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1840 Census of Pensioners

Hancock County, Maine

June 1, 1840

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				Head of family,
Name			Age	with whom residing	


Edith Hinckley 74 Robert W. Hinckley


Samuel Maddocks 78 Samuel Maddocks


Jeptha Benson 81 Jeptha Benson Jacob Ames 83 Robert Redman Thomas Stevens 74 Thomas Stevens Thomas Watson 77 Thaddeus Shepardson John Warson 86 John Warson

Deer Isle

Judah Covill 87 William Morey Samuel Stinson 81 Samuel Stinson Joseph Whitmore 94 Joseph Whitmore


Benjamin Gross 85 Benjamin Gross, Jr. Nathan Atwood 82 Zabeth Atwood Free G. Parker 85 Harriet Goodnow


Edmund Bridges 77 Edmund Bridges Richard Jaques 85 Richard Jagues Henry Keler 48 Henry Keler Ebenezer Richardson 38 Ebenezer Richardson


Alexander McCaslin 77 Alexander McCaslin Nathaniel Patten 79 Mark S. Patten David Dunbar 83 David Dunbar William Hutchings 75 William Hutchings Theodore Bowden 76 Theodore Bowden John Condon 65 John Condon

Mount Desert

William Heath 76 William Heath Rebecca Branscomb 95 Charles Branscomb Davis Hasgatt 89 Davis Hasgatt Sarah Savage 77 John Savage


Phebe Remick 73 Seth D. Remick


Abigail Pettee 60 Barry Pettee

[ 1840 Census of Pensioners - Maine ]

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