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1840 Census of Pensioners
Suffolk County, Massachusetts

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Suffolk County Massachusetts Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.

City of Boston

NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing

1st Ward

John Fillebrown84Lewis Smith
Nathaniel Emmes80Nathaniel Emmes
Martin Loyd78Hezekiah Putnam
Joseph F. Ferdand87John F. Conant
Michael Orcutt84Thomas Loring
Judith Clark79Judith Clark
John Sholes78Edward Carnes
Elizabeth McMillion81Jonathan Cushing
Elizabeth Cunill69Daniel Conant
Mary Bradford86Samuel Jones

2nd ward

Sarah Gray80Michael Anderson
Elizabeth Stockwell77Robert Hodge
John Stevens82John Jewell

3rd Ward

Hannah Lilly83John Lilly
Sarah Baldwin70William French
James Cussell84Edmund D. Cussell
Lydia Beals78Lydia Beals
Sally Annis72William Annis
Rachel Peabody72Rachel Peabody

4th Ward

Ruth Arnold82Ruth Arnold
Oliver Johonnet80Oliver Johonnet
Abigail Selman87Eleazer Johnson

5th Ward

Jonas Welch86James Ridgway
Richard Caswell83Lewis Hinchman
Sarah Ramsden99Reuben Ramsden
Elizabeth Smaledge84Stephen D. Salmon
William Jemeson81William Jemeson
Lucy Stodder82Susan Fisk
Priscilla Darling76-
Mary Lemuir76-

6th Ward

Elizabeth Adams73Ralph Smith
Elias Cotton84Elias Cotton
Catharine Gibbs73James C. Wild
Sarah H. Haywood70Sarah H. Haywood

7th Ward

Sarah Neagles71George Gibson
Sarah Homans68John Homans

8th Ward

David Hill--

9th and 10th Wards


11th Ward

Mary Johnson74James B. Johnson
Margaret Kilton79John Kilton
Ann Hancock79Henry K. Hancock
Elizabeth Spear80Elizabeth Spear
Zachariah Rhodes85Zachariah Rhodes
Rebecca Copeland83Joseph Copeland

12th Ward

James Bradford63-
Jemima Burnham84-
Nathaniel Hayden78Nathaniel Hayden
Hannah Kent65-
Hannah Allen69Samuel Allen
James McFarlen40James McFarlen
Susanna Parker77Susanna Parker
Elizabeth Hayden75Jonathan Dunbar
Catharine Johnson50Cartharine Johnson
George Bender89-
Samuel Dow87William B. Harding
William Mills76William Mills
Lucy Wells74Eleazer M.P. Wells


Susanna Green81Susanna Green
Persis Thayer63Zachariah Hall, Jr.
Mary Pratt83Mary Pratt
Caleb Pratt77Caleb Pratt

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