneck, White Plains. 1780 selected by Baron Steuben from new recruits to fill vacancies in General de LaFayettes brigade. Pension. -
Russell, Edmund - - Windsor, NY Settled in Windsor 1789. 1777, Private Conn. Troops, Col. Lanb's Artillery. On man of War, Col. Truxton. Taken prisoner. Pension. -
Sawtelle, John - - Port Dickenson, NY Boston Tea Party, Battle of Bunker Hill. -
Seward, Jedediah - - Glen Castle, N Y Settled in Glenn Castle, NY, 1786. Enlisted 1776 under Col. Shepard. Enlisted 1777 under Cols. Timothy and Harper. -
Seymore, John - - Whitney Point, NY Major Conn. Troops. Settled at Whitney Point. -
Seymore, Stephen - - Whitney Point, NY Private, Mass. Line. -
Skillman, Jacob - - Union, NY Settled in Union 1800. Enlisted 1776. Private N.J. Troops under Col. Hyer. -
Smith, Elijah - - Windsor, NY Settled in Windsor, 1789. -
Squires, Selah - - Spring Forest Cemetery, Binghamton, NY Settled in Chenango. Vol. 1775 Conn. Troops, Capt. Mead's Co., Col. Waterbury. 2nd Lieut. Under Cols. Osborne and Mead. Pension. -
Stoddard, Orange General - - Lisle, NY Settled in Hooper 1785. Captain Mass. Line under Col. Vose. Promoted to General. -
Stone, Charles - - Kettleville, NY - -
Stow, Samuel - - Windsor, NY Settled in Windsor, 1793. Enlisted 1775 under Capt. Smith, Col. Elmores Regiment. Sergeant under Capt. Walker, Col. Lamb's Company of Artillery. In all battles of the north. Seige of Yorktown. -
Stuart, John - - Windsor, NY Private, Conn. Line, Capt. Pond's Company, Col. Douglas. -
Stuart, William - - Binghamton, NY Settled in Binghamton, 1808. Lieut. In Army at 16. Served till end of war. At Surrender of Cornwallis. General Knox's Secretary. On General Washington's Staff. Original member Cincinnatti. -
Swan, John - - Union Centre, NY Settled in Windsor. Private 5th Mass. Line under Col. Putnam. Enlkisted 1781. -
Thomas, Joseph 1761 1831 Conklin, NY Private, Mass. Line of Artificers under Col. Baldwin. At Surrender of Cornwallis. Battle of Yorktown. Pension Roll, 1819. Phoebe Tyler, died 1847, buried in Conklin.
Thomson, Thadeus - - Lisle, NY Surgeon, 6th Mass. Line under Col. Nixon. Served till the close of the war. Settled in Lisle, 1802. -
Ton, Seneca - - Chenango, NY Indian Scout. -
Tracy, Ebenezer - - Lisle, NY Settled in Lisle, 1793. Mass. Line under Col. Jackson. Served three years.
Truesdell, Jabish - - Vestal, NY Enlisted 1776 as private in Westchester (?) County Militia, under Cols. Drake and Graham. In Battles of White Plains, Port Independence, and Danbury, CT. Escort after the evacuation by the British. Pension. -
Warner, Benjamin 1752 - Windsor, NY Settled in Windsor, 1801. Enlisted in Col. Lambs Artillery. Served under Col. Cortland. Pension. -
West, Anthony - - Castle Creek, NY Settled at Castle Creek. Private in Conn. Line. -
Weston, William - - Vestal, NY Settled at Willow Point, 1798. Enlisted 1776 as fifer aged 14 in N.J. Troops. With General Sullivan in march through Central New York. Served till close of war.
Wheeler, James - - Chenango Forks, NY Private, Mass. Line.
Whitney, William, General - - Chenango, NY General New York Troops. Original Member Cincinnatti. Settled in Chenango, 1767.
Winans, Abram - - Vestal, NY Settled in Vestal, 1796. Private in New Jersey Troops under Col. Jacques. Served until close of the war. Pension. -

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