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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
Fairfield County, Connecticut

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Copied from "The Record of Connecticut Men In The Military And Naval Service During The War Of The Revolution, 1775-1783". Edited by Henry P. Johnston, A.N. Under the Authority of The Adjutant-General of Connecticut. Hartford: 1889.

Fairfield County, CT Pensioners: 1832

Andreas, Jeremiah
Abbott, James
Akin, Thomas
Abbott, Stephen
Allen, William
Adams, Joshua
Adams, Abraham
Allen, Stephen
Anderson, Daniel
Burton, Lewis
Beardslee, Abijah
Bishop, Jacob
Beebe, Joseph
Benedict, Gamaliel
Birdsley, Ezra
Benedict, Ebenezer
Banks, Ebenezer
Burrett, Nathan
Bulkley, Nathan
Biers, Nathan
Betts, Isaiah
Bulkley, Joseph
Bears, Joseph
Booth, David
Beardsley, James
Banks, Gershom
Bell, Thaddeus
Benedict, James
Betts, Daniel
Beers, Samuel
Birchard, Daniel
Benedict, Isaac
Brown, John
Brown, Jonathan
Banks, Nathan
Brinsmade, Cyrus
Bates, Ezra
Benjamin, Asa
Bailey, Hezekiah
Briggs, Zephaniah
Bennett, Josiah
Beach, Jabez
Beer, Gershom
Bulkley, Eleazer
Banks, Ezekiel O.
Brooks, John
Bulkley, Abraham
Beardsley, John
Barnum, Ezbon
Beardslee, Thaddeus
Bell, Jonathan
Beardslee, Joseph
Barrett, Wakeman
Beers, David
Blakeman, Zachariah
Burr, Hezekiah
Brothwell, Thomas
Bartram, James
Banks, Moses O.
Bancroft, Oliver
Banks, Hyatt
Banks, Nehemiah
Banks, Benjamin
Banks, Joseph
Bradley, Nathan
Benedict, Nimrod
Brush, Benjamin
Beers, James
Bennet, William
Betts, Hezekiah
Beers, Matthew
Betts, Aaron
Bouton, Samuel
Bell, Stephen
Benedict, Nathaniel
Brown, Nehemiah
Blackman, James
Chichester, Nathan
Curtiss, Agur
Curtiss, Andrew
Clinton, Allen
Comstock, Aaron
Chichester, Henry
Clark, Oliver
Cable, Abner
Conger, Elijah
Close, Abraham
Close, Solomon
Curtiss, Ebenezer
Curtiss, Agur, Jr.
Curtiss, Everand
Dunning, David
Downs, Joseph
Dibble, John
Davis, John
Dorr, Squire
Dingee, Elijah
Dikeman, Levi
Dudley, Eber
Dikeman, Eliphalet
Dayton, Benjamin
Deforrest, Reuben
Dean, Ebenezer
Dudley, Jared
Dikeman, Daniel
Edwards, Hezekiah
Fairchild, Gilbert
French, Samuel
Fairchild, Clement
Fellow, Israel
French, Abel
Farnam, Peter
French, James R.
Fairchild, Nathan
Gilbert, David
Gray, Joseph
Gregory, Nathan
Gregory, John
Gregory, Samuel
Godfrey, Stephen
Godfrey, Isaac
Gregory, Daniel
Grigg, Henry, Asst. Com.
Godfrey, Jonathan
Gregory, Moses
Gray, Joseph
Gorham, Nathan
Gregory, Ezra
Gaylord, Deodate
Gregory, Josiah
Gregory, Elias
Gilbert, Nathan
Gilbert, Moses
Hamlin, Joseph
Hawley, Elijah
Hawley, Thomas
Hoyt, Samuel
Hyatt, Stephen
Hawley, Thomas
Hyde, John
Hayes, Joseph
Husted, Thaddeus
Hall, Seth
Hall, Stephen
Hickock, Daniel
Hubbell, Thaddeus
Hawley, Israel
Hoyt, Gilbert
Hoyt, William
Hawley, Elisha
Hoyt, Ebenezer
Hoyt, Jesse
Hungerford, Uriel
Hoyt, Nathaniel
Hawley, Robert
Hoyt, John
Hoyt, Daniel
Hyatt, Alvan
Hubbell, Aaron
Hobby, Hezekiah
Hill, Ezra
Handford, Ebenezer
Hyatt, Isaac
Hall, Wildman
Jennings, Aaron
Jennings, Peter
Jones, Ephraim
Jennings, Eliphalet
Jackson, Daniel
Jeliff, James
Johnson, Eleazer
Judson, Aaron
Judson, Silas
June, Reuben
Jennings, Abraham
Judson, Agur
Jessups, Ebenezer
Jones, Benjamin
Knapp, William
Knapp, Titus
Knapp, Nathan
Knapp, John
Keeler, David
Keeler, Isaac
Keeler, Philip
Lockwood, Isaac
Lockwood, Enos
Lewis, Joseph
Lacey, Zachariah
Lockwood, James
Lockwood, Charles
Lockwood, Messenger
Lyon, Job
Lewis, Abel
Lockwood, Drake
Lobdell, Josiah
Lyon, Nathan
Lewis, Philo
Lewis, Andrew
Lewis, William
Linus, Robert
Landon, James
Lane, Jabez
Lyon, Nathaniel Webb
Lewis, Isaac
Maker, Joseph
Mead, Peter
Mather, Joseph
Moyer, George
Mallory, Gideon
Marchant, Joel
Mead, Calvin
Mead, Levi
Morgan, Joseph
Morehouse, Abraham
Morehouse, Thaddeus
Morehouse, Gummon
Merwin, Andrew
Mullory, Samuel
Mather, Samuel
Mead, Thaddeus
Morehouse, Stephen
Morehouse, Aaron
Mead, ----
Nichols, Philip
Nichols, Enos
Nichols, Ephraim
Nichols, Ebenezer
Nichols, Miles
Nash, Noah
Nichols, John
Nichols, William
Newman, Rufus
Osborn, Levi
Ogden, Sturges
Olmstead, Matthew
Odell, Nathan
Osborn, John
Osborn, Ebenezer
Perry, Thomas
Perry, Eli
Parsons, Abraham
Patch, William
Peck, John
Platt, Ebenezer
Perry, John
Price, David
Platt, Joseph
Peck, Benjamin
Phillips, Samuel H., Asst. Com.
Penfield, James
Provost, Thomas
Peet, Elijah
Provost, Samuel
Passmore, Joseph
Quintard, Everet
Quintard, Isaac
Richards, Jesse
Rockwell, Clapp
Raymond, Zadoc
Rossequie, Alexander
Rowland, Jack (Fuman)
Raymond, Nathaniel
Raymond, David
Randal, Eneas
Randal, Phineas
Read, Zalmon
Robinson, John
Sherwood, Abel
Sherwood, Thomas
Smith, Abel
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Ebenezer
Sanford, Ebenezer
Seely, Denton
Smith, Samuel
Sanford, Samuel
Squire, Isaac
Starr, Thaddeus
Sturges, Hezekiah
Scofield, Reuben
Smith, Eliphalet
Southworth, Sam. W.
Stratton, Thomas
Smith, David
Scofield, Ezra
Smith, Jabez
Shelp, William
St. John, Enoch
Sanders, Thomas
Seymour, James, Qr. Mr. Serjt.
Seymour, Seth
Street, John
Stewart, Samuel
St. John, Matthias
Sterling, Thaddeus
Scofield, Josiah W.
Slason, Nathaniel
Smith, Charles
Stevens, Forward
Scofield, Hait
Smith, Azariah
Squire, Thomas
Seely, Ebenezer
Stebbins, Lewis
Smith, Isaac
Stebbins, Samuel
Sherwood, Reuben
Stevens, Amos
Turney, Aaron
Trowbridge, Thomas
Taylor, Jonathan
Tuttle, Edward
Taylor, Levi
Taylor, Phineas
Tomlinson, Curtis
Turrell, Amos
Taylor, Eleazer
Taylor, Jessup
Taylor, Eli
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Eliud
Thorp, Thaddeus
Thompson, John
Turney, Abel
Ufford, Sam. M.
Wakeman, Lyman
Wakeman, Gideon
Wakeman, Seth
Wheeler, James
Wakeman, Joseph
Whitlock, Justus
Wakeman, Gershom
Weed, David
Winton, Joseph
Wilson, Samuel
Weed, John
Wells, Gideon
Wilcoxen, Elnathan
Wilcoxen, Ephraim J.
Wells, Samuel
Warren, Nathan
Waterbury, William
Weed, Abishai
Waring, James
Weed, Isaac
Westcott, Daniel
Weed, Daniel
Warren, Jesse
Webb, Ebenezer
Waterbury, Enos
Weed, Henry
Wilson, Thomas
Wasson, Robert
Williams, William
Weed, Benjamin
Wayland, Edward
Weed, Eleazer

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