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1840 Census of Pensioners
Hampden County, Massachusetts

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Hampden County Massachusetts Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Abel Griswold80Abel Griswold
Ephraim Slaughter85Sylvanus Slaughter
Hannah Noble98Electar Norton
Timothy Stebbins78Timothy Stebbins
Samuel Reed82Samuel F. Reed
Simon Smith81Daniel Smith
Patience Gaylord73Patience Gaylord
Luther Atkins82Luther Atkins


Newman Bishop82Newton Bishop
Jacob Loomis83Jacob Loomis


George Gorham84Russel Gorham


Elisha Parker74Elisha Parker
Jonathan Hutchinson87Jonathan Hutchinson
James Taylor82James B. Taylor


Elijah Churchill84


Anthony Sizer87Anthony Sizer

West Springfield

Feeding Hills Parish

Benjamin Copley78Benjamin Copley
Stephen Bumphrey87Stephen Bumphrey
Phineas Leonard89Dwight Leonard
Jeremiah Liswell42Thomas Liswell

Agawsom Parish

Amy Clark80A.S. Starkweather
Mary Porter87Harvey Porter
Mabel Bowe82Asa Austin
Gad Warriner82Gad Warriner
John Egleston84John Egleston, Sr.

First Parish

Simeon Smith86Simeon Smith
Abigail Allen83Michael Marsh
Abigail Colton78Jesse McIntire
Joseph Telt81Louisa Rogers
Roger Cooley79Rogers Cooley

West Springfield

Ireland Parish

David Wood77David Wood
Naomi Ludington85Jason Ludington
Judith Perkins72Edwin Perkins
Jabez Edwards77Joseph Edwards
Jube Ely78Jube Ely
Enoch Ely85Enoch Ely
Caleb Tuttle79Caleb Tuttle
Lydia Jones78Pliny Jones
Erastus Morgan76Erastus Morgan
Joseph Ely83Joseph Ely

Long Meadow

West Parish

Freelove Chandler84Dimond Chandler
Stephen Keep75Stephen Keep
Gaius Bliss79Gaius Bliss
Mary Parker79Ira Parker
Levi Crandall80Levi Crandall
Naomi Robinson76Naomi Robinson

East Parish

Anna Lathrop79Nathaniel Billings
Jacob Hills76Jacob Hills
James Stebbins79Samuel Markham
Philip Butterfield82F.M. Hamblet
Lewis White80Susan Ashley


North Parish

Charles Cooley84Luther B. Bliss
David Shields84David Shields
Joshua Wallbridge81Joshua Wallbridge
Isaac Lewis80Isaac Lewis
Titus Amidon77Titus Amidon
Esther Calkins77Mary Calkins
Wealthy Hancock77Wealthy Hancock

South Parish

Stephen Newell82John Newell
Ephraim Chaffee79David Burt
Elijah Button85Justus Bedortha
Olive Chaffee78Daniel Chaffee
David Stebbins80David Stebbins


Jesse Hall83Jesse Hall
Titus Hubbard76Titus Hubbard
William Moore80William Moore
Dolly Marshall74Dolly Marshall
Isaac Miller82Jesse Miller
Cephas Mills80Cephas Mills


East Parish

Olive Buttles79R. & L. Buttles
George Hubbard85George Hubbard
Thomas Petton80Stephen Spelman, 2d
Timothy Gibbons78Lucius Gibbons

West Parish

Seth Parsons82Seth Parsons


Sevia Sivzer98Sevia Sivzer
C. Ward83Christopher Ward
Joseph Griggs90Orlando Griggs
Thomas Charles82Thomas Charles
David Nichols85David Nichols
Lucy Lambert82Elijah Lambert
Baly Bond80Harvey Russell
William Jones82William J. Sherman


Maly Pike83David B. Dean
Eunice Sherman87Zebina Fletcher


Timothy Jones78Henry Graves
Jonathan Rice80Alpheus Rice
Peninah Goodell83Sarah Goodell
Patience Pratt79Patience Pratt


Sevia Thayer81Alfred Nelson
Josiah Eaton84Josiah Eaton
Caleb Edson85Nancy Munger
James Walker87James Walker


Paul Chapin85Patty Pease
John Shaw85John Shaw
Ruth Thayer80Alexander Maxfield
Isaac Jones87Charles B. Jones
Fanny Gates77Henry Gates
Stephen W. Warner80Stephen Warner
Joseph Peck83Solomon L. Peck
Anna Harvey86Stephen Nichols
Sarah Munn80Calvin Munn
Ezra Tucker90Joel Tucker
Ezra Tupper78E. Tupper
Daniel Mixter85Azariah Butler


Jonathan Hunt80Jonathan Hunt
Naomi Strickland78Warner C. Lemon
Alice Perry70John Perry
Huldah Ball79Huldah Ball
Samuel Taylor79Samuel Taylor
Eleanor McClintock85Tryphena McClintock


Elsea Loomis73Elsea Loomis
Buller Thayer70Carlton Thayer
Jonathan Smith79Benjamin Walcot
Francis Bliss47Francis Bliss
Thaddeus Ferry80Roswell Clements
Catharine Allen80Calvin Hunter
Desire Bangs79Oliver Shattuck
Caleb Stacey79Caleb Stacey
Simson Pomeroy86Simson Pomeroy
Hannah Taylor85Wid. Julius Dart
Susanna Richmond79Zimri Richmond
John Stevenson82John Stevenson
Levi Dart76Levi Dart
John S. Edwards76John S. Edwards
Dorcas Whitley77Dorcas Whitley
Peneller Cooley82Abner Cooley
George Blake82George Blake
Hannah Stevens90Jonathan Blake
Reuben Burt80Reuben Burt, Jr.
Amos Skeele92Amos Skeele
Mehitable Griswold84Mehitable Griswold

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