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1840 Census of Pensioners
Plymouth County, Massachusetts

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Plymouth County Massachusetts Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Bethiah Bagnle84Samuel W. Bagnele
Amasiah Preston83Joseph White
Isabella Thomas76Isabella Thomas
Samuel N. Holmes85Samuel N. Holmes
John Adlington76John Adlington
James Thatcher83James Thatcher
Lucy Hardy81Betsey Peterson
William Ribbins82Edmund Ribbins
Moses Nichols77Moses Nichols
Bathsheba Barnes73Bathsheba Barnes
Mary Ripley76William Ropley
Reubah Lucas82Ehraim Washburn
Betsey Lucas81Sylanus Rogers, Jr.
Susan Wright84Joseph Wright
Lucy Briggs77Lucy Burgess
Phebe Warren86Phebe Warren
John Burgess74John Burgess
James Harlow77James Harlow
Patience Nickerson82Patience Nickerson
Deborah Raymond73Deborah Raymond
William Stevens88Lemuel Stevens


Hezekiah Ripley83Hezekiah Ripley
Ezra D. Morton72Ezra D. Morton
Ebenezer Covel82Ebenezer Covel
James Sever78James Sever
Noah Bradford77Ezekiel Bryant
Thankful D. Drew90Elisha Ford
Lucy Washburn74Francis Washburn
Saba Cushman77Mary Perkins


Daniel Bumpus79Edmund P. Bunpus
Edward Bumpus86Edward Bunpus
Gideon Shurtliff78Nathaniel Shaw
Jerima Lucas83Consider Robbins
Lydia Crocker87Haman Crocker
Job Aplin83Isaac Vaughn
Nehemiah Cobb88Nathan Cobb
Mesey Bumpus87Mesey Bumpus
Silas Bessey79Constant Bessey
Thomas Washburn79Thomas Washburn
Josiah Smith83Josiah Smith
Joseph Gibbs78JOseph Gibbs
Silvia Bates86Silvia Bates
Jesse Briggs83Jesse Briggs
Axy Bumpus71Axy Bumpus
Betsey Lucas75Charles Lucas


Noah Thomas80Henry L. Thomas
Jacob Cushman92Jacob Cushman
Jerusha Ripley85Simeon Churchill
Ebenezer Wright77Ebenezer Wright
Deborah Pliney90Barnabas Pliney
John Bisbee84John Bisbee
Zebedee Chandler76Zebedee Chandler
Benjamin Cushman78Amos Fuller
Joseph Wright83Willard Ellis, Jr.
Simeon Loving77Simeon Loving
Polly Sherman78George Sherman
Samuel Briggs76Samuel Briggs
Levi Wright83Levi Wright
Sarah Shurtliff73Zenas Washburn
Patience Wright73George E. Wright


Joseph Kinney85Alethea Soul
Priscilla Peterson75Ruth Peterson
Howland Sampson85Howland Sampson
Andrew Sampson91Andrew Sampson
Thomas Chandler87Samuel Chandler
Samuel Gardner76Samuel Gardner
Howard Chandler81Howard Chandler
Jerusha Waterman75Jerusha Waterman
Marcia Taylor72Marcia Taylor
James Weston79James Weston
Oliver Delano81Oliver Delano
Lucy Glass80Nancy Glass
Reuben Daws95Peleg Simmons
Nathaniel Hodges78Joseph F. Wadworth
Isaiah Alden81Isaiah Alden
Abner Sampson88Abner Sampson
Levi Weston83Levi Weston
Judah Alden89Judah Alden
Sarah Burgess83Sarah Burgess
Wealthy Drew83Wealthy Drew
Rebecca Peterson86Joseph Wadsworth
Drusbury Wadworth79Brusbury Wadworth
Uriah Sprague92Uriah Sprague
Seth Sprague80Seth Sprague
Margaret Delano79Jesse Delano
Abigail Kent75Abigail Kent
Joshua Brewster77Joshua Brewster
Jeptha Delano81Jeptha Delano
Abigail Kent94Amos Ames
Lucy Stoddard75Sally Walker
Abigail Waston77Abigail Waston
Edward Arnold92Galen Arnold


Susanna Delano82Susanna Delano
John Bourn81John Bourn
Abigail Baker76Dwelly Baker
Luther Little84Luther Little
Wales Tilden84Wales Tilden
Asa Lapham95Asa Lapham
Anthony Hatch87Anthony Hatch
Bethial Rogers93Bethial Rogers, Jr.
Thomas Rogers88Hatel Oakman
Rachel Rogers75Constant Oakman


John Turner79John Turner
Martha Stetson82Samuel Stetson
Elisha Briggs79Elisha Briggs
Laban Souther77Laban Souther
Robert Pierce79Paul Litchfield
Jerusha Tower84E.T. Fogg
Deborah Gross87Lewis Gross
Alice Cushing83Nathaniel Cushing
Lydia Curtis83Job Curtis
Luther Damon84Luther Damon
William Hyland87Hannah Litchfield
Martha Clapp85Thomas Clapp
Charles Cole80Alfred Litchfield
Simeon Pierson87Simeon Pierson
John Studley80John Studley
Cornelius Bates78Cornelius Bates
Rhoda Morris85Robert Williams
Francis Litchfield79S.O. Ruggles
Lemuel Jacobs--Lemuel Jacobs
Anna Webb82Paul Webb
Judith Cook80William Cook
Gideon Young79Moses P. Rich.
Rachel Clapp80N. B. Sylvester
Calvin Jenkins82Calvin Jenkins
Lydia Turner77Samuel A. Turner


Peter Kersey82J.B. Mayhew
Philippi Dunbar82Peter Kersey, Jr.
Bethshebe Tower82Moses Tower
Nabby Dunbar77S. L. Fearing
David Gardner85E. D. Blossom
Mary Stoddard74W. A. Hessey
Jedediah Jay86Lydia Stoddard
Israel Stowell84Israel Stowell
Rachel Lincoln82Rachel Lincoln
Susanna Lincoln80Alexander Anderson
Lot Marsh82Lot Marsh
Milcah Dill84Milcah Dill
Susan Stoddard78Susan Stoddard
Perez Gardner78Perez Gardner
Elizabeth Corthell75Elizabeth Corthell
Ezekiel Hersey79EzekielHersey
Israel Whiton81Lyman Barnes
Edmund Hobart85Edmund Hobart
John Kersey79S.S. Kersey
Jonathan Cushing81Jonathan Cushing


Olive Lovell83Pyam Cushing
Winefred Hunt86Winefred Hunt
Mary Dill73William Pope


Nancy Curtis67Nancy Curtis
Oliver Stetson82Alvin Studley
Ruth Lovell74Jacob Lovell
Sarah Reed94Jesse Reed
Huldah Penniman84Harris G. Prouty
Sarah Cook80Thomas J. Cook
Ruth Dyer80Ruth Dyer
Joseph P. Gurney79Joseph P. Gurney
Lydia Cotherell82John Cotherell
Asa Gurney81Asa Gurney
Luther Lazell86Luther Lazell
Patience Chamberlin83Patience Chamberlin
Matthaw Noyes82Almhouse
Caleb Lane77Almhouse
Anna Hill88Anna Hill
Susanna Tarrey85Barker C. Young
Gridley Thaxter84Gridley Thaxter
David Noyse79Albert Reed, 2d

East Bridgewater

Molly French73Nathaniel French
Eunice Thayer83Parmo Stetson
Philip Torrey80Philip Torrey
Lydia Ramsdell72Lydia Ramsdell
Susanna Whitmarsh71Susanna Whitmarsh
Benjamin Pincin80Dexter Pratt
Luther Hatch78Luther Hatch
Margaret Wesley91William Pratt
Nathan Alden89Nathan Alden
Molly Chamberlin75Calvin Chamberlin

West Bridgewater

Asa White78Asa White
Richard Thayer81Richard Thayer
Daniel Hartwell85Daniel Hartwell
Seth Burr82Almhouse
Elijah Alden77Almhouse
Samuel Wood75Samuel Wood

North Bridgewater

Joseph Sylvester76Joseph Sylvester
Mary Crafts77Mary Crafts
Sarah Faxon80William Faxon
Thomas Wales89Lewis Bunker
Abigail Sturdifant73Willard Howard
Oliver Howard82Daniel Howard
Jonas Howard79Naham Battles
Zachariah Gurney78Zachariah Gurney
Relief Packard79Jesse Packard
Hannah Jackson86Almhouse
Nathaniel Hobart76Nathaniel Hobart
Jonathan Carey83Jonathan Carey
Andrew Freeman75Andrew Freeman
Abiel Hartwell83Alfred Snell


Lydia Keen78Lydia Keen
J. Bowen Barker87J. Bowen Barker
Mary Josselyn78Mary Josselyn
Betsey Joel77Betsey Joel
Seth Perry85Seth Perry
Ezekiel Bonney78Ezekiel Bonney


Benjamin Bates80Jared Whiting
Patience Mann80John Brooks
Rufus Farnum70Rufus Farnum
Leavitt Lane79Lebbeus Stockbridge
Mary Mann83Mary Mann
Elizabeth Perry84Elizabeth Perry
Lydia Tilden79Lydia Tilden


Lemuel Lapham78Lemuel Lapham
Ruth Garnett77Ruth Garnett
John Osburn72John U. Osburn
Billy Ford83Billy Ford
Betsey Nash80Zebulon Nash
Christopher Pierce80Christopher Pierce
Joshua Magoun79Joshua Magoun
Averick Thomas74Ebenezer S. Thomas
John Hix83Almhouse
Benjamin Bearce82Philip M. Tew
Sally Stetson78Abel Stetson
Ursula Fish77Job Fish
Isaiah Sampson82Isaiah Sampson


Lydia Lyon80Isaac Lyon
Abiel Washburn79George Shaw
Daniel Tucker80Woodward Tucker
Samuel Sampson76Samuel Sampson
Bethiah White83Bethiah White
Edward Thomas81James G. Cushman
William Drake79William Drake
Jane Gurney83Daniel Gurney
George Hackett81George Hackett
Stephen Bennett74Stephen Bennett
Seth Thomas86Mary Carver
Leonard Briggs90Silvanus Lovell
William Porter77William Porter
Earl Sears78Earl Sears
Samuel Robbins78Samuel Robbins, Jr.
Caleb Bassett83Caleb Bassett
Humphrey Alden77Joseph Shockley
Henry Andress77Henry Andress
Joshua Haskins85Apollos Haskins
Joseph Cole96Joseph Cole
Andrew Cole85Andrew Cole
Deborah Thompson91Abner Wood
Hope Wood74Hope Wood
Eliphus Weston76Ira Haskins
Samuel Smith89Samuel Smith
Hope Faunce83Seneca Thomas
Deliverance Cobb76Seneca Thomas
Silvanus Wood81Benjamin O. Wood
Isaac Benson80Isaac Benson
Arispa Thomas77Eleazer Thomas
Lydia Wood74Lydia Wood
Elisha Freeman89John Freeman
Hannah Ellis85Ebenezer Ellis
Moses Thompson78Moses Thompson
Jedediah Caswell87Jedediah Caswell
Joseph Clark84Joseph Clark
Benjamin Thompson77Benjamin Thompson
Mary Hoar78William Bourne


Lois Handy82Henry P. Young
Elizabeth Tinkham90Levi Handy
Thomas Barrows81Thomas Barrows
Gideon Hammon86Gideon Hammon
Eben Ellis78Eben Ellis
Sarah Church81Jonathan Church
Earl Church81Joseph M. Church
Mary Lumbnot83Phebe Peirce
Joshua Chandler84Joshua Chandler
Mehitable Kenny--Lucy Tripp
Mehitable Clark79James H. Clark
Susanna Doty86Amos Combs
Deborah Briggs79Deborah Briggs
Stephen Rider80Joseph E. Smith
Stephen Clark80John Pitcher
Timothy Hiller80Timothy Hiller
Jane Look83Alden Look
Levi Gunney93Levi Gunney
Thankful Gunney--Samuel Gunney
Isaiah Cobb80Isaiah Cobb


Judah Wood79Samuel Wood, 3d
Ebenezer Thompson86Jabez P. Thompson
Zebedee Thompson81Zebedee Thompson
Lydia Holmes89OliverHolmes
Mercy Sears77William Sears
Nathaniel Holmes79Nathaniel Holmes
Abigail Sturtevant92John Sturtevant
Samuel Churchill80Samuel Churchill
Zenas Sturtevant72Zenas Sturtevant
Thomas Pope82Dexter C. Thompson
Lydia Loring79Levi Morse


Jonah Benson81Jonah Benson, Jr.
Samuel Leonard77Samuel Leonard, Jr.
Simeon Pratt81Simeon Pratt
Azor Howe75Azor Howe
Jacob Leonard82Jacob Leonard
Cornelius Holmes85Cornelius Holmes
Lydia Ashport86Lydia Ashport
Bethiah Bottom82Martin Leonard
Mary Perkins78Simeon Perkins
Mary Forbes83Ezra Forbes
Joanna Wilbar79Isaac Wilbar
Abiah Forbes87Abiah Forbes
James Alger85James Alger

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