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Bolton, Vermont Land Grants

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The Town of Bolton, Vermont land grants copied from the New Hampshire Land Grants being transcripts of the Charters of Townships and minor grants of lands made by the Provincial Goverment of New Hampshire, within the present boundaries of the State of Vermont, from 1749 to 1764.

*The Names of the Grantees of Bolton (Viz)

George Bunnell
John Bonnell
Thos Darling
Bethuel Person
Israel Ward
David Ward
Nathan Wilkison
Stephen Tuttle
Daniel Tuttle
Thos Kiney
Phillip Hathaway
Benja Coe
Ebenr Haulbert
Elisha Frazee
John Maegilura
Stephen Day
William Darling
Josiah Broadwill
Alexr Simpson
Isaac Clarke
Ezekiel Johnson
Jacob Morrell
Thos Millidge
Alexr Carmicheal
Jona Wilkison
Thos Osborne
John Johnson
Thos Throope
Ebenr Coe
Saml Hainds
Nathl Cogswill
Enoch Beach
George Day
Thomas Day, Esqr
Nathl Bonnell
Willm Broadwill
Henry Broadwill
Joel Osborn
Lawrence Wilson
Stephen Moore
Isaac Tuttle
Christo Wood
Gilmon Freeman
Ephrm Hayward
Elisha Wick
Seth Babbit
Wilber Clark
Danl Cogswill
Crowell Wilkerson
Seth Crowell, Junr
Paul Day
Benja Day
Joseph Ward
Matthias Clark
David Samson
Richd Minthorn
Joseph Winget
Timothy Day
Saml Averill		}
Patridge Thatcher		}
The Hon. Richd Wibird}
Zebulon Giddings		}
				} Esqrs
John Downing			}
Daniel Warner			}
Colo Joseph Smith	}
Peter Gilman			}

His Excellency Benning Wentworth, Esqr a Tract of Land to Contain Five Hundred Acres as marked B. W in the Plan which is to be Accounted two oft he within shares, One whole share for the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, One Share for a Glebe for the Church of England as by Law Establish'd. One Share for the first settled Minister of the Gospel, and One Share for the benefit of a School in said Town.

Province of New Hampr June 7-1763

Recorded According to the Back of the original Charter Bolton under the Pro Seal.

T. Atkinson, Junr, Secry.

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