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1840 Alabama - Northern District

Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

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The Alabama - Northern District, 1840 Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

Blount County

NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Western Divistion
Charles Holt78C. Holt
Jeremiah Files75J. Files
Eastern Divistion
George Husstullar76G. Husstullar
Thomas C. Jones82Thomas C. Jones
Jos. McDerment83John Cook

Benton County

Hezekiah Posey90Hezekiah Posey
John Presnell81John Presnell
James Watkins92James Watkins
Samuel Tolbert87Samuel Tolbert
John Landers82John Landers
Tobias Honey78Abel Brooks
John Chandler89John Chandler
Samuel Ridner80Jos. Ridner
John Mallory75Henry H. Mallory
William Cunningham93William N. Cunningham
John Roper75Stephen Roper
Samuel Warden84David Barnwell

Cherokee County

E. Moss74E. Moss
John Grewer42John Grewer
Jos. Garner, sen.95Jos. Garner

De Kalb County

Jacob Froxil85J. Froxil
William Walker78G. Walker
George Upton80George Upton

Franklin County

Hugh Randolph85David Fuller
Elijah White78Samuel B. White

Fayette County

Reuben Cook80Reuben Cook
Fred. Bagwell80Fred. Bagwell
Thomas Glaze89Thomas Galze
Isaac Lansdale80Isaac Lansdale
Benjamin Guess83Jesse Howard
Johnson Strong82Johnson Strong
David Black80David Black

Jackson County

John Duncan83Robert Duncan
Jesse Sampels79Jesse Sampels
Jos. R. McCormack96Joseph R. McCormack
Jonah McInally52Jonah McInally
Jiohn Wood89Thomas Campbell
Thomas Russell79Thomas Russell
John Bryant85John Bryant
John Morris76John Morris
John McCravy87Thomas Coleman
Benjamin Matthews73Benjamin Matthews
Elizabeth Calton21John Owens
Elizabeth Bryant71H.M. Bryant
Lewis Clark77Lewis Clark
John Smith77Larkin Smith
Joshua Townsel80Joshua Townsel
Rebecca Smith39Rebecca Smith
James Smith81James P. Smith
Andrew J. Kirby25John McReynolds

Lauderdale County

Charles Littleton79Charles Littleton
Samuel Burney60Samuel Burney
Lewis Markham75L. Markham

Lawrence County

Samuel McGaughy78Samuel McGaughy
Abrm. Haughton81William Boyce
John Harvey82John Harvey
Jarvis Ellett75Jon. Wilson
Abrm. Ellege80Abrm. Ellege
William Mitchell86A. Mitchell
William Lackey87William Lackey
Thomas Fulton81Thomas Fulton
Andrew White78Andrew White
James McDonell82James McDonell

Limestone County

Thomas Holland78Thomas Holland
John Craig75John Craig
William Malone85William Malone
James McConnell, sen.83James McConnell, sen.
Jesse Mitchell75Jesse Mitchell

Marion County

Thomas Stanford--
William Kennedy-J. Kennedy

Morgan County

Thomas Queen80Thomas Queen
E. Thompson91E. Thompson
James Lynn76James Lynn
N. Thompson81N. Thompson
Jos. Nelson87Jos. Nelson
Cornelius Malone81Cornelius Malone
Robert Barclay, sen.76Robert Barclay, sen.
Thomas Hubbard, sen.87Thomas Hubbard, sen.

Marshall County

Samuel West103Butcher West
John Bradley, sen.83John Bradley, sen.
Thomas Cargill77Thomas Cargill
Thomas T. Doty44Thomas T. Doty
Robert Rains56Robert Rains

Madison County

North Division
Clement Blackbourn80-
Richard Harris82-
Andrew Martin105Andrew Martin
Peyton Powell80Peyton Powell
Samuel Davis85Samuel Davis
Jacob Caulk85John H. Webster
Edward Bevill78Edward Bevill
Reuben Stone84Reuben Stone
Richard Johnson82Richard Johnson
Sturdy Garner78Sturdy Garner
South Divistion
Ezekiel Craft77Ezekiel Craft
John Wright48John Wright
Richard Dean81Richard Dean
Jer. Gurley81John Gurley

Randolph County

John Kinard82Barnett Kinard
James Simpson79William Simpson
Hugh Card84Hugh Card

St. Clair County

Noel Battles100William Battles
Robert Reed75-

Talladega County

David Caldwell87Charles Caldwell
Spencer Pendegrass69Spencer Pendegrass