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Charlotte, Vermont Land Grants

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The Town of Charlotte, Vermont land grants copied from the New Hampshire Land Grants being transcripts of the Charters of Townships and minor grants of lands made by the Provincial Goverment of New Hampshire, within the present boundaries of the State of Vermont, from 1749 to 1764.

*The Names of the Grantees of Charlotta		*2-355
Benja Ferriss
Josiah Akin
Lott Trip
John Cromwell
John Wing
Wing Kelly
Anthy Tripp
Saml Coe
Jona Akin
Daniel Wing
David Akin, Junr
John Hoag, Mercht
Reed Ferriss
Neheah Merritt
Elias Palmer
George Soule
Benja Ferriss, Junr
Elihu Wing
Timo Dakin
John Hoag the 2d
Zebn Ferriss
Abrm Thomas
David Palmer
Elijah Doty
Peter Palmer
John Hitchcock
Jedediah Dow
Nathl Potter, Junr
Daniel Merritt
Dobson Wheeler
Willm Field
John Burling
Thos Franklin, Junr
Isaac Corsa
Joseph Ferriss
Danl Chase
Hon: John Temple
Mark Hg Wentworth
Josiah Bull
John Brownson
Enoch Hoag
Robt Southgate
Neheah Merritt, Jr
Saml Browne
Isaac Martin
John Franklin
Saml Franklin
Elijah West
Joseph Ferriss, Junr
Patrick Thacher
L: G. Theodore
John Nelson, Esq.
Josiah Bull, Junr
Jona Dow
Steward Southgate
John Southgate
Stephn Noble
Joshua Delaplane
John Laurence
Walter Franklin
James Franklin
Robt Caswell
David Ferriss
Thos Darling
George Frost

His Excellency Benning Wentworth, Esq. a Tract of Land to Contain Five Hundred Acres as marked B--W-- in the Plan which is to be Accounted two of the within shares, One whole share for the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, one Share for a Glebe for the Church of England as by Law Establish'd, One Share for the first Settled Minister of the Gospel and one Share for the benefitt of a School in sd Town--

Province of New Hampsr June 24.

Recorded from the back of the Origional Charter of Charlotta, under the Prov: Seal--

T. Atkinson, Junr, Secry

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