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1840 Census of Pensioners
Rockingham County, New Hampshire

June 1, 1840

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The 1840 Rockingham County New Hampshire Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several Judicial Districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.


NameAgeHead of family
with whom residing
Caroline N. Berry43-
Martha Holbrook--
Ann Huntress91-
Polly Lord75-
George Libbey--
The heirs of Robert and Charlotte N. R. Thorne
one aged17-
The heirs of Robert and Charlotte N. R. Thorne
one aged19-
Sarah Willard34-
Anna Welch84-
George Boyles55George Boyles
George Colbath84George Colbath
George Fishley80George Fishley
John Grant50John Grant
John Hodgkins50John Hodgkins
Sarah Randall79Sarah Randall
Alexander Smith42Alexander Smith


John Y. Randall55John Y. Randall
Mary Green80William Caswell
James Robinson58James Robinson
Betsy Smith79Ephraim Philbrick
Michael Dalton87Michael Dalton

North Hampton

Jeremiah Brown76Jeremiah Brown, Jr.
Abigail Marston79Dearborn Maston
Heprebath Marston96Daniel Marston
William Moulton82John Haven
Ebenezer Lovering84Ebenezer Lovering
Simon Leavitt87Thomas C. Leavitt


Martha Speed77Martha Speed
Temperance Walker81Temperance
Relief, Taft78Nathaniel Rundletts
Sally, Durant83Susan Durant
John Tilton-Timothy Tilton
Jacob Carter-Henry carter
Enoch, Rowe82Enoch Rowe


John Adams81John Adams
Joseph Green79Nicholas Rollins


Joseph Dearborn78Joseph Dearborn


Mary Huntress81Mary Huntress


Jonathan Seavey81Jonathan Seavey
Anna Moulton82Anna Moulton
Daniel Lamprey81Daniel Lamprey
Mary Godfrey74Josiah Nudd
Mary Stickney77Comfort Leach


Sally, Mathers75-
Moses Chase78-
Francis Rollins79-
Joshua Veasey80-
John Stearns80-
Ezekiel Knowles85-
Jenett Blue75-
Asa Folsom86-
Abijah Ring65-
Joseph Robinson84-

New Market

Betsey Tuttle76-
Thomas Brown80-
Josiah Clark80-
David Watson80-

Hampton Falls

Robert Marshall87-
Abigail Marshall91-


Gordon Fruse78-
Ebenezer Keniston80-
Zebulon, Dow84-
Martha Hayley82-
Philip Blaisdell78-
Sarah Rollins77-
Aaron Huntoon83-


Betsey Langley88-
Sally Witham85-
Abigail Wescot75-
Sarah Chapman78-
Lovey Pickering88-
Abner Davis86-
Jonathan Davis84-
Joseph Cilley49-
John Crawford55-


Abigail Right86-
Lydia Weeks68-
John Chesley89-
Joseph Shaw90-
Simon Bachelder82-
John Johnson83-
John Bickford80-
Betsey Furber95-
Sarah Fogg82-
Ebenezer Bennett78-


John R. Beckman86-
Nicholas Felch85-
Sarah Eaton70-
Jeremiah Brown80-
Mariam Brown80-
Sylvanus Eaton84-
David Eaton83-
Mary Lock70-
Samuel George84-


Sarah Proctor78-
Elizabeth Chellis80-
John Davis85-


Winthrop Wiggin96-
Lydia Fogg72-
Ruth Dow82-
Hanson Hodgdon82-

East Kingston

Christopher Challis82-
Dolly Blaisdell75-


James Brickett77James Brickett
Isaac Noyes79Isaac Noyes
Daniel Little90Tristram Little


Judith Cogswell74Joseph B. Cogswell


Hannah Clement83Amos C. Clement
Nathaniel Clark74Nathaniel Clark, Jr.
Moses Bly88Moses Bly


Sarah Hanson76John Hasty


Dolly Fitts72Nathaniel Fitts
Elizabeth Clough89Josiah Clough


Moses Hoyt86William Huntington
Lydia Bean84Lydia Bean
Judith Showell81Nathaniel George
Abigail Diamond83Obadiah Diamond


Martha Harriss96Dudley W. Jones
Sarah Hastings76Sarah Hastings
Lydia Webster83Thomas Webster
Moses Austin85Moses Austin
Maria Stevens88Tristram Kimball
Elisha Woodbury78Elisha Woodbury, Jr.
Israel Woodbury80Israel Woodbury
Elizabeth Woodbury77Elizabeth Woodbury


Hannah Center84Synthia Claggett
Elizabeth Emerson78John Hill
Mehitable Huges93John Huges


Allen Anderson84Eliza Holmes
Olive Eastman76John Follinsbee
Benjamin Griffin74Benjamin Griffin
William Hogg79Nathan Conner
David Crowell82Peter Crowell


Deborah Waters82Margaret Adams
John Burnham90George Burnham
James Choat79Humphrey Choat
Thomas Carlton77Thomas carlton
Ruth Carlton85Daniel Carlton
Hannah Cheney86William Cheney
William Rowell91-
Moses Hoyt67Moses Hoyt
Sarah Remicks76Sarah Remicks
Benjamin Shute81Benjamin Shute
Benjamin Warner83Benjamin Warner
Robert Willson81Robert Willson


Thomas Anderson78Thomas Anderson
Lydia Shannon84Josiah Morse
Thomas Shannon79Thomas Shannon
Jacob Eliot84Jacob Eliot
Michael Worthen81Michael Worthen
Mary Sanborn76Simon M. Sanborn
Benjamin True76osgood True
John Shannon83Meny Lane
Joshua Brown84Joshua Brown
Phebe Abbott80Jeremiah Rann
Sarah Clark84Sarah Clark
John Heath80John Heath
Martha Aiken76Martha Aiken
John Downing76James Calep
John Wason86John Wason
Richard Heath78Richard Heath


Hannah Taylor81John Moore, Jr.
Phineas Swain77Phineas Swain
Moses Turner86Moses Turner, Jr.
Dorothy Knowles82Eleazer Knowles
Ann Marden85Ann Marden
Mehitable McClure91John Buswell
William Patten76Willis Patten


Mary Prescit78John Bachelder, Jr.
Jacob Smith83Jacob Smith
Mary Richardson78Mary Richardson
Theophilus Lorring81Moses Brown

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