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Bridgewater, Vermont Land Grants

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The Town of Bridgewater, Vermont land grants copied from the New Hampshire Land Grants being transcripts of the Charters of Townships and minor grants of lands made by the Provincial Goverment of New Hampshire, within the present boundaries of the State of Vermont, from 1749 to 1764.

*2-67 *The Names of the Grantees of Bridgwater--viz

Seth Field
Rufus Field
Stephen Pomroy
James Harwood
Thomas Sargents
Orlando Bridgman
Thomas Emmons
Timothy Herrington
Andrew Harwood
Elijah Williams
John Bridgman
Quartus Pomroy
Joseph Burt
Isaac Parker
Oliver Field
Oliver Warner
Benning Wentworth
Samuel Mattoon
Samuel Johnson
Josiah Lock
Moses Evanes
Asa Baldwin
Samuel Smith
Saml Wentworth, Boston
Ezra Robinson
Joseph Field
Joel Smith
Timothy Lull
Abel Emmon
Thomas Wiggins
Elijah Alexander
Revd Mr McClentock &
Andrew Locker
Cut Shannon
Caleb Willard
Edward Houghton
Nathl Hovey
John Sargents
Revd Mr Chase
Jonathan Hilldreth
Helkiah Grout
Aaron Nash
William Moore
John Downing, Esq.
William Richarson
The Revd Mr Baley H. Falls
John Hart
Mesheck Weare, Esq.
William Green
James Bunde
Zur Evans
Ephraim Baldwin
Israel Calkins
William Cumings
John Billings
Abiel Chamberlin
Smith Ingram
Timothy Herrington
Seth Field
Sampson Sheaf, Esq.
Abel Morse

His Excellency Bening Wentworth, Esq. a Tract of Land to Contain five Hundred acres as Marked on the Plan B W Which is to be Accounted two of the within Shares, one Whole Share for the Society for the Propegation of the Gosple in Forren Parts--one Whole Share for a Glebe for the Church of England as by Law Established one Share for the first Settled Minister of the Gosple one Share for the Benefit of a School in Said Town.

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