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Brunswick, Vermont Land Grants

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The Town of Brunswick, Vermont land grants copied from the New Hampshire Land Grants being transcripts of the Charters of Townships and minor grants of lands made by the Provincial Goverment of New Hampshire, within the present boundaries of the State of Vermont, from 1749 to 1764.

*The Names of the Grantees of Brunswick (Viz)	*2-267
Stephen Noble
Abijah Hubbell
John Bostwick
David Calhown
Nathl Slicock
Daniel Terrell
Reed Ferriss
Jesse Bastwick
Eliphalet Whittlesey
Zadock Clark
Benja Seeley
Willm Barns
Isaac Boldwin
Abell Camp
James Barns
Jabez Warner
Jethro Hatch
John Brinsmead
Jacob Kene
Saml Shelton
John Barns
Israel Noble
Nathl Bosworth
Benja Farriss, Junr
Nathl Brown
Aaron Prindle
Willm Vaughan
Heath Garlick
Aell Gillitt
Edmund Haws
Azariah Pratt
Ezra Gere
Daniel Averhill
Willm Cogswell
George Stillman
Jonah Camp
Morgan Noble
John Gurney
Seth Sherwood
James Potter
Asael Tryon
Jonah Todd
Nathl Ruggles
Stephn Barns
William Kenedy
Alexr Steward
Isaac Buck
Elias Lord
Nathl Sherburne
John Downing, Esq.
Ephriam Gutherie
Elijah Sill
Benja Hallock
Thomas Kenne
John Whittelsey
Park Beeman
Joseph Calhoon
Seth Kent
Dan Towner
Saml Averill
Moses Averill
Mark Hunkg Wentworth, Esq.
Nathan Hawley
Timothy Hatch &

His Excellency Benning Wentworth, Esq. a Tract of Land to Contain Five Hundred Acres as marked in the Plan B--W--which is to be Accounted two of the within shares, One whole Share for the Incorporated society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, One Share for a Glebe for the Church of England as by Law Established, One Share for the First Settled Minister of the Gospell and One Share for the Benefit of a School in Said Town

Province of New Hampsr Octor 13, 1761

Recorded from the back of the Origional Charter of Brunswick under the Prove Seal

Attested Theodore Atkinson Secry

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