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1840 Census of Pensioners
Cheshire County, New Hampshire

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Cheshire County New Hampshire Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Mary Allen92Mary Allen
Samuel Garfield83John Colburn
Sarah Howard83Samuel Howard
Levi Pratt84Hannah Hutchinson
Sarah Murphy78David Murphy
Samuel Slade78Samuel Slade, Jr.
William Slade83Allen Slade
Elisha Towne77Matthew W. Towne
Nathan Twining86Nathan Twining
Eliphalet Taylor82Eliphalet Taylor
James Wood79James wood
John Watts81John Watts


William Barron74William Barron
Samuel Corey86Benjamin Corey
Luna Foster76Luna Foster
Levina Richardson77Jesse Hemmingway
David Adams83Calvin May
Samuel Smith82David Ware


Samuel Comstock84Samuel Comstock, Jr.
Prudence Whittemore77Prentiss Whittemore


Berthier Boynton72David Boynton
Mary Sawyer82Lyman Gates
Benjamin Hastings72Benjamin Hastings
Benjamin Kemp78David Kemp
Eliakim Kemp88Edmund Nims


George Coffin79George Coffin
Nathaniel Evans81Nathaniel Evans
Sarah Bardin88Nathaniel Gilson
Rebecca Joslin72Luke Joslin
Nathaniel Joslin79Nathaniel Joslin
David Jenkins82David Jenkins
Edward Phelps77Edward Phelps
Peter Wright88John Procter
Rebecca Stacey77William Stacey
Zubah Gerould77Roxana Thurston
George Holems78Jesse Wilder
Samuel Wilson85William Wilson
Eunice Dow84Eunice Dow


Sarah Joslyn75John Joslyn
Asa Wilcox84Hollis Wilcox
Enoch Whitcomb80David Whitcomb


Ichabod Albee84Ichabod
Lydia Carlisle83Lydia Carlisle
John Curtis78John Curtis
Darius Daggett79Darius Daggett
Benjamin Howe53Caleb C. Daggett
Betsey Goodrich77Draco Goodrich
John Wheeler80Ambrose Gravis
Joseph Sawyer87Wilson Gleason
Amasa Highland80Ira Highland
Abiather Shaw81Abiather Shaw
Timothy Skinner79Barton Skinner
Rebecca wier77John Wier
Chary White81Charles White


Thomas C. Drew78Thomas C. Drew
Cynthia Eldrige74Cynthia Eldrige
Sarah Fay77Sarah Fay
James Holland79James Holland
Eliza Mead84Eliza Mead
Daniel Marsh75Daniel Marsh
William Rust84Aaron
Ephraim Stearns85Stephen Stearns
Ebenezer Wellington77William Wellington


Oliver Brown83Alexander Willard
Asa Britton77Asa Britton
Ebenezer Cheeny77Ebenezer Cheeny
William Clark83William Clark
Francis Henry86Francis Henry, 2d
Betsey Mead77Bradley Mead
Constant Merrick81Constant Merrick
John Phillips83John Phillips
John Putnam80John Putman
Hannah Rice86Stephen Rice
Eunice Witt85Eunice witt
Jacob Wetherbee81Jacob Wetherbee


Eunice Dickinson80Erastus Dickinson
Ivory Soule80Ivory Soule
David Wooley80David Wooley


Martha Bassett83Nathan
Isaac Miller86Dorcas
David Carpenter81David Carpenter
Sarah Devinell77Sarah Devinell
Susanna Davis84Aaron Davis
Phineas Hamblett85Benjamin Hamblett
Olive Seward82Oliver Heaton
Elijah Knight83Elijah Knight
Silas Perry77Silas Perry
William Vose52William Vose
Philemon Wright58Philemon Wright


Jeremiah Barrus83Alvin Barrus
Naomi Bacon77Uriah Brown
Waitstill Starkey80William Woodward
Oliver Whipple89Rufus Whipple


Gideon Phillips82Benjamin Foster
Mary Hamingway86Aaron B. Kidder
William Parker84William Parker
Mary Toser83Elias Toser


Russell Ballou76Russell Ballou
Molly Cummings76Charles Cummings
Elisha Chamberlain77Elisha Chamberlain
Mary Scott88Abel Dickinson
Jonathan Eames84Jonathan Eames
Elizabeth Green70Elizabeth Green
Benjamin Howard80Benjamin Howard
Rosilla Hill83David Hill
Asaph Lane81Asaph Lane
Samuel Lane81Elisha Lane
Phebe Long80Joseph Long
Mary Ockington85Josiah Leach
Jemima Stone86David Stone
Ivory Snow78Joseph Snow
Abijah Whitcomb88Rosewell Whitcomb


Ama Bartlett84Ama Bartlett
Francis Cook81Abel H. Cook
Eunice Dodge79Clark Dodge
Oliver Wright81Edwin Jewell
John Jones85John Jones
Mary Kendall81George Kendall
Submit Lawrence82Luther Lawrence
William Rixford85William Rixford, Jr.
Lydia Combs87Phebe Turlelot
Daniel Wise85Leonard Wise


Amos Alexander79Amos Alexander
Phineas Gleason83Phineas Gleason
Lucy Hardy79Elias Hardy
Olive Phillips85Richard Phillips
Abijah Richardson79Abijah Richardson
John Snow80John Snow
David Townsend84David Townsend


Leonard Colburn44Leonard Colburn
Mathias Felton84Mathias Felton
Joel Whitney80Benjamin B. Morse
Joel Miles84Noah Miles
Ebenezer Potter91Ebenezer Potter, Jr.
John Shirley85Harry Shirley
Nathan Smith76Nathan Smith
Artemas Wilson83Benjamin Wilson
Stephen White78Silas White
Sarah Whitney92David Whitney


Ithamar Wheelock79Nathan Blodgett
Rebecca Bacon84Rebecca Bacon
Jacob Baldwin80William Baldwin
Joseph Cutter88Joseph Cutter
Abel Winship84David Cosey
Lydia Buss91James Gillmore
Nathan Hunt80Nathan Hunt
Rachel Cutter73Sarah Law
Rebecca Pierce88Josiah Pierce
Joseph Robbin82Joseph Robbin
Polly Stratton74John Town


Jonas Gary79Joseph Butler
Abigail Worsley93William Greenwood
Ebenezer Herrick81Ebenezer Herrick
Sarah Joslin79David Joslin
Martha Lewis78Martha Lewis
Lawson Moore84Lydia Mason
Asa Porter83Asa Porter
Benjamin Thatcher79Levi Thatcher
Jacob Woodward78Jacob Woodward
Aaron Willard82Aaron Willard
Mary Tayntor89John Wiswell


Philip Atwood84Philip Atwood
Thomas Baker83Thomas Baker
Timothy Bancroft82Timothy Bancroft
Joseph Felt82Joseph Felt
Naomi Felt81Naomi Felt
David Kimball80David Kimball
Samuel Scripture79Samuel Scripture
Benjamin Sawyer83Benjamin Sawyer
Nehemiah Wright83Nehemiah Wright
John White82Jane White


Sarah Bowen84Sarah Bowen
Eleazer Blake84Eleazer Blake
Joshua Chadwick85Joshua Chadwick
Abner Foster79Abner Foster
Eunice Faulkner69Eunice Faulkner
Francis Green85Harry Green
Asa Jones82Asa Jones
Enos Lake84John E. Lake
Hepsabeth Lake77John E. Lake
Joseph Moors82Hubbard Moors
Francis Smith87Silas Smith


Joseph Forestall82Joseph Forestall
Benjamin Tolman84Benjamin Tolman

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