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1840 Census of Pensioners
Merrimack County, New Hampshire

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Merrimack County New Hampshire Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Daniel Arlin71Daniel Arlin
John carter81John Carter
Samuel Davis81Moses Davis
Jonathan Wheelock81Lewis Downing
John Elliot84John Elliot
Huldah Evans76Huldah Evans
Mary Boardman85Samuel Fletcher
Asa French98Asa French
Thomas Haines79Thomas Haines
Elizabeth Stickney82Gersham
Miriam Hoit72Jonathan H. Hoit
Levi Hutchins78Levi Hutchins
John Virgin57Samuel Hutchins
Samuel Jackman91Samuel Jackson
Anna Griffin84Nancy, Morrill
Tabatha Gilman82Thomas Potter
Joseph Runnels81Joseph Runnels
Jonathan Uran85Jonathan Uran
Stephen Webster82Atkinson Webster
Andrew Willey85Andrew Willey


Ephraim Fisk81Ephraim Fisk, Jr.
Esther Putney79Esther Putney
Joseph Putney87Joseph Putney
Samuel Eastman79Samuel Eastman
William Weeks85William Weeks
Moody, Smith82Moody Smith
Abigail Chadwick76Abigail Chadwick
Moses Long79Moses Long
Moses Cross79Moses Cross
Ruth Tabor77Ruth Tabor


Oliver Noyes82Oliver Noyes
James Brown86James Brown
Polly How79Oliver Whitcomb
Mary Greenleaf77Mary Greenleaf
Ruth Goss77Cyrus Goss


Timothy Hall81Timothy Hall
Hannah Connor88John Brown
Joanna Parker84Bailey


Samuel Libby84Samuel Libby


Elizabeth Leach93Samuel Leach
Esther Hammond84Esther D. Hammond
Janette Stinson89John Stinson, 3d
Walter Harris79Walter Harris
Sarah Whipple84Benjamin Whipple
Esther Adams85John Adams
Isabel McCauly85James McCauly


Ebenezer Currier77Ebenezer Currier
James Otterson83James Otterson
Alice Mitchell71Joseph Mitchell
Samuel Poor82Samuel Poor
Anna Abbot73Ann Abbot


Nancy Currier84Nancy Currier
David Hammond84David Hammond
Thomas Colley85Thomas Colley
Stephen McCoy81Asa Morgan
Jonathan McCoy83Asa Morgan


Stephen Badger82Stephen Badger
Dudley Bailey85Albridge D. Bailey
Richard Straw85Richard Straw
Joseph Sargent89Caleb Sargent
Samuel Cheney77Chilis F. Colby
Joseph Evans85John Withington
Joseph B. Hoyt78Joseph B. Hoyt
Anthony Clark88Anthony Clark


Samuel Morse81Samuel Morse
Eliphalet Kilburn87Eliphalet Kilburn, Jr.
Joseph Little79Joseph Little
Nathaniel Burpey84Joseph Burpey
Jonathan Burpey74Jonathan Downing
Nathaniel Atkinson86Nathaniel Atkinson
Eliakim Walker87Benjamin Walker
Nathan Carter78Nathan Carter


Theodore Richards76George W. Richards
Benjamin Colby84David Farmer
Philip Nelson84Philip Nelson
Isaac Littlefield46Isaac Littlefield
James Buswell57James Buswell
Wells Davis87Edward Ordway
Simon Stevens76John Stevens
Jonathan Stevens96John Hubbert
Abner Ward85Abner Ward


Micah How81Micah How
Rufus Fuller79Parley
Abraham P. Sweat80Abraham P. Sweat
Abel Severance85John Severance
Daniel Lord88Peter A. Cook
Abel Blood82Robert Fulton
Jonathan Knight86Jonathan Knight
Abraham Smith85Abraham Smith
Daniel Hale84Daniel Hale


Elias Abbott82Elias Abbott
Jesse Carr83Jesse Carr
John Dinsmore85Edmund
Samuel Dinsmore87Samuel Dinsmore
Samuel Goodwin93James Goodwin
Abner Flanders85Nancy Haniford
Joseph Cofran50John Rogers


Edward Courrier77Edward Courrier
Jethro, Barber79Jethro Barber
Daniel Emery79Eben. White
Daniel Poor79Charles Poor
Joseph Pedrick75Joseph Pedrick
Eliphalet, Rollins84Eliphalet Rollins
Jeremiah Bean74Jeremiah Bean


Samuel McGuin104William Clay, Jr.
Benjamin Thompson79Benjamin Thompson
Abraham Fifield85Daniel Fifield
Jabez True82Jabez True
Nathan Bullard76Reuben Greeley
Enoch Adams86Samuel Scribner
Moses Fellows85Moses Fellows


Thaddeus Gage86David Gage
David Flanders83Amos Hoid
Caleb Brown81William Ash
William Ash72William Ash
Edward Sawyer79Edmund Sawyer
Samuel Morse87Samuel Morse, Jr.
Daniel Bean84Daniel Bean


Samuel Cilley87Samuel Cilley
Mark Batchelder82Mark Batchelder
William Glines80Lewis Davis

New London

Levi Everett79Levi Everett
Josiah Davis83Josiah Davis
Moses Trussell86Moses Trussell


William Leach84William Leach
Charles Colburn77Charles Colburn
William Sargent78William Sargent
John Eaton77John Eaton


Sampson Battis89Sampson
John Lovis80John H. Bennett
Morrill Shepard75Morrill Shepard
Joseph Cleasby76Joseph Cleasby
Sarah Clough80Joseph Clough
Benjamin Bradley79Benjamin Bradley
Elizabeth Moore76Elizabeth Moore


Abner Clough83Abner Clough
Sarah Wiggins83Samuel Haines
Joseph Clough83Joseph Clough
Isaac Clifford87William Jackson
Jeremiah Bennett85Jeremiah Bennett
Amos Currier85George B. Johnston
Joanna Hayes90Joseph E. Clifford
Benjamin Page81Benjamin Page
Jonathan Davis80Jonathan Davis
Eleanor Gleeson80Jeremiah Gleeson
Daniel Seavey77Daniel Seavey
Eleanor Berry80Walter Berry
William Wheeler80William Wheeler


Thomas R. Swett79Thomas R. Swett
Anna Shaw82Simon Mason
John Shaw88John Shaw
Anna Sanborn89Anna Sanborn
Hannah Drake76James Drake
David Bennett24David Bennett
John True78John True


Gardner Edmunds46Gardner Edmunds
Molly Knox90Molly Knox
Susannah Benson61Susannah Benson
Leavitt Hook43Leavitt Hook
Dudley Smart82Dudley Smart
Moses Towns86Moses Towns
Richard Maxfield77Richard Maxfield
Joseph Dow80Joseph Dow
Rhoda Maxfield85Daniel P. Maxfield


Ruth Philbrick83Ruth Philbrick
Sarah McClary84Jonathan Steele
Dorothy Grant86John Grant
Eunice Sargent84John Marshall
Mark Emerson78Simeon P. Locke
John Bachelder79Levi Locke
Phebe Prescott82Samuel Cate
Samuel Lear78Samuel L. Lear
David How75David How
Abigail Bickford84Samuel B. Bickford

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