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Pensioners Under The Act of June 7, 1832
Tolland County, Connecticut

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1832 Pension List, under the Act of Congress, approved June 7, 1832, pensions were granted to all officers and soldiers, whether continental State or Militia, who had served, at one or more terms, a period of two years. The list under this Act appears in Sen. Doc., 1st ----, 23d Cong., 1833-34, where further particulars, such as age, date of death & c., not entered in the list here given, may be found.

Copied from "The Record of Connecticut Men In The Military And Naval Service During The War Of The Revolution, 1775-1783". Edited by Henry P. Johnston, A.N. Under the Authority of The Adjutant-General of Connecticut. Hartford: 1889.

Tolland County, CT Pensioners: 1832

Allen, Asahel
Arnold, Isaac
Avery, Deneson
Andrews, Ephraim
Ashley, Abner
Andreis, Ephraim
Burnap, Jeriah
Bliss, Samuel
Brown, Jeremiah
Boynton, Bela
Barber, Bela
Barstow, Samuel
Bronson, Jabez
Burnham, Joseph
Button, Jonathan
Brigham, Elnathan
Babcock, Simon
Brace, David
Brown, John
Brown, Othniel
Belknap, Francis
Benton, Jacob
Chapin, Asa
Cummings, William
Cogswell, Amos
Conant, Sylvanus
Coleman, John
Chapin, Oliver
Carpenter, Comfort
Crouch, Christopher
Cady, Abner
Clark, Gideon
Clark, Boswell
Clark, John
Clark, Nathan
Crain, Daniel
Chapman, Eliakim
Dean, Silas
Dewey, Abraham
Dunham, Stephen
Dart, Jonathan
Dean, David
Dyer, Eliab
Dunham, James
Dimmick, John
Elithorp, Samuel
Edgerton, Abel
Eno, Levi
Fenton, Asa
Fuller, John
Fox, Jacob
Fenton, Solomon
Freeman, Timothy
Fuller, Josiah
Grant, Elnathan
Grover, Eben
House, Benjamin
Hinckley, David
Howe, Israel
Hawes, Elijah
Hibbard, William
Hitchinson, Ebenezer
Harvey, Nathan
Huxford, John
Jones, Oliver
Judd, Elias
Johnson, Samuel
Judd, Solomon
Jennings, Nathan
Jacobs, Asahel
Johnson, Jedediah
Kibber, Jedediah
Kibber, Frederick
King, John
Kingsbury, Joseph
Kingsbury, Jabez
Knowlton, Thomas
Kellog, Medad
Lillie, Nathan
Loomis, Daniel
Loomis, Israel
Lillibridge, Thomas
Lawson, David
Lawson, Ebenezer
Merrick, Luther
Mann, Joseph
Mann, Andrew
Morehouse, Thomas
Moreye, Nathanel
Millard, Levitt
Manning, Andrew
Norton, David
Nelson, George
Northum, John
Orcutt, Stephen
Patton, William
Phelps, Daniel
Phelps, Abel
Phelps, Roger
Phelps, Erastus
Page, Gad
Poulk, Ammi
Pearl, Timothy
Parker, Asa
Phelps, Amos
Pease, Charles
Pinney, Lemuel
Rogers, Leonard
Royce, Asa
Risley, George
Rogers, Nathaniel
Rice, William
Root, Nathaniel
Reed, Samuel
Snow, Jonathan
Storrs, Ebenezer
Stewart, James
Sholes, Jabez
Sweetland, Eben. L.
Sessions, Abijah
Skinner, David
Smith, Nathan
Spencer, James
Smith, Roswell
Strong, David
Skinner, Zenos
Talcott, Phineas
Talcott, Justice
Thresher, Ebenezer
Taylor, John
Tiffany, Nathaniel
Turner, Selah
Taylor, John
Vinton, Seth
White, Daniel
White, Obadiah
West, Ira
Wood, Asa
Wright, Elijah
Waterhouse, Jonathan
Wright, Roswell
West, Samuel
Walker, Simons
Yeomans, Edward
Young, Moses

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Home | Military Records | 1832 Pension List: Connecticut | Tolland County, CT Pensioners; 1832

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