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1840 Census of Pensioners
Barnstable County, Massachusetts

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Barnstable County Massachusetts Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

Barnstable Pensioners

NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Deborah Freeman74Benjamin Hinckley
Thankful Hedge72Thankful Hedge
Violet Coffin78Violet Coffin
Alvan Jenkins-Alvin Jenkins
Ansel Adams78Ansel Adams
Chole Hinckley78Chole Hinckley
Benjamin Hallett80Benjamin Hallett
Prince Hinckley81Prince Hinckley
Leonard Chase38Leonard Chase
Ebenezer Case83Ebenezer Case
Sylvanus Hinckley83Moses H. Bearse
Zenas Gage81Zenas Gage
Jabez Bacon83Jabez Bacon
George Lewis80Washington Crowell
Richard Lewis89Richard Lewis
Rebecca Bearse84Melinda Eldridge

Brewster Pensioners

Daniel Rogers81Eunice Mayo
Anguish McCloud97Aaron Crowel
Susanna Paine73Susan Paine

Chatham Pensioners

Salathel Nickerson80Salathel Nickerson
Joseph Young78Joseph Young
Reliance Hopkins80Reliance Hopkins

Dennis Pensioners

James Taylor78James Taylor
Henry Hall78Hiram Hall
Samuel Baker, 3rd.40Samuel Baker, 3rd.
Abner Robbins82Emanuel Spindle
Samuel Chase79Samuel Chase

Eastham Pensioners

John Hopkins83John Hopkins

Falmouth Pensioners

Joseph Hatch82David Bowman
Isaac Parker82Isaac Parker
Thomas Fish77Thomas Fish
Silas Lawrence92Silas Lawrence
Braddock Dimmock79Braddock Dimmock
Sylvanus Fish85Sylvanus Fish
Nathaniel Bourne86Nathaniel Bourne
Jonathan Green80Jonathan Green
Rebecca Swift74Melatiah Lawrence
Zuriel Bourne84Zuriel Bourne

Harwich Pensioners

Abigail Smith85Ebenezer Smith
Eleanor Hall81Eleanor Hall
Zuba Cahoon76Zuba Cahoon
Nathan Underwood86Nathan Underwood
Samuel Cash78Samuel Cash
Naomi Phillips77Naomi Phillips
Mary Doane89James Long
Ebenezer Eldredge-Jacob Eldredge
Stephen Nickerson86Stephen Nickerson

Mashpee Pensioners

Isaac Wickhams78Isaac Wickhams

Orleans Pensioners

Hezekiah Rogers89Yates Rogers
Richard Rogers82Alvah Rogers
Eunice Taylor82Asa Rogers
Jabez Sparrow86Jabez Sparrow
David Taylor77David Taylor
Hannah Rogers82Hannah Rogers
Isaac Snow82Isaac Snow

Sandwich Pensioners

Joseph Fuller82Joseph Fuller
Joshua Avery76Joshua Avery
Thankful Packard81Benjamin Packard
Edward McGowns80James P. Nye
John Perry81John Perry
John Gardner77Bela White
Mary Nye80Ebenezer Nye
Lemuel Fisher80Allen Fish

Truro Pensioners

Joseph Rich78Joseph Rich

Wellfleet Pensioners

Jeremiah Newcomb81Jeremiah Newcomb
Stephen Young79Stephen Young
Nathan Harding88Henry Harding
James Newcomb87Elisha Rich
Hannah Morris73Hannah Morris
John Taylor-John Taylor
Mary Harding76Mary Harding

Yarmouth Pensioners

Betsey Berry79Betsey Berry
George Baker64George Baker
Reuben Chase78Reuben Chase
Abigail Hall85David Hall
Samuel Taylor84Samuel Taylor
Polly Thacker82Polly Thacker
Bethiah Miller79Bethiah Miller

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