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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
New London County, Connecticut

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Copied from "The Record of Connecticut Men In The Military And Naval Service During The War Of The Revolution, 1775-1783". Edited by Henry P. Johnston, A.N. Under the Authority of The Adjutant-General of Connecticut. Hartford: 1889.

New London County, CT Pensioners: 1832

Avery, David
Ayres, John
Ames, Joseph
Avery, Rufus
Avery, Oliver
Avery, Christopher
Adams, William
Ames, Daniel
Atwell, Samuel
Avery, Caleb
Avery, Ebenezer
Bramble, Robert
Baldwin, Joseph
Brockway, Zebulon
Bottom, Asahel
Beckwith, Jesse
Bliss, Dan
Bill, Eleazer
Burnham, Joseph
Beckwith, Abner
Burnham, Sylvester
Bulkley, John
Brown, Christopher
Brown, Samuel
Brockway, John
Beckwith, Seth
Belcher, Nathan
Bentley, Ezekiel
Benjamin, Asa of Preston
Baldwin, Philemon
Baker, Joshua
Bill, Benajah
Burtch, Billings
Brown, Jephthah
Burrows, Paul
Bulkley, Charles, Lieut. Navy
Baldwin, Asa
Bill, Abiel
Brumley, Alas
Brewster, Elias
Baker, Enoch
Brewster, Frederick
Babcock, Ichabod
Bill, Joshua
Bill, Azariah
Crandall, Simeon
Coats, Edward
Clark, Andrew
Chapel, Guy
Chapman, Jason
Chapman, Daniel
Comstock, John
Culver, Christopher
Church, Fairbanks
Comstock, James
Corning, Uriah
Coon, Joseph
Clark, Reuben
Champlin, Silas
Champion, Henry
Champlin, Stephen
Chadwick, Richard
Champlin, Caleb
Chapman, Joseph
Card, John
Comstock, Jason
Clark, Jacob
Cheseborough, Perez
Chidsey, Ephraim
Darrow, Ebenezer
Darrow, Nathan
Darrow, William
Dart, David
Dennison, George
Dutton, Amasa
Dewey, Daniel
Downing, Daniel
Dennis, Russel
Daniels, Job
Dickinson, Ichabod
Edgerton, James
Egleston, Gershom
Earl, Dominy
Fowler, John
Forsyth, Latham
Fox, Ezekiel
Foster, John
Forsyth, William
Foote, Stephen
Foote, Ambrose
Fuller, Ebenezer
Fox, Jesse
Fowler, Amos
Gallup, Nehemiah
Grant, Oliver
Gardner, Isaac
Gallup, Amos
Greenfield, James
Green, Peter
Gay, Asahel
Gillett, Joseph
Gallup, Andrew
Guyant, Luke
Gorton, Joseph
Gallup, Joseph
Gillet, Isaac
Goddard, Ebenezer
Hill, Henry
Holt, Ebenezer
Huntley, Hoel
Hazen, Jacob
Howard, Oliver
Hallam, Robert
Hewitt, Simeon
Herrick, Joseph
Hemington, Azariah
Harvy, George
Hall, Andrew
Holmes, Elisha
Hyde, Joel
Harding, Jeremiah
Hyde, Andrew
Hilliard, Azariah
Hallam, John
Hyde, Elihu
Huntley, Reuben
Holmes, Eliphalet
Huntley, Elihu
Hancox, Edward
Hyde, Azel
Jewitt, Nathan H.
Jones, Simeon
Jones, Isaac
Jeffery, Charles
Johnson, Uzal
Law, Richard, Midship, Navy
Latham, Jasper
Lattimore, George
Leray, John
Loomis, Simon
Lyman, Elisha
Latham, Joseph
Larkin, Joshua
Lester, Asa
Latham, William
Lee, Rev. Andrew
Lee, William
Loomis, John
Luther, Levi
Loring, Solomon
Lathrop, Dixwell
More, David
Morgan, John
Mather, Nathaniel
Miner, Simeon
Maynard, Eleazer
Marvin, Joseph
Maynard, Libbeus
Manning, Increase
Morgan, Wm. A.
Mather, Samuel
Morgan, Nicholas
Miner, William
Miner, James
Maples, Joshua
Main, David
Mason, Henry
Metcalf, Ebenezer
Mather, John
Noyes, Joseph
Noyes, William
Newbury, Stedman
Otis, John T.
Pride, Absolom
Peck, Joseph
Pettis, Joseph
Palmer, Elisha
Palmer, Samuel
Peters, Absolom, Capt.
Parker, Eldridge
Pierson, Peter
Peckham, Samuel
Palmer, Stephen
Packer, John
Peckham, Benjamin
Palmer, Samuel
Pettes, Benjamin
Post, Stephen
Robinson, Elias
Ray, Gideon
Rose, Prosper, Surg. Mate.
Rathbun, Jonathan
Rogers, Gideon
Rogers, Ebenezer
Rogers, Isaac
Rogers, Israel
Robinson, William
Roach, Thomas
Robbins, Silas
Reed, Amos
Reynolds, Thomas
Ransom, Asahel
Ransom, James
Robbins, Thomas
Story, Jabez
Swan, John
Spencer, Israel S.
Smith, Thomas
Stoddert, Daniel
Smith, William
Smith, Seth
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Elijah
Staples, Ebenezer
Smith, Ezekiel
Smith, Joseph
Stanton, Samuel
Scovell, Solomon
Stoddard, Robert
Smith, John
Stackweather, John
Tinker, Benjamin
Tinker, Ezekiel
Turner, John
Tracy, Philemon, Surg. Mate
Threadway, Elijah
Thomas, Simeon
Tinker, Nathan
Tiffany, Asa
Tracy, Gamaliel R.
Tabor, Benjamin
Tift, Solomon
Thomas, Daniel
Tracy, Eleazer
Tillotson, George
Thompson, James
Tyler, Bishop
Tinker, Samuel
Talmage, Elisha
Tinker, William
Vaile, Christopher
White, Christopher
Wells, Thomas
Wheeler, Jonathan
Williams, Wareham
Warren, Nathaniel
Williams, Peter
Wilcox, Daniel
Williams, Isaac
Woodward, Asa
Williams, Joseph
Ward, Ichabod
Williams, Solomon
Whipple, Elijah
Warner, Selden
Witler, Jonah
Wentworth, Jonah W.
Williams, Robert
Way, Elisha
Way, Durien
Yeomans, Joshua
York, Allen
York, James
York, Jeremiah
Yale, Daniel

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