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1840 Census of Pensioners

June 1, 1840

Fulton County, New York

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Name			Age	Head of family,		Cemetery
				with whom residing

Town of Broadalbin

ATKINS, David 80 David Atkins Union Mills BANTA, Angelica 72 John Hartley BENEDICT, James 78 James Benedict Union Mills BETTS, Isaiah 82 Isaiah Betts West Galway CLARK, Anna 79 Alexander Clark Newman Hill De GOLYEA, Joseph 77 James De Golyea Prospect Mills (Broadalbin Cem) GROVES, Jacob 49 Jacob Groves GREEN, John 81 John T. Green West Galway GREEN, Timothy 77 Timothy Green Broadalbin HATHAWAY, Zenas 84 Levi Ingraham (Union Mills) KENNEDY, Deborah 94 Deborah Kennedy West Galway McCORMICK, Dennis 77 Peter Robertson MARKHAM, Asa 79 Ada Markham LODER, John 77 Henry Loder Kingsborough NEWMAN, Isaac 74 Henry Winney Perth PERRY, Henry 77 John Perry POTTER, Gideon 80 Varnum Potter PUTNEY, Samuel 83 Samuel Putney Broadalbin PINCKNEY, Jonathan 79 James Smith SHERMAN, Stephen 78 Stephen Sherman Mills Corners THATCHER, Samuel 87 Samuel Thatcher West Galway THORP, Lydia 76 Lydia Thorp West Galway (Widow of James) VAN VRANKEN, Richard 77 Richard Van Vranken Broadalbin WELLS, Noah 85 MONTEITH, William J.

Town of Bleecker

STONER Nicholas 73 Nicholas Stoner Prospect Hill, Gloversville

Town of Ephratah

COPPERNOLL, Elizabeth 88 George E. Coppernoll GETMAN, Elizabeth 76 Peter C. Getman GETMAN, Peter 76 Peter Getman HILLS, Samuel 77 Samuel Hills JOHNSON, Philip - Philip Johnson KRETCHER, Elizabeth 79 Henry Kretcher KUMBLE, Rachel 78 Isaac Pedrick MILLER, Giles 80 Peter Miller PECK, Ichabod 79 Ichabod Peck PHILLIPS, Abraham 92 E.B. Gilbert POWELL, William 80 William Powell SHAVER, John 51 John Shaver (Probably War 1812 SPONNABLE, Elizabeth 88 J.I. Sponnable SMITH, William 77 William Smith

Town of Johnstown

BALCH, Joseph 80 Joseph Balch Johnstown Colonial BELDEN, Charles 79 Norman Belden BENNETT, Louis 79 Elisha Bennett CHEADLE, Elijah 78 Elijah Cheadle Kingsborough CRUM, Elias 75 Elias Crum DAVIS, Jacob 78 Jacob Davis FOOTE, Jesse 82 Jesse Foote Riceville GILES, Samuel 83 Amos Beach Kingsborough GILLETTE, Stephen 87 Chester Gillette Prospect Holl, Gloversville GRAFF, Deborah 67 James A. Stewart HAY, Alexander 85 Alexander Hay KENNEDY, Samuel 79 Samuel Kennedy Johnstown Colonial LEWIS, Lemuel 79 William Lewis MORSE, David 88 Eldad Nutting NEWTON, George 60 George Newton PUTMAN, Nelly 98 Peter Putman SAMMONS, Benjamin 82 Jacob Sammons SMITH, Jonathan 40 Charles Peck VAN ATTAN, James 84 James Van Attan VAN ANTWERP 77 Peter Coughnet VAN OSTEAD, William 73 William Van Ostead WALTER, George 84 George Walter WILSON, James 63 Matthew Potter WILSON, John J. 71 John G. Wilson

Town of Mayfield

BLOWERS, Samuel 78 Alanson Warner BIGFORD, Samuel 78 Samuel Bigford FONDA, Eldert 89 John Holenbeck GURNEE, Frances 84 Frances Gurnee KINSLEY, Abiel 50 Abiel Kinsley McARTHUR, Peter 90 Peter McArthur McKINLEY, Sarah 76 Alexander McKinlay Perth PETTIT, Samuel 78 Samuel Pettit SCHOONMAKER, John 77 John Schoonmaker VAN SICKLER, Mary 73 Mary Van Sickler WOODWORTH, Samuel 76 Samuel Woodworth Riceville

Town of Northampton

BENNETT, Abigail 65 Giles C. Van Dyke BROWN, Joseph 80 Joseph Brown CHAMBERS, John 79 John Chambers COLLINS, Joseph 86 David Collins GIFFORD, John 79 John Gifford SHEW, Jacob 77 Jacob Shew

Town of Oppenheim

BACON, Jonathan 81 Jonathan Bacon BAUM, Frederick 78 Jacob F. Baum DUSLER, Marcus 78 Isaac Dusler FAILING, Jacob 79 Nicholas Failing FAILING, John J. 74 John J. Failing FLANDERS, Augustus 83 Augustus Flanders STARK, Joseph 89 Phebe Failing YOUKER, Hannah 77 Hannah Younker YOUNKER, Jacob 83 Jacob Younker

Town of PERTH

DUNNING, Abel 77 Abel Dunning Broadalbin BLOOD, David 75 David Blood

Town of Stratford

BLEEKMAN, Mary 87 Thomas Bleekman
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