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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Cayuga County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Cayuga County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Abbott, John4-2-17245-21-1814Westfall, Niles, NYVermont Militia
Abbott, John, Jr.7-17-17483-20-1835Westfall, Niles, NYCapt. Stark's Co.
Abbot, Samuel-4/15/1835Meridian, Cato, NY1835 Pension Roll, Priv. N.Y. Continental Line
Ackerson, Cornelius17561845Sterling Valley, Sterling, NYNew York Line
Adams, John--Crossroads, Springport, NYPrivate in the New Jersey Militia
Adams, Jonathan176510/29/1828Old Cemetery, Sennett, NYScout & Musician in Vermont Militia, Officer in War.
Alexander, Eliphas17649/28/1851Indian Mound, Moravia, NY1835 Pension Roll in Cayuga County, Private in Mass. Militia.
Alexander, Hugh-6/5/1828Fleming Hill, Fleming, NYAlbany County Militia, Land Bounty Rights, 3rd Militia under Capt. Abraham Vader.
Allen, Gideon6/30/17473/12/1841Allen Cemetery, Springport, NYPension in 1833 from Cayuga County, private and Sergent in Vermont Troops.
Allen, Stephen-6/30/1822Evergreen Cemetery, Scipio, NYEnlisted April 29, 1781 in Capt. James Dana's Militia Company, Conn.
Alley, William12/23/17632/15/1850Indian Mound, Moravia, NYIn the Line, 2nd Regt., Col. John...
Alsop, John17534/28/1832Old Homestead, Ledyard, NYSupplied leads for bullets. Member Committee of Resistance, 1775.
Annin, William17629/19/1800Cayuga Village or Lakeville, Aurelius, NYSurgeon, Col. Thomas Nixon's Regt. Connecticut Continental Army
Annin, James17715/11/1831Cayuga Village or Lakeville, Aurelius, NYPrivate Dutchess County Militia
Ammerman, Powell J.1/6/17512/25/1841Parsell Cemetery, Owasco, NY1835 Pension Roll, Private in New Jersey Militia.
Arnold, Joseph H.17707/18/1845Old Sennett Cemetery, Sennett, NYCorporal New York Militia
Atwater, John12/24/17576/2/1838West Genoa or King Ferry, Genoa, NY1835 Pension Roll in Cayuga County, Private in Connecticut Continental Line.
Avery, Benjamin-1/28/1816Ledyard Church Cemetery, Ledyard, NYCaptain in New York Line of the Army of the Revolution
Avery, Daniel, Jr.9/18/17661/30/1842Oak Glen, Aurora Village, Ledyard, NYPensioned in Cayuga County, 1835 for services as Private in Conn. Militia.
Avery, Enos4/6/17687/31/1837Port Byron, Old Cemetery, Mentz, NY1840 Pension Roll, Cayuga County.
Bailey, John176212/13/1838Sterling Village, Sterling, NY1st. Regt., Col. Goose Vanschaick
Baker, Abijah-4/16/1815Owasco Rural, Owasco, NYPrivate, Mass. Militia
Baker, James-8/12/1829North Street, Auburn, NYDutchess County Militia, N.Y., 2nd & 4th Regt.
Baldwin, Josiahage 836/2/1840Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Port Byron, NY1835 Pension, New Jersey Militia, wife Martha died 8/30/1835.
Banks, Joshua86 yrs. 5 mos.4/11/1843Venice Center, Stuart's Corners Cemetery, Venice, NYPrivate in Mathew Headow's Co., Served in Battle of White Plains
Banks, Samuel4/8/17556/24/1826St. Peter's, Bainbridge, NY2nd Westchester Militia, N.Y., Colonel Thomas Thomas.
Barker, William72 yrs.11/2/1832Quaker Cemetery, Union Springs, Springport, NYOrange County Militia Association.
Barnes, Aaron17641/3/1824Pine Hill, Throop, NYNew York Militia, Tyron County, 3rd Regt. Col. Frederick Fisher
Barnes, John C.80 yrs.4/12/1842Caton-Meridian Cemetery, Cato, NY1835 Pension Roll, Private Connecticut Continental Line.
Barnes, Thomas-8/24/1844Community Cemetery, Weedsport, Throop, NYCaptain Brackett's Co., 5th Batt. Conn. State Troops.
Barney, Daniel63 yrs.5/25/1830Summerhill Cemetery, Summerhill, NY7 day Alarm in R.I. Col. Carpenter's Regt., Captain Warner's Co.
Barrett, Benjamin176211/6/1842Fosterville Cemetery, Aurelius, NYPrivate, Mass. Militia
Bassett, Ja/o tham173812/16/1827Kelloggsville, New, Sempronius, NY-
Bassett, Jotham5/29/17384/2/1803Sempronius, NYServed thru French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars
Bateman, Zadock8/17/17629/2/1842Stewart's Corners Cemetery, Venice< nyPensioned in 1835 & 1840 in Cayuga County, Private in Berkshire County, Mass. Line.
Battie (Battey), John176012/13/1838Sterling Village, Sterling, NY4th Regt. Militia, Orange County
Beardsley, Benjamin17546/6/1837East Venice Cemetery, Genoa, NYPrivate, New York Militia.
Beers, Isaac78 years8/25/1836Oakridge or Crane Cemetery, Springport, NY1835 Pension List in Cayuga County, Private in Connecticut Continental Line.
Bell, Elijah17495/9/1824Fleming Hill, Fleming, NYPrivate, Connecticut Continental Troops.
Bennett, Asabel P.87 yrs.6/11/1840Sand Beach, FlemingMinute Man in Col. John Brown's Berkshire Regt., 1777, and under Col. John Ashley.
Bennett, John1775?4/18/1847Hawkins-Lot 6, Genoa, NYPension Census, Cayuga County New York
Bennett, Amos3/26/?1833Old Sennett, Sennett, NYLieut. Tryon County Militia, 3rd Regt.under Col. Frederick Fish.
Benson, Elkanah17655/6/1844Owasco Rural, Owasco, NY14th Regt. Militia, Col. John Knickerbocker.
Benson, Joshua--Union or Meyers, Springport, NY-
Bent, Stephen7/15/17525/19/1822Sterling Valley Cemetery, Sterling, NYTiconderoga Campain, 1776 in Aaron Hayne's Co. Col. Asa Whitcomb's Regt.
Bently, Joseph5/1/175710/13/1832Kellogsville, Sempronius, NYDutchess County Militia, 5th Regt.
Berean, Peterage 6611/28/1826Dry Creek Cemetery, Moravia, Niles, NYUlster County Militia, Land Bounty Rights, 4th Regt. N.Y.
Bevier, Jacob I.17471833Owasco Rural, Owasco, NYPension 1833, Private in N.Y. State Troops. Signed Articles of Association.
Berean, Thomas17515/3/1842Old Dresserville, Sempronius, NYUlster County Militia, 4th Regt.
Bevier, Samuel9/23/17687/20/1831Owasco Rural, Owasco, NYUlster County Militia, 7th Regt. Col. John Hardenburgh.
Bliss, Beriah17651827Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Union Springs, Springport, NYPrivate in Captain William Moulton's, Gen. David Waterbury's Conn. State Brigade
Bogart, Dr. Jacob8/1/177212/13/1822Sand Beach, Fleming, NYPrivate, New York Militia
Bolton, Davidage 88 yrs.1/10/1810Eddy Cemetery, Scipio, NYPrivate in Capt. Reuben Mann's Co., Col. Nicholas Dike's Regt., Mass. Troops.
Bostwick, William-abt. 1825St. Peter's Church Cemetery, Auburn, NYEnlisted Mar. 5, 1777in Beardsley's Co. Conn. Discharged March 15, 1777, Wife Hannah died 8/16/1852, age 83 1/2 yrs.
Bottum, Jabez L.age 83 yrs.9/4/1836Dry Creek Cemetery, Moravia, NY1835 Pension Roll in Cayuga County as Private in Connecticut Continental Line.
Boughton, John10/23/1771?3/25/1824Evergreen Cemetery, Scipio, NYGalpin Hill Cemetery, Fleming, NY
Bowen, Aaron17591839Galpin Hill Cemetery, Fleming, NYPrivate Capt. Benedict's Co., Capt. Richard's Co., 5th Regt.
Bowen, William9/25/17602/20/1854Davidson-Selover Cemetery?, Niles, NYPension Roll in Cayuga County as Private in Berkshire County Mass. Militia. Capt. Allen's Co., Col. Brooks Regt.
Bowker, Silasage 71 yrs.10/14/1834Greenleaf Farm Cemetery, Locke, NYPlaced on Pension Roll in Cayuga County for services as Private in the New York Militia, in 1831.
Branch, Samuel17681843Wilcox or Old Village Cemetery, Locke, NY1835 Pension Roll in Cayuga County New York.
Breed, Thomas--Meech Cemetery, Brutus, NY-
Brinkerhoff, George R.-11/7/1819Parsell Cemetery, Owasco, NYEnlisted in Swoop's Flying Battalion in York County, Penn.
Brinkerhoff, Jacobage 73 yrs.11/13/1829Parsell Cemetery, Owasco, NYEnlisted in Swoop's Flying Battalion in York County, Penn. Also Capt. in Washingtons
Brinkerhoff, James17461813Parsell Cemetery, Owasco, NYOne of 6 brothers who enlisted in Swoop's Flying Battalion in York, Pa. Army
Brinkerhoff, Roelif82 yrs.12/28/1830Parsell Cemetery, Owasco, NYOne of 6 brothers who enlisted in Swoop's Flying Battalion in York, Pa.
Brown, Ebenezer17501848Wilcox Cemetery, Locke, NYCorp. Valley Forge.
Brown, John-4/20/1822Monegan Cemetery, Locke, NYPensioned in 1818 in Conn.
Brown, Solomon-4/2/1837East Venice Cemetery, Venice, NYPension in Cayuga County 1835 for service as Private in the Massachusetts Militia.
Brown, Thomasage 882/9/1851Sterling Valley Cemetery, Sterling, NYPension in Cayuga County 1835, for service as Private in the Vermont Militia.
Buck, Davidage 8310/19/1823North Street Cemetery, Auburn, NYMassachusetts Militia.
Buckhout, Jacobage 92 yrs.5/18/1858Scipioville or Evergreen Cemetery, Scipio, NYWestchester County Militia.
Bullock, Nathan--Old Cemetery, Sennett, NY-
Burnham, Major Asa8/28/17531/1/1846Aurora Village Oak Glen Cemetery, Ledyard, NYEnlisted 1776,
Cady, Jeremiahage 96 yrs.8/22/1834Sempronius Cemetery, Sempronius, NYPensioned 1818 as Private and Sergaent in Massachusetts Continentals.
Cady, Zadokage 82 yrs.3/6/1846Dry Creek Cemetery, Moravia, NY1835 Pension Roll in Cayuga County for services as Private in Connecticut Continental Line.
Campbell, Alexander78 yrs.12/11/1845Conquest Cemetery, Conquest, NYServed in New Jersey Militia as a private, 1764-1813.
Campbell, Hugh-1810Tupper Corners Cemetery, Genoa, NYPrivate in Col. Starks Regiment, Battle of Bunker Hill.
Campbell, Nathanage 87 yrs.3/7/1831Conquest Cemetery, Conquest, NYServed Connecticut Militia.
Campbell, Samuel3/22/17734/7/1842Conquest Village Cemetery, Conquest, NYPrivate Albany County Militia, 13th Regiment.
Cannon, Thomas175712/6/1839Saxton Farm Cemetery, Venice, NYSergaent 1st. Regiment, New York Line.
Carpenter, Daniel17266/10/1814North Street Cemetery, Auburn, NYDutchess County Militia, 2nd Regiment, Capt. John Brinkerhoff.
Carpenter, Elisha17474/24/1807Nettleton Cemetery, Genoa, NYDrafted to serve at R.I.
Carr, James6/5/17595/8/1839Quaker Cemetery, Union Springs, NY1835 Pension Roll, Cayuga County for services ias Private in New York Militia.
Carver, Nathan75 yrs.2/20/1819Galpin Hill Cemetery, Fleming, NYPrivate, Massachusetts.
Chamberlain, Niniah10/1/175112/20/1833Owasco Rural Cemetery, Owasco, NYMaster of Transportation.
Chapin, Elijah17603/22/1830Venice Center Cemetery, Venice, NYCorp., Minute Men.
Chatfield, Joel78 yrs.3/20/1842Fleming Hill Cemetery, Fleming, NYPension 1818 Cayuga County for services in Massachusetts Line.
Chatfield, Josiah17683/9/1831Fleming Hill Cemetery, Fleming, NYPrivate, Connecticut, 2nd Regiment.
Chipman, Thomas-1/25/1830Chipman Corner's Cemetery, Locke, NYPension 1818 Cayuga County, as Private in Connecticut Militia.
Chiver, (Cheever) Ebenezer 78 yrs.10/29/1841Cornwell Farm, Scipio, NY1835 Pension Roll in Cayuga County as Private in Connecticut Militia.
Christian, John11/1/17531/9/1855Christian Family Cemetery, Mentz, NYSergeant in 2nd Regiment New York Line, Pensioned in Cayuga County, 1835.
Clark, Ichabod78 yrs.6/23/1844Oakridge Cemetery, Union Springs, NYServed in Massachusetts as Sergeant.
Clark, Jehiel12/17/17617/20/1844North Street Cemetery, Auburn, NYSigned "Pledge of Allegance"
Clark, Joshua17488/11/1830Genoa New Cemetery, Genoa, NYNew York Militia, Dutchess County Minute Man, Col. Jacobus Swartout.
Clark, Samuel7/17/17464/8/1817Tupper Corner, Genoa, NYPrivate.
Clarke, Dr. Peter Lynsen 7/15/17735/31/1858Old Montezuma Cemetery, Montezuma, NYThe Line 4th Regiment.
Clarke, Benoni81 yrs.7/4/1842Throopsville Cemetery, Throop, NYPensioned 1835 in Cayuga County for service in the Massachusetts Continental.
Close, Benjamin17601855? or 1785West Genoa, Kings Ferry, Genoa, NYPrivate
Cogswall, Ferris17668/30/1837Fosterville Cemetery, Aurelius, NYIra Allen's Vermont Militia.
Conger, Reuben73 Yrs.4/7/1829Westfall - Johnson Farm Cemetery, Niles, NYServed as Sergeant in Albany County Militia
Conger, Deacon Uzziah17577/12/1834Ira Hill Cemetery, Ira, NYCorp., 5th Regt., Albany County Militia.
Conklin, Matthew3/17/17461795Conklin Family Cemetery, Niles, NY-
Connover, John176812/26/1833Owasco Rural Cemetery, Owasco, NYPur. Foragmaster, New Jersey Troops Militia.
Connover/Cownover, Garrett17326/22/1823Owasco Rural Cemetery, Owasco, NYEnrolled as Covenhoven in Capt. Carhart's Company.
Cook, John M.(itchell)17671/21/1840Montezuma High, Montezuma, NYPatriot refuge, L.I. to Conn.
Cooley, Dr. Asahel17689/13/1828Union Myers Cemetery, Springport, NYCapt. in 17th Regt. Conn.
Cooper, Obadiah A.9/30/17627/24/1831Victory Rural Cemetery, Victory, NYCorporal in Capt. Bernardius Bratt's Company, Albany County 1st. 1835 pensioner as Corporal and Sergeant, New York Militia.
Cooper, Thomas97 yrs.4/29/1865Conquest Cemetery, Conquest, NYThe Line, 1st Regiment under Col. Goose Van Schaick.
Cornell, Gideon83 yrs.1836Quaker Cemetery, Springport, NYServed at Lt. 1774-1775. Made a captain.
Cortwright, Moses78 yrs.6/26/1824Van Etten Cemetery, Owasco, NYCommanded Minisink Company, Orange County New York Militia. Signed Article of Association.
Corwin, Barnabas8/16/17567/2/1826Wilcox Cemetery, Locke, NYNew York Ulster County Militia.
Court, John72 yrs.3/29/1834Coleman Cemetery, Ira, NYMarched to camp 7/18/1780 under command of Captain Joseph Brown. Served several enlistments.
Cowell, Jonathan67 yrs.1823Fleming Hill Cemetery, Fleming, NYPrivate, Captain Samuel Hodge's Company, Lewis VanWoert's Regiment, Albany County Militia - Land Bounty Rights.
Covey, Walter82 yrs.8/14/1852Stewart's Corner Cemetery, Venice, NYPrivate, Dutchess County Militia, 3rd and 7th Regiments, New York. Wife Nancy died 12/4/1854 ae. 73 yrs.
Crane, Ezekiel, Captain17471813Crane Farm Cemetery, Throop, NYCaptain, Western Battalion, Morris County, New Jersey Militia.
Crane, Isaac17531810Sterling Village Cemetery, Sterling, NYLieut. And Adj. of a Regiment.
Crane, James17587/15/1840Oakridge/Crane, Springport, NYPrivate, Captain Enos Regiment. Corp. 3rd Regiment.
Crim, Henry2/24/17624/6/1845Crim Family Cemetery, Brutus, NYThe New York Levies, Col. John Harper
Crise, Barnet5/19/17596/26/1848Richardson Cayuga Junction, Springport, NYNew York Militia, 1835 Pension Roll.
Croft, John97 yrs.12/24/1857Bird Cemetery, Locke, NYPrivate in New York Militia. 1835 Pension Roll, Cayuga County.
Croker, Joesph80 yrs.6/5/1829West Genoa or Northville Cemetery, Genoa, NYLieut. In Greatous 3rd Regiment, Mass. Troops.

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