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1840 Census of Pensioners
Berkshire County, Massachusetts

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Berkshire County Massachusetts Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

Barnstable Pensioners

NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing

Great Barrington

Martin Hart82Martin Hart
Abram Seely79Gilbert Ford
Asa Coles82Benjamin Coles
Hugh Humphrey90Daniel Humphrey
Wethy A. Patterson77B. Patterson
Hezekiah Grant75H. Grant
Mary Pyncheon74George Pyncheon
Esther Lewis86George Stanley


Enoch Sperry79Enoch Sperry
Samuel Willoby84Samuel Willoby
Abiatha Fowler85A. Fowley
Jerusha Flint70Jerusha Flint


Benjamin Spaulding85Benjamin Spualding
Joel Root85Joel Root
Ichobod west75Ichabod West
Stephen Stevens83Stephen Stevens
Joseph Hewing76Joseph Hewing
Mary Andrews84Hannah Austin
Amos Holden76Rodney Sage
Hannah Whitney81Henry Sanders
Reuben Buckman81Heman Mcintyre
David Allen88David Allen
Joseph Brown80Joseph Bower
Bartholomew Parsons84Bartholomew Parsons

West Stockbridge

Joseph Wilber87Joseph Wilbur
Amos Woodruff77Chester L. Woodruff
John Easland82John Easland
William Payns80Philo Olds
Christopher French88C. French
Shubal Snow80Shubal Snow
David Bradly82E.S. Bradly
Silas Barns76Theodore Avery


Jacob Cline79Jacob Cline
David Sandford81Stephen Sandford
James Baldwin81James Baldwin
Darius Lewis82Albert Lewis
Stephen Barnum80M. Millard


Noah Rositer81Noah Rossiter
Levi Crittenden82Asa Cone

New Marborough

William Jaquins88William Jaquins
Jeremiah Corvet76Jeremiah Corvet
John Stannard84John Stannard
Thomas Clark76Thomas Clark
Mary Hall81Amy Griswold
Elizabeth Foot88Salmon Foot
Isaac Brewer78Isaac Brewer
Louisa Stebbins77Rawson Harmon
Zenas Wheeler84Zenas Wheeler
Elizabeth Warner97Gad Warner
Michael Goodrich91Walter Goodrich


Lillis Churchill86Seymour Churchill
James Davidson88James Davidson
Agrippa Hull79Agrippa Hull
Caleb Bennett81Caleb Bennett


Joseph Willis81Joseph Willis
Reuben Marsh78Reuben Marsh
Nathaniel Bassett89Nathaniel Bassett
Joel Hayden78Arthur Perry
Cornelius Bassett79Cornelius Bassett, Jr.
Levi Robinson78Levi Robinson


Anthony Church79Cyrus Church
John Messenger89John Messenger
Levi Snow80Edward C. Snow
Jonah Cushman81Alden Cushman
James Harris86James Harris
Andrew Broga82Andrew Broga
Nathaniel Rudd87John W. Rudd
John Haskins80John Haskins
Elizabeth Snow81Stephen Snow


Leonard Bettes69Leonard Bettes
Elizabeth Markham72Aaron F. Couch
Jedediah White89Allen Bennett
Stephen Sage91Silas Sage
Chester Couch78Chester Couch
Aaron Heth85Alvah Heth


Oliver Judd79Oliver Judd
Daniel Webb77Daniel Webb
John Davidson77John Davidson
William Crittenden86William S. Crittenden
John Fry83John Blair
Richard Chase80Richard Chase
James Haskell51James Haskill


Asahel Lunduz75Asahel Lunduz
Elijah Thomas79Elijah Thomas
John Eells87Richard Parker
Daniel Canfield80Daniel Canfield


Daniel Sanger79Daniel Sanger
Samuel Brooker79Samuel Brooker
John Kent76John Kent
William Millikan78William Millikan


James Winy83James Winy
John Adams73John Adams
Nathaniel Mourey89Nathaniel Mourey
Abraham Washburn86Abraham Washburn


Daniel Cone81Daniel Cone
Joseph Bacon78Joseph Bacon
John Geer--John Geer
Rogers Haskell87Rogers Haskell


Joseph Howland78Joseph Howland
Hosea Merrills79Hosea Merrills
Josiah Lawrence85Thomas Lawrence
John Daniels77John Daniels
Reuben Brooks78Reuben Brooks
Zenas Root76Zenas Root
Robert Francis78Robert Francis, Jr.
Nathaniel Freeman83Edward P. Goodrich
Simeon Guilford87Willard Gay
John Peory88John Peory
Richard Barnard81Richard Barnard


Henry Cleaveland97Cyrus Cleaveland


Jacob Snow82Jacob Snow
Jacob Dawes77John Dawes
Stephen Hume86Richard Hume
Jacob Fisk77Jacob Fisk
Sebeus Bates80William H. Bates


James Potter80Mercy Harkness
John Sheldon91Amasa Harrington
Zeniah Paul85Trueman Paul
Mary Temple81John Temple
Lyman Hall85Jabez Hall
Lydia Colgrove75Jeremiah Colgrove
Edmund Badger60Edmund Badger
Tryphina Starks76Willard Starks
Eli Gould74Eli Gould


Zebulon Benton80Loring Benton
John Manning44John Manning
Edmund Jordan77Edmund Jordan
Aaron Hayes78Aaron Hayes


Isaac Carter76Isaac Carter
Jacob Brown77Jacob Brown


Elijah Hawley96Cooe Danforth
Mindwell Waters77Mindwell Waters
Nathaniel Chamberlin83Nathaniel Chamberlin
Obadiah Bardwell82Obadiah Bardwell
Benjamin Briggs80Benjamin Briggs
Azabia Dunsett80John Leney
Asa Russell87Nabby Mills
William B. Sherman81William B. Sherman
Henry Green82Henry Green


David Jewet81Oliver Jewet
Elijah Phelps79George R. Rockwell
Asa Lane74David Barnes
Amos Pettibone79Amos Pettibone
Elnathan Gregory83Eli Bradley

N. Ashford

John Stills82John Stills
Huldah Cole79Otis Cole
Jonathan Ingraham 80Jonathan Ingraham


Sarah Viner69Isaac Viner
Susan Bliss78John M. Bliss
Nathan Wood80Arvin Wood
Reuben Albe77Reuben Albe
Zilpha Childs78Dexter Cole
Amos Carr42Amos Carr
Stephen Temple76Stephen Temple


Elijah Turner79Elijah Turner
Ruth Davis81Abiger Davis
Benjamin Burlingame57Benjamin Burlingame
Snellern Babbit79Edward Babbit
Simeon Goff86Simeon Goff, Jr.


Ziba Bush74Ziba Bush
Ellen Hill81Ellen Hill
Mary Patton81Freeman Stanley
Olive Cannon78John Cannon
Lucy Buel78Samuel Fargo, Jr.
William Heath77William Heath

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