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Kentucky Pensioners Of The United States, 1818

March 28, 1818

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LIST of Invalid Pensioners of the United States, belonging to the State of Kentucky, and paid at Lexington, with the annual allowance to each annexed, viz:

Allison, AndrewPrivate57.69
Arnold, WilliamLieutenant48
Boone, SquirePrivate57.6
Berry, JamesDitto32
Brown, JohnSergeant48
Berry, WilliamPrivate96
Brown, JohnDitto64
Belt, DennisDitto72
Bealmer, Daniel V.Corporal48
Bawlin, RichardArticer72
Cook, WilliamPrivate48
Curtis, JamesDitto48
Cooper, RogerDitto48
Cord, Zacheus1st Lieutenant204
Carter, WilliamPrivate63.96
Campbell, JohnSergeant48
Ducher, EnockPrivate96
Darnell, SpencerDitto96
Davis, James S.Ditto96
Devourix, JamesDitto96
Doherty, HenryCorporal48
Dougherty, JamesPrivate48
Estes, AbrahamDitto72
Elder, RobertDitto64
English, WilliamDitto96
Estes, ClementCorporal72
Fury, JohnPrivate96
Frost, JosephDitto64
Green, AndrewDitto32
Grav, IsaacCaptain240
Green, Jesse P.Private96
Hickman, ThomasDitto38.4
Hawkins, HenryDitto48
Hewlit, LemuelDitto48
Hailey, DanielDitto48
Hinkson, JohnDitto48
Hendrick, GeorgePrivate48
Hendley, ElkanaDitto32
Jacobs, JohnDitto96
Jourdan, JohnDitto96
Jones, LeroyDitto63.84
Kerasner, JohnDitto64
King, JohnDitto96
Knowles, ThomasDitto48
Little, WilliamDitto96
Lee, FrancisCorporal96
Lloyd, Thompson C.Sergeant32
Moore, QuintinPrivate32
Marchead, SamuelDitto48
McKinney, JohnVirginia State pensioner96
M'Clure, JohnPrivate48
Manwaring, GeorgeDitto96
Barney, Thomas M.Ditto57.6
Murphy, PeterDitto72
Nieves, WilliamDitto48
Naismith, AlexanderDitto48
Newell, SamuelLieutenant108.89
Poe, VirgilPrivate48
Pennington, WilliamDitto96
Paxton, JosephDitto48
Robertson, ThomasDitto96
Rumsey, CharlesDitto96
Raynes, BenjaminDitto96
Shaw, HenryDitto48
Shanks, JohnDitto64
Shaw, JosephDitto38.4
Shannon, GeorgeIndian conductor144
Salisbury, AndrewPrivate72
Searcy, JeremiahDitto96
Short, EliAssistant forage master117
Sharron, SamuelPrivate48
Shields, PageDitto64
Shufield, JohnDitto48
Sutherland, WilliamDitto32
Shaw, JohnDitto96
Slaughter, Francis L.Ditto57.6
Stuvers, EdwardMusician96
Simson, WilliamPrivate48
Shoemate, SpencerPrivate72
Stewart, JamesDitto48
Tennell, GeorgeDitto48
Todd, JosephDitto38.4
Tandy, WillisDitto24
Tuner, JuliusDitto72
Turner, WilliamCorporal96
Taylor, RichardCaptain300
Warson, JamesPrivate64
White, Samuel W.Ditto48
Williams, ThomasDitto48
Ward, JohnDitto48
Whitehead, Armistead3rd Lieutenant84
Wilkinson, JosephShips' corporal96
Worrel, RobertPrivate96
Wilson, WilliamDitto48

Making 94 for Kentucky

List of half-pay Pensioners of the United States, arising from relinquishments of bounty land, belonging to the state of Kentucky with no annual allowance annexed to each, viz.

Wade, JohnGuardian
of the heirs of
Henry BrownPrivate48
Goans, LevikaDittoJames Guines or GoansDitto48
Graham, Henry R.DittoRichar TibleDitto48
Redding, SallyDittoWilliam ReddingDitto48
Hughes, JohnDittoHugh ScottDitto48
Paines, Daniel M'C.DittoRobert ReedDitto48
Paine, Daniel M'C.DittoBeverly A. BlakeDitto48
Scott, HenryDittoDavis ScottDitto48
Gaines, JaneDittoThomas GainesDitto48
Paine, Daniel M'CartyDittoNathaniel RobinsonDitto48
Paine, Daniel M'C.DittoBraxton BlakeDitto48

Making 11 for Kentucky

List of half-pay Pensioners of the United States, arising from relinquishment of bounty land, belonging to the state of Kentucky, and paid at Lexington, with the annual allowance annexed to each, viz.

Names of decedents, &c.Rank or gradeOriginal
of pension.
Allison, Alexander, widowPrivate5th May, 1813$4.00 $48.00 -
Alexander, Wm. P., widow1st lieutenant3d Feb. 181515180-
Archibald, Wm., widowPrivate1st July, 1813448-
Allen, John, widowLieut. Colonel22d Jan. 181330360-
Brim, James, widowPrivate20th Nov. 1813448-
Banks, Reuben, widow and childrenPrivate2d June, 1813448Widow intermarried, 23d Feb. 1814
Ball, William, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Bradburne, Joseph, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Bruce, James, widowPrivate16th Oct. 1813448-
Baxter, Samuel, widowPrivate3d Nov. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Banta, Abraham, widowPrivate5th Oct. 1813448-
Bartlett, Foster, widowPrivate4th Oct. 1813448-
Brian, James, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Baker, Henry, widowPrivate15th Nov. 1813448-
Bear, John, widowPrivate22d Dec. 1814448-
Burgess, Henry, widowPrivate5th Sept. 1813448-
Beard, Philip, widowPrivate4th March, 1814448-
Brissey, John, widow and childrenPrivate15th Dec. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817. (widow intermarried Aug. 1, 1813)
Bowman, Wm., widowPrivate1st May, 1815448-
Blackburn, John, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Burris, Joseph, widowSergeant24th March, 18155.566-
Pailey, John, widowPrivate21st March, 1813448-
Blake, Thomas, widowPrivate10th March, 1814448-
Bledsoe, Jacob, widowPrivate1st May, 1814448-
Bridges, William, widowPrivate1st Nov. 1813448-
Barnes, John, widowPrivate21st Dec. 1813448-
Bartlett, John C., widowQr. M. General1st Jan. 181437.5450-
Bealer, Henry, widowPrivate1st June, 1813448Widow intermarried, 15th Oct. 1813
Clutter, Paul, widowPrivate4th Nov. 1813448-
Craig, Elijah, widowPrivate14th Oct. 1813448-
Clinkerbeard, Joseph, widowPrivate4th May, 1813448-
Corbin, James, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Campbell, Lindsay, childrenSergeant11th May, 18135.566-
Coleman, Thomas, widow and children1st lieutenant1st Dec. 181215180Widow intermarried, 18th June, 1816
Crouch, Isaac, widowPrivate8th Jan. 1815448-
Collins, Lewis, widowPrivate17th Sept. 1813448-
Callahan, John, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Crook, James, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Cooper, John, widowSergeant5th May, 18135.566-
Crosby, Overton, widowPrivate5th March, 1813448-
Cotrill, Thomas, widowPrivate10th Dec. 1813448-
Clines, Nicholas, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Chapman, Benjamin, widowPrivate1st Dec. 1813448-
Constadle, Thomas, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Coy, Daniel, widowPrivate10th April, 1815448-
Cash, William, widow and childrenPrivate2d March, 1815448-
Calvert, Thomas, childrenPrivate22d Dec. 1813448-
Coplinger, Solomon, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Cole, David, widowPrivate1st June, 1813448-
Cook, William, widowPrivate31st July, 1813448-
Carlisle, Henry, widowPrivate1st Dec. 1812448See act of March 3, 1817
Clark, Joseph, widowCaptain5th May, 181320240-
Campbell, John B., widowColonel28th Aug. 181437.5450-
Daniel, William G., widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Dobyns, John, widow1st lieutenant1st Dec. 181315180-
Dyhouse, Edward, widowPrivate29th Sept. 1813448-
Dickerson, William, widow and children1st lieutenant1st Nov. 181315180Widow intermarried, July 27, 1815
Dixon, Henry, widowPrivate30th Nov. 1813448-
Degarnett, John, widow and childrenPrivate27th Nov. 1812448Widow intermarried Nov. 26, 1813
Demoss, John, widowPrivate25th June, 1813448-
Drum, Phillip, widow and childrenPrivate3d May, 1813448Widow intermarried April 30, 1817
Dotson, Thomas, widowPrivate15th Jan. 1815448-
Duncan, Fielding, widowPrivate30th May, 1813448-
Dooly, Ephraim, widow1st lieutenant5th May, 181315180-
Davis, Thomas C., widowSurgeon22d Jan. 181322.5270-
Dudley, William, widowColonel5th May, 181337.5450-
Daviess, Joseph H., widowMajor7th Nov. 181130360-
Easter, William, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Embrey, Elijah, widowPrivate22d April, 1815448-
Ellis, William, childrenCaptain1st Jan. 181320240-
Evans, William, widowPrivate15th May, 1814448-
Eubank, James T., widowAsst. D. P. M.7th Dec. 181420240-
Elkins, Ellitt, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Eslick, Joseph, widowPrivate30th Jan. 1814448-
Eathernington, James, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Elliott, Elijah, widowPrivate2d July, 1813448-
Elliott, James, widowPrivate___ May, 1813448-
Edwards, Robert, widowCaptain22d Jan. 181320240-
Edwards, Elisha, widow and children1st lieutenant22d Nov. 181215180Widow intermarried, July 30, 1815
Forrest, Memorial, widowCaptain15th March, 181520240-
Francis, Thomas, widowPrivate9th July, 1813448-
Field, Risen, or Reuben, widowPrivate20th Dec. 1814448-
French, Joseph, widowPrivate21st Feb. 1815448-
Fletcher, Thomas, widowPrivate27th Sept. 1813448-
Flynn, Peter, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Gon, William, widowPrivate19th Jan. 1813448-
Goodman, William B., widowPrivate3d Nov. 1813448-
Glore, Reuben, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Grace, Henry, widowPrivate8th Feb. 1815448-
Gwinn, David, widowCorporal22d Jan. 1813560-
Graham, William, widowPrivate28th Jan. 1815448-
Groves, Edward, widowPrivate9th May, 1813448-
Galligher, James, widowPrivate22d Oct. 1813448-
George, Joseph, widowSergeant5th May, 18135.566-
Gray, Patrick, widowCaptain27th Feb. 181320240-
Graves, Benjamin, widowMajor22d Jan. 181325300-
Hawkins, Archelous, widowPrivate26th July, 1813448-
Hull, Jeham, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Hill, William, widowPrivate9th Oct. 1813448-
Hawkins, Basilla, widowPrivate17th Jan. 1814448-
Harris, Sherwood, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448Widow intermarried, Dec. 10, 1814
Hughs, David, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Hyser, Philip, widowPrivate14th July, 1814448-
Hutcherson, Samuel, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Hall, William, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Harris, Thomas, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Howard, Mathew, widowPrivate22d Jan., 1813448-
Huston, James, widowSergeant9th Dec. 18135.566-
Hammond, John, widowPrivate14th Dec. 1814448-
Hollowday, Bazel, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Havens, Benjamin, widowPrivate31st Dec. 1814448-
House, Moses, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Henderson, Joseph, widowPrivate15th Nov. 1813448-
Harrold, William, widow1st lieutenant23d Feb. 181515180-
Hopkins, Mordica, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Harris, William, widowEnsign30th Oct. 181310120-
Hutchenson, Charles, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Hutchinson, Charles, widowPrivate18th Oct. 1812448See act of March 3, 1817
Hadden, Hugh, widowPrivate24th March, 1815448-
Hickman, Paschal, widowCaptain22d Jan. 181320240-
Hart, Nathaniel G. S., widowCapt. and Dept. inspt. Gen.22d Jan. 181320240See act of March, 1817
Jones, Edward, widowPrivate1st Jan. 1814448-
Johnson, Thomas, widow and childrenPrivate16th May, 1813448Widow intermarried, July 20, 1818
Jascoby, Frederick, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Johnson, Major, widowPrivate5th Dec. 1813448-
Jones, Elijah, or Elisha, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Judd, James, widowPrivate11th June, 1813448-
Irwin, John, widowHos. surgeon22d Jan. 181337.5450-
Kile, or Kyle, John, widowPrivate5th Feb. 1814448-
Kendrick, Lewis, widowPrivate15th Oct. 1813448-
Killbreath, John, widowCaptain5th May, 181320240-
Kenny, James, widowPrivate31st Jan, 1813448-
Kertly, Beverly, widowPrivate7th Dec. 1813448-
Kincheloe, Lewis, widow and childrenMajor1st Dec. 181325300Widow intermarried, 24th Dec. 1815
Knapp, Charles, widowPrivate4th March, 1815448-
Kinder, George, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Logan, Samuel, widow2d lieutenant10th Oct. 181312.5150-
Lightfoot, Philip, childrenCorporal5th May, 1813560-
Linchard, Thomas, widowPrivate30th Dec. 1813448-
Lawson, Thomas, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Lee, James, widowPrivate9th Dec. 1813448-
Langham, William, widowPrivate16th Nov. 1814448-
Lewis, Hugh, widowPrivate14th Feb. 1815448-
Lewis, Thomas, widowCaptain5th May, 181520240-
M'Bridge, Lapsley, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Manifee, Gaydon, widowCorporal5th May, 1813560-
Malone, John, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
M'Ginnis, Hezekiah, widowPrivate18th May, 1813448-
Mefford, Andrew, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Miller, William, widowPrivate1st Nov. 1812448-
M'Clelland, Wm. widowCorporal14th Dec. 1813560-
M'Connell, Wm. widowPrivate5th March, 1813448-
Moon, Nathan, widowPrivate15th May, 1813448-
M'Mahon, JohnCaptain26th Dec. 181420240-
Maxwell, William, widowCaptain5th May, 1813448-
M'Michael, John, widowCaptain30th Oct. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Morton, Archibald, widowCaptain26th Nov. 1813448-
Martin, Peter, widowCaptain6th Oct. 1814448-
Mahurin, John, widowCaptain22d Jan. 1813448-
Mulligan, Berryman, widowCaptain22d Jan. 1813448-
Mitchell, Samuel, widowCaptain22d Jan. 1813448-
M'Kinney, Thomas, widowCaptain23d June, 1813448-
Miller, John, widowCaptain22d Jan. 1813448-
Miller, John, widowCaptain16th April 1814448-
Morgan, Peter, widowPrivate31st May, 1813448-
M'Kee, Robert, widowPrivate21st July, 1813448-
Morriss, John, widowPrivate25th March , 1814448-
M'Cue, Edward, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Milton, Jacob, widowPrivate27th Feb., 1814448-
Marrs, Samuel, widowPrivate31st Jan. 1815448-
M'Cracken, Virgil, widow & ChildCaptain22d Jan. 181320240Widow intermarried 24th Jan. 1816
Maxwell, Joseph, widowPrivate7th Nov. 18113.3339.96See act of April 10th, 1812
Norman, CaleboPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Norris, John, widowSergeant5th May, 18135.566-
Nealy, John, widowPrivate14th Nov. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Nall, William H, widowPrivate22d Jan, 1813448-
Nortrep, John, widowCorporal18th Oct. 1812342Widow intermarried 22d May, 1817
Overton, Moses, widowPrivate5th April, 1815448-
Odle, Reuben, widowPrivate21st Nov. 1813448-
Overluse, Jacob, widow and ChildPrivate1st Nov. 1813448Widow intermarried, June 1st, 1815
Philley, Roger, widowSergeant23d Jan. 18155.566-
Pitts, Joseph, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Price, Samuel, widowCaptain4th Nov. 181320240-
Pulliam, BenjaminPrivate10th Dec. 1813448-
Price, Richard, widow2d lieutenant11th Nov. 181312.5150See act of March 3d, 1817
Plough, William, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Peck, James, widowPrivate23d May, 1813448-
Porter, Benjamin, widowSergeant22d Jan. 18135.560-
Padgitt, James, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Pallam, John, widowPrivate29th Dec. 1814448-
Paxton, Robert, widowCaptain28th Feb. 181520240-
Plummer, George, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448Widow intermarried 31st May, 1815
Price, James C., widowCaptain22d Jan. 181320240-
Pike, Zebulon M., widowBrig. general27th April, 181352624-
Quarles, Samuel, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Right, Edward, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Robinson, George, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Richardson, Jesse, widowPrivate15th Oct. 1813448-
Rollins, Ezekiel, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Rogers, James, widowPrivate6th Nov. 1813448-
Raney, Abraham, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Roberts, Pleasant M., widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Rice, George, widowPrivate1st June, 1813448-
Rodgers, John, widowPrivate23th Oct. 1813448-
Robbins, David, widowPrivate14th Dec. 1814448-
Ryan, John, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Rankin, Benjamin, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Rayburn, John, widowPrivate9th March, 1815448-
Ranford, Robert, widowCorporal22d Jan. 1813560-
Scott, John M.Lieut. colonel26th Dec. 181230360-
Stroude, Samuel, widowPrivate10th May, 1815448-
Sadler, James, widowPrivate28th August, 1815448-
Smith, William, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Shingleton, Wm. widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Scott, Abraham, childrenPrivate1st March, 1813448-
Shoomate, Benj'n, childrenPrivate11th Sept. 1813448-
Samples, Samuel, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Shelton, William, widowPrivate6th March, 1815448-
Sproul, Alexnder, widowPrivate20th Nov. 1813448-
Stratton, John, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Stepp, William, widowPrivate21st Feb. 1815448-
Snediger, Moses, widowPrivate28th March, 1814448-
Swim, Alexander, widowPrivate10th May, 1814448-
Shepherd, John, widowPrivate30th March, 1814448-
Smith, John, widowPrivate9th Feb. 1813448-
Skidmore, William, widowPrivate24th Sept. 1813448-
See, William, widowPrivate25th Oct. 1813448-
Shoemaker, Thos. widowPrivate1st Jan. 1814448-
Stevens, Thomas, widowPrivate15th Dec. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Seller, Jonathan, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Stapp, Wiatt, widowPrivate25th Sept. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Shryock, Christian, widowPrivate5th Nov. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Throckmorton, Saml. widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Tutt, Lewis Yauncy, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Taylor, Henry, widowPrivate15th May, 1813448-
Tate, John, widowSergeant22d Jan. 18135.566-
Turner, Pleasant, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Trotter, James, widowPrivate31st Oct. 1813448-
Tanner, John, widowPrivate11th Nov. 1813448-
Thacker, Andrew, widowPrivate3d April, 1813448-
Trueman, Andrew, widowPrivate17th Dec. 1814448-
Uselton, William, widowPrivate15th March, 1814448-
Vanlanding, George, widowPrivate11th Feb. 1814448-
Vancleave, Benj'n widowPrivate32d Jan. 1813448-
Wilson, James, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Whetley, William, widowPrivate5th Oct. 1813448-
Wright, Nathaniel, widowPrivate27th May, 1813448-
Wiley, Benjamin, widowPrivate18th Feb. 1815448-
Williamson, John, widowPrivate3d Nov. 1812448See act of March 3d, 1817
Wheeler, Thomas, widowSergeant5th May, 18135.566-
Whitaker, Aquilla, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Walker, William, widowMajor7th March, 181325300-
Williams, Bazel, widowPrivate25th Dec. 1813448-
Wills, David, widowPrivate27th Nov. 1813448-
Williams, John, widowPrivate16th Jan. 1813448-
Wiley, James, widowPrivate31st Dec. 1813448-
Williams, David, widowPrivate3d July 1813448-
Wetherford, Elijah, widowPrivate22d Jan. 1813448-
Welch, Thomas B., widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Whitmore, Abraham, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Williams, John, widow1st lieutenant22d Jan. 181315180-
Young, Alexander, widowPrivate5th May, 1813448-
Yates, James, widowPrivate29th Dec. 1814448-
York, Aquilla, widowPrivate4th Aug., 1813448-

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