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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Chautauqua County, New York

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Chautauqua County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary ServiceWife
Abel, Thomas 10/9/1749 10/10/1814 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Private in Battle of Bennington, 1777. -
Adams, William 10/19/1754 4/1/1841 French Creek Cemetery, French Creek, NY En. Private in Mass. Regt. 1775, Enlisted in Roxbury Mass., Married Anna Walters (Waters) 1787. Anna Walters (Waters)
Allen, Phineas 1758 1851 Allen Cemetery, Poland, NY - -
Anderson, Samuel - - Westfield- Portland Union Cemetery, Westfield, NY No U.S. Marker -
Annis, Jacob 1761 1/14/1841 Lewis Cemetery, Ellery, NY Private -
Atkins, Amos - - Picket Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Record on his tombstone "He was a Revolutionary Soldier" -
Babcock, Jonathan 12/8/1762 2/16/1842 Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery, NY En. 4/1/1782 at Stephentown, N.Y., Discharged 12/31/---- at Ft. Plain, N.Y. Applied for pension 1832. Served 9 mos. as Private under Col. Willett, Capt. Pearde. Rebecca died 7/4/1841 age 78 yrs. 7 mos. Buried beside him.
Bacon, Lemuel 1764 10/6/1844 Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery, NY En. Easton, Washington County, N.Y., 2/1778, served as Private under Capt. Martin & Col. Warner, N.Y. State Militia, Applied for Pension 2/17/1834, residing Fort Ann, Washington County, N.Y.,1840 Pension List, Father Joseph Bacon. -
Barker, Hezekiah 4/14/1757 7/5/1834 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted at Little Compton, R.I., Served 10 mos. after which he followed the Army of Washington, serving as dispatch carrier. -
Barnes, Daniel 12/4/1762 1854 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Enlisted in 1780 at Plymouth Conn. -
Barner, Luther 3/4/1757 9/30/1844 Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery, NY Born in Norwich, Conn. Became Minute Man, afterwards Pvt. in Capt. Jesse Huntington's Co., Col. Selden's Regt. Conn. Militia, served 2 years, joined Navy, remaining till end of War. Was taken prisoner. Applied pension 1832, living Chautauqua County. -
Barney, Luther 3/4/1757
Norwich, CT
Ellery, NY
Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery, NY Minute Man, serving two years, then joined Navy. Served to close of the war. 1st Abigail Winship; had 10 children, buried in Genoa, NY.

2nd Ruth Garrison; had 10 children, buried beside him.

Batcheller, Abraham 3/26/1752 8/14/1832 Stockton Cemetery, Stockton, NY Corporal under Capt. Andrew Elliott. Attained rank of Lieutentant. -
Beebee, Amon 1751 2/21/1830 Clymer Cemetery, Chautauqua County, NY Private with Mass. Troops. Pension List of 1830. -
Bell, Arthgur 2/10/1763 1830 East Ripley Cemetery, Ripley, NY - Married Olive Hungerford May 19, 17_4.
Bemus, William 2/25/1762 1/2/1830 Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery, NY Private, Albany County N.Y. Militia, Van Vegtons Regiment, Woodworths Company. Mary Predergrast, buried beside him.
Benedict, Samuel 7/29/1753 6/28/1845 Ashville Cemetery, Harmony, NY 1840 Census of Pensioners. Sarah
Bird, Colonel - - Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY Revolutionary Pensioner. -
Bovee, Nicholas 1761 or 1759 abt. 1840 Pomfret Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Private, New York State Troops, Pension in 1831.1840 Census of Pensioners. -
Boyd, Joseph 11/5/1759 3/19/1846 Lewis Cemetery, Ellery, NY Enlisted 1780/1 Private Conn. Militia, Pension List, 1840. Married 2/1784 Zerna Williams - 6 children.
Bradley, Lent 1751 1841 Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY Enlisted at Stockbridge, Mass. -
Brigham, John 1758 8/21/1828 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY No record of service. Father and Brother were Revolutionary Soldiers. -
Brigham, Jonathan 10/29/1754 7/26/1848 Mayville Cemetery, Chautauqua, NY Minute Men, also at Battle of Bunker Hill and Saratoga. -
Burnham, Augustus 8/4/1751 1823 Laona Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Marched on Lexington Alarm. -
Campbell, Capt. John 1/31/1762 9/2/1851 Clymer Cemetery, Clymer, NY Enlisted Norton, Bristol County, Mass., Enlisted 1/2/1778 Jacob Fuller's Co., Enlisted 3/1/1781 in Lyme, N.H., Pension. Married Abigail and had 3 children.
Carpenter, ---- - - Charlotte Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted in Mass. -
Carter, Elias - - Charlotte Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted 1776 Loominster Mass. with his three sons. Little known of his history. -
Carter, Elisha 1/16/1762 Ma. 1833 Charlotte Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted at age of 14 from Mass. going with his father Elias. Pensioner. -
Chamberlain, Phineas 9/11/1760 3/22/1847 Townline Cemetery, Harmony, NY Ensign, Hopkinton, Mass. Married 1791 to Rebecca.
Cheney, Ebenezer 9/7/1761 8/12/1828 Kiantone Cemetery, Kiantone, NY Enlisted 1779, and served in Mass. Militia and then Continental Army. Was at Lexington and Bunker Hill. Married Anna Nelson in Mass.
Clark, Caleb - - Pickett Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Served 4 yrs. 2 mos. Trenton, Stillwater, and other Battles in New Jersey. -
Cleland, John 1758 2/16/1827 Pickett Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted 1776 under Col. Willis. Served 2 1/2 years. -
Cleveland, Gardiner 1763 4/22/1851 Clymer Cemetery, Clymer, NY Recieved a pension. -
Coe, John 9/20/1757/8 2/19/1846 Red Bird Cemetery, Ellery, NY Born Southbury, Conn. Enlisted June 1776, Pension List of 1840. Married Connie. Johnson, 10 children
Cole, Seth 1756 or 1758 - Old Ferdonia Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted May 1777, 3 enlistments. -
Comstock, Martin L. 8/1/1757 - Busti Cemetery, Busti, NY Private -
Coney, John 1783 1838 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Served two years in the Continental Army and in Govebnment enploy to close of war. Married Lovina Paterson in Palmer Mass.
Couch, William - - Westfield- Portland Union Cemetery, Westfield, NY - -
Crawford, Andrew 1761 5/28/1839 Lakeview Cemetery, Jamestown, NY Private, Applied for pension 4/13/1818. -
Crosby, Simon 1764 1/25/1837 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted Sept. 29, 1777, Served with Conn. Troops as Private, discharged 1783. -
Davis, Paul, Col. 11/10/1760 12/28/1826 Falconer Cemetery, Ellicott, NY Enlisted Meridan Mass. Minute Man. At Lexington, Bunker Hill. Military Cec. Washingtons Staff. At Valley Forge, Yorktown. -
Davis, Samuel 1756 12/26/1834 Magnolia Cemetery, Chautauqua, NY Served as Drummer from Stockbridge, Mass. with Minute Men at Lexington, drum major - 1780 under Capt. John Chadwick. Married Ruth Holley, no known children.
Delameter, Benjamin 6/1/1762 4/26/1832 Old Cemetery, Jamestown - Private, Born Amenia, Dutchess County, N.Y. Married Sarah Gifford - 1 child, Married Isabel Later removed to Beverly - 9 children. Lakewood Cemetery
Deming, Daniel 3/28/1762 10/28/1828 Stockton Cemetery, Stockton, NY Private -
Dickson, Robert - - East Ripley Cemetery, Ripley, NY - -
Dix, Joseph 7/7/1753 9/16/1822 Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY -or- Pickett Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted Sturbridge; Minute Men at Battle of Lexington. Sarah Fisher
Dunn, Capt. James 1761 10/23/1838 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY - -
Durand, Fiske 1766 4-18-1841 Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY Enlisted as Drummer Boy, Milford, Connecticut. -
Ely, William 1752 4/6/1838 unknown Private Conn. Militia. Married Hannah Barker, daughter born in 1783.
Fenton, Adonijah 1754 2/4/1844 Magolia Cemetery, Chautauqua, NY Enlisted May 1775, Conn. served 3 years, 6 months with rank of Corporal & Sergeant. Pension List 1840. Married Drusilla Hinckley, 3 children.
Fenton, Jacob 1765 1/21/1822 Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellicott, NY Born Mansfield, Conn. Continental Army, Served till end of War. Married Lois Hurd of New Milford, Conn., 9 13 179-, 8 children.
Fenton, Nathaniel 1764 1/25/1846 Allen Cemetery, Poland, NY Enlisted at 17 for the war. Pensioner. -
Fish, Cyrus 1762 1/25/1816 Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY Enlisted Stonington, Conn. served as drummer; enlisted again 1780 as fifer. Married Bridget Jones at Groton, Conn. Had a large family.
Fitch, Roswell 12/7/1765 after 1841 Webster Street Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted Dec. 17, 1782 in Connecticut Troops under Josiah Bissell, Col. Levi Wells Regt. Taken Prisoner at Horse Neck. Confined in Sugar House N.Y. until 1783. -
Fox, Varnish - - West Main Street Cemetery, Pomfret, NY - -
Fox, Veniah 1763 2/2/1851 West Main Street Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted at East Hartford, Connecticut, Was present at surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. Pension List of 1840. -
Frank, Lawrence 1747 4/6/1813 Frank Settlement Cemetery, Busti, NY Born on Frankfort, NY, Enlisted in Army and served in Col. Renssalear's Regiment, Taken Prisioner & confined aboard ship in N.Y. Harbor. As a child was captured by Indians. Held 3 yrs. in Canada. Married Mary Meyers who is buried beside him.
Gates Luther 1761 Sept. 1826 Fredonia Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlistedfrom Windham, Ct. Pensioner. Came to Dunkirk in 1819. -
Gleason, Jacob 7/23/1768 10/12/1842 Sinclairville Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted with Connecticut Troops in 1782, serving 2 years. -
Gogle, Joseph - 1825 Chautauqua County, NY - -
Goldsmith, James 1759 2/20/1837 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Three enlistments, serving until June 1783. -
Griffith, Jeremiah 7/28/1758 6/10/1842 Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellicott, NY Born in Norwich, Connecticut. Enlisted 1775. Married Mary Crapsey (?) and had 6 children.
Gugle, Joseph - 1825 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Private - Was in adventure of capture of British General Prescott. -
Hamlin, Cyrus 1753 1841 Poland, NY - -
Hazeltine, Daniel 12/20/1761 6/26/1828 Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY Born in Mendon, Mass. Enlisted Continental Army 10/27/1779. served 5 mo. 25 days Private, Capt. Ephraim Hartwell's Company. Married Susanna Jones.
Hempstead, Nathaniel 1748 1/23/1841 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Attained rank of Captain. On his Tombstone "A Soldier of the Revolution". -
Hitchcock, Abijah 1759 4/9/1844 Ellington Cemetery, Ellington, NY - -
Hill, Zimri 1762 11/15/1843 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY No record of Service obtained, although his tombstone is marked "Was a Revolutionary Soldier". -
Hollister, David 1755 7/15/1843 Ashville Cemetery, Harmony, NY Was a resident of Glastonbury, Connecticut at the time of Enlistment in 1775. Married Sarah Goodrich 1/26/1780.
Hood, William 1762 8/8/1858 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted Rhode Island as a Private. Ulster Militia Col. Levi Laulings Regt. Granted Pension. -
House, David - - Westfield- Portland Union Cemetery, Westfield, NY - -
Johnson, Nathaniel 1763 10/31/1826 Sinclairville Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Was at Battle of Saratoga and Surrender of Burgoyne. -
Jones, John 1744 1826 Hatch Cemetery, Busti, NY Enlisted 1875, Apr. 19 as "Minute Man" in Capt. Wm. Jennisons Co. Tyler Commanding. Enlisted 1776, serving until end of war. Abagail Cheney buried beside him.
Kane, Peter - 1/7/1818 Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, NY A Revolutionary Soldier also War of 1812. -
Landon, Reuben 3/28/1757 11/23/1854 Hatch Cemetery, Busti, NY 17th Regt. Connecticut State Militia. -
Light, John - 1827 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Seven years in the Continental Army. -
Look, Elijah 3/27/1752 8/27/1852 Bentons Corners, Stockton, NY Private, Engaged in Capture of British ship at Nantucket. Also in Recapturing American Brig grounded on Marthas Vineyard. -
Loucks, Joseph 1754 4/30/1825 Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellicott, NY - -
Lowell, Willoughby 5/1749 6/17/1823 Lamberton Cemetery, Portland, NY Enlisted May 9, 1775. Served in Continental 3rd Regt. under Corp. Roger Enos. Married Sally Saloan.
Marsh, Jasper 1758 4/30/1841 Kiantone Cemetery, Kiantone, NY Enlisted June 7, 1778 in Captain Wm. Warrens 10th Mass. Battalion. Pension List 1825 - 1841. -
Martin, Aaron 1760 2/18/1842 Kiantone Cemetery, Kiantone, NY - -
Martin, William 1753 5/20/1825 Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellicott, NY - -
Mather, Stephen 1758 6/7/1837 Clear Creek Cemetery, Ellington, NY - Elizabeth, buried beside him.
Moore, Asa 1762 1848 Kiantone Cemetery, Kiantone, NY Minute Man at Lexington and Bunker Hill. Served through war. -
Moore, King 1762 4/15/1837 Old Fredonia Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Matross. -
Munson, Samuel 7/9/1762 2/27/1841 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Enlisted from Southington, CT. 5 Enlistments. Married Martha Barnes Feb. 3, 1784 in Hartford Co., Ct. -
Nichole, Jonathan - - East Ripley Cemetery, Ripley, NY - -
Parker, Benjamin 1765 11/7/1843 Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery, NY - Mary Davis, buried beside him.
Parker, Samuel - - Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY No Record. -
Penfield, Samuel 1763 A8/24/1851 Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY - -
Peters, Joe Phelps 11/7/1761 9/21/1843 Brocton Cemetery, Portland, NY Enlisted from Hebron, Ct. Pensioner. Married 4/8/1794 in Pittstown, NY.
Phelps, Jonathan 2/1/1764 9/26/1857 Fredonia Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Married Aug. 14, 1784 to Charity Beckwith in East Haddam, Ct.Enlisted from Lyme, Ct. Mariner on Privateer Marshall, Capt. Shofield Commanding, Seige of Yorktown. -
Pickard, John 1760 8/30/1827 Red Bird Cemetery, Ellery, NY Enlisted near Johnstown 1770, Served under Col. Klock. Made prisoner by Indians. Maria, buried beside him.
Pier, Levi 6/3/1754 March 1826 Elias Jenner Farm, Busti, NY Minute Man under Capt. Goodrich at Battle of Bennington. -
Potter, Jeremiah, Captain 4/17/1765 R.I. 8/12/1812 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Captain, Married Polly Barnes 11/9/1782 in Herkimer County, NY -
Randall, Jenas 9/8/1756 - Blockville Cemetery, Blockville, NY Private, enlisted 7/1/1780 to 1780 in 21st Connecticut Regiment. Lived in Voluntown, Conn. -
Rhodes, John - - Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellicott, NY - -
Rice, Peletiah - - Westfield- Portland Union Cemetery, Westfield, NY - -
Risley, Elijah 12/1/1757 1/11/1839 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY No record of Military Service has been obtained; family records show he was granted a pension. -
Rood, Jeremiah 1753 1830 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Private, Connecticut Troops, Mentioned on Pension List of 1818. -
Rood, Joseph 5/7/1750 3/31/1843 Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Responded to call of Lexington, hired substitute for $119. Applied for Pension in 1838. -
Rumsey, David 1/23/1759 6/22/1849 Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY - -
Schofield, Wm. 1764 9/26/1851 Lewis Cemetery, Ellery, NY - -
Scofield, Seeley 1758 6/15/1845 Dewittville Cemetery, Busti, NY Enlisted at the age of 18. Served six years first in, Conn. Militia, Capt. Ten Eyck, Conn. Light Infantry, Last in Webbs Regiment. -
Seaver, Robert 7/3/1762 7/31/1836 Charlotte Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Was in Washington's Army and under Lafayette when Cornwallis surrendered. -
Seymour, Wm. 11/15/1754 12/22/1842 Old Fredonia Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Married Sarah Patrick Mar. 20, 1783 in Stillwater, NY. Deacon. 4 Enlistments. -
Shattuck, Samuel 9/18/1741 9/1/1827 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Was at Bunker Hill, Bennington, Yorktown. Married Chloe Field.
Sinclair, Samuel 5/10/1762 2/8/1827 Evergreen Cemetery, Charlotte, NY Enlisted when 15 years old with two brothers. Was at Battle of Saratoga, at Valley Forge and with Sullivan's Expedition in 1779. 17 Children.
Smiley, John B. 5/18/1763 - Palmiter Cemetery, Busti, NY Enlisted Badminster, N.J. Feb. 2, 1836 applied for pension. Born in Ireland. Wife buried at Lansing N.Y. -
Smiley, William 1755 1825 Fluvanna Cemetery, Ellicott, NY - Hannah, born 1760, died 1832, buried beside him.
Smith, Ebenezer 10/4/1734 7/6/1824 Stockton Cemetery, Stockton, NY Enlisted as Private Sept. 23, 1777. Discharged Sept. 29, 1777. Was a Baptist Minister, ordained at 19, preached 72 years. -
Smith, Israel abt. 1763 12/6/1836 Laona Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Enlisted in May 1781 to Sept. 1783, serving as Private. -
Stearns, William 1754 2/18/1834 Kiantone Cemetery, Kiantone, NY Attained rank of Captain Minute Man, and at Boston when British evacuated. -
Stedman, Levi 1758 10/26/1834 Pleasantville Cemetery, Busti, NY - -
Stetson, Oliver - - East Ripley Cemetery, Ripley, NY - -
Taylor, Reuben 2/8/1759 3/9/1833 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Four Enlistments. Pension continue to his widow. Married Anna Skinner 1784 Hebron, CT.
Thompson, Reuben 9/5/1762 - Pioneer Cemetery, Pomfret, NY Four Enlistments, attained rank offifer. Granted a Pension, mentioned in Pension List of 1840. -
Tracy, Elias 1763 5/24/1848 Allen Cemetery, Poland, NY Served in Col. Chapmans Regiment. Pensioner. -
Tucker, Capt. Samuel 5/10/1760 10/14/1832 Portland Cemetery, Portland, NY Enlisted in 1776, serving 6 years. Attained rank of Captain. Stood in line at the hanging of Major Andre. Married Anne Logan.
Turner, Asa 6/14/1765 11/27/1847 Stockton Cemetery, Stockton, NY Six enlistments. Became a Baptist Minister, preaching at Pleasant Valley many years. Mentioned in the Pension List of 1840. -
Walker, Lewis 1725 1826 Brockton Cemetery, Brockton, NY Private -
Waterbury, Samuel 1761 3/1/1834 Pleasantville Cemetery, Busti, NY - -
Webster, Elisha - - Webster Street Cemetery, Pomfret, NY No Record of Service ascertained but family records say he was a Revolutionary Soldier. -
Wellman, Barnabus 1766 1847 Wellman Cemetery, Busti, NY Served 4 yrs. 8 mos. in Conn. Regt. May 15, 1818 applied for pension. Wife Lois buried beside him.
Whitney, Richard 1759
Pittsfield, CT
2/4/1844 Magnolia Cemetery, Chautauqua, NY Said to be in Continental Army. Ruth, died Oct. 28, 1851.
Wilcox, Stephen 1762 9/15/1846 Busti, NY Dutchess Militia, Hancocks Co. Name appears on pay-roll 9/23/1778 when he was 16. -
Williams, Daniel 1759 2/14/1846 Clymer Cemetery, Clymer, NY Wounded at Battle of Saratoga losing two fingers. Served under Col. Ezra May and Capt. Benjamin Bonny. His wife buried beside him.
Wing, Daniel - - Clymer Cemetery, Clymer, NY Soldier of Revolution. -
Woodward, John 8/7/1757 6/12/1845 Riverside Cemetery, Poland, NY Enlisted in Jan. 1776 and served 4 years, the last in Col. Sprouts R. Sally Galloway
Woodward, Joshua 1755 7/10/1844 Allen Cemetery, Poland, NY Conn. Militia under Col. Colt. -
Wright, Reuben 174_ Apr. 1841 Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY - -
Young, Samuel - - Dewittville Cemetery, Busti, NY - -

Note: Old Fredonia Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery must be the same cemetery as the earlier Revolutionary War Soldier burial records indicate Old Fredonia Cemetery, and later records of the same soldiers indicate Pioneer Cemetery. Lynn Tooley, Compiler.

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